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LED Strip

Wide range of 12/24V, premium LED strips for all applications.

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Neon Flex

External LED neon solutions for decking's & patios & outdoor spaces.

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Arc LED 12/24V premium power supplies with 5-year warranty.

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Plaster in Profiles

Proud to offer the UK's largest range of trimless LED profiles.

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Plaster in Downlights

Trimless light fittings in over 10 modern designs.

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RF, DMX & WiFi enabled controllers range by Arc LED.

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RA2 Select and Vive smart home automation by Lutron.

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LED Modules

24V LED modules to seamlessly integrate into Arc LED control systems.

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We are ArcLED, an LED lighting company based in Plymouth, on the South West coast of the UK. We specialise in supplies and equipment for LEDs as well as being manufacturers of LED light strips and all kinds of accessories. With over 60 years’ experience in the lighting business, the sale and creation of bespoke and high-quality electrical products comes as second nature to us. We have a wealth of knowledge available when it comes to LED lighting solutions and we are ready to share that with our customers in order to help them create gorgeous and visually stunning lighting displays.

There are two primary services that we offer our customers. One is to provide our customers with the products and supplies to create their very own LED lighting kit. The other is to introduce our bespoke LED lighting service in which customers can order custom-made and cut to length LED lighting strips. We’ve made sure that our products can work with all kinds of projects from large scale architectural lighting to illuminating spaces around your home, business or venue. We’ve found that everywhere from kitchens to restaurants, nightclubs to living rooms and offices to suites benefit from LED.

In our introduction to LED lighting from ArcLED, you’ll find everything you need to know about our company and the services we offer. We’ll share all of our knowledge with you to make sure you know the difference between your colour temperature tape and RGBW strips, or your DMX and Dali dimmers in no time! Your new LED lighting adventure starts here, so let us tell you everything you need to know about us and the products available for purchase on our site.

ArcLED LED Lighting Tape

Let us first tell you about the centrepiece products at the middle of our collection – the LED lights themselves! Our high-grade PCB lighting ribbon comes in lengths of up to 30 metres (the longest continuous lengths available in the UK!), meaning you can cover longer lengths of your home or business without unsightly joins or clunky add-ons. These lengths also open the possibilities of a variety of lengths as the tape can be cut by us (see more below) or by you to fit your space exactly.

We’re also proud to boast a CRI rating of 90-95, which means that our long LED strip lightsproduce some of the most vibrant and exciting LED colours available. This is hugely important to us, as the lighting simply has to look incredible when fully installed and powered. With our range of tape, you can find all kinds of styles from multicoloured RGB LED tape to softer white light strips that produce various colour temperatures. No matter what colour of light you need, we’ll have something to suit.

We also have our bespoke LED lighting tape service available to any customer looking to buy LED lights on our online store. If our clients have a set-project or a specifically sized space in mind, we are able to provide them with the exact length of tape they require. As well as this, our service can also include the soldering and mounting of LED lights into exact length profiles. Therefore, you can then receive your LED lighting pre-made and ready for installation when it reaches you.

ArcLED will always work to make the LED shopping experience even more convenient for you. Which is why we believe this to be a perfect solution for you if you are new to LED lighting or want tailor made lighting to exactly fit your needs. Let us do all the preparation for you! If you don’t have all the know-how you need for installation of LED lighting strips for home, we’ll be happy to help you out there too. With plenty of guides, blog posts and manuals available you’ll be ready to go in no time.

It's easy to take advantage of this service. All you need to do is complete ourContact Us form to get in touch with our team. We’re a friendly and approachable group of experts who will be able to provide you with plenty of advice on everything from the best LED lighting colour for your environment to recommending all of the exact LED light products you will need.

ArcLED: UK Supplier & Manufacturer

We are proud to bring customers and clientele some of our own-branded products and equipment which extends beyond our high performing LED tape.Our selection of products extends to easy-to-use LED controllers and sought-after aluminium LED profiles. All of our products are tried and tested to ensure that they perform at their very best and also look their very best. We take pride in seeing that our products do their job properly and that they become permanent fixtures.

We’ve done all of the hard work for you by bringing you all of the products you need for successful LED lighting in one place. From drivers to power connectors, you have all the ingredients for success in one online LED shop. Our collection of LED drivers has everything from constant voltage to constant current. You’ll also find 12v or 24v varieties which you can select dependent on the size and scale of your LED lighting. There are types that also allow for dimming, including smooth Triac functionality which ensures less flickering when in use - find out more information here.

As we have already mentioned above our LED profiles make for the perfect means for mounting and displaying your LED light strips. Our standard straight profiles come in a variety of lengths and colours. As part of our tailored LED suppliesservice, you can get a profile cut to the exact length you require. Browse our entire collection of channels and extrusions to see all of the options available. You’ll discover profiles suited for skirting boards, architraves, stair nosing, tiling and even LED corner profiles. For those looking to be more adventurous with their lighting, we also have waterproof profiles available.

Let’s not forget about our extensive selection of LED lighting strip controllers. You can find all kinds of controllers that are suited to control LED tapes both wired and wirelessly. There are plenty of wall switch variations and remote-control units that can adjust and alter your LED lights to fit your every need. A popular addition to ourcontrollers' range is our Wi-Fi LED controllers which not only enable you to control your tape from longer distances, but means you can take control with a dedicated app that you simply have to install on your smartphone or smart device.

Our LED Lighting Brands

You’ll find that our own-branded range of LED lighting products sit alongside some of the best brands in the business. We choose to stock these brands due to their reputation for high-quality products and some of the best results when it comes to lighting. All offering different devices and equipment, you’ll be pleased to see that we’re well-stocked with top of the range products from:

  • ·         EcoPac – including a range of trusty LED drivers, power your LEDs with these reliable sources
  • ·         Lumanor – a striking range of GU10 LED bulbs which produce strikingly bright lights
  • ·         Levello – LED downlights designed to seamlessly sink into their environment
  • ·         Halo30 – connect your LED lights with ease with Wi-Fi modules and receivers from Halo30
  • ·         U-Connect – make LED lighting and installation a breeze with these connecting devices

All of these products will bring different components to your final LED lighting setup. The beauty of many of these products is their inter-compatibility with each other regardless of the product brand. This makes them all versatile and flexible for use in all kinds of situations. There are so many ways in which you can work these LED products in your environment, wondering where to begin may seem a daunting task. Not only do we have the technical expertise, but we have plenty of cool and creative ideas that you can put to use wherever you see fit.

If you want more of a taste of what our high-power LED strips could look like in your environment, then make sure to check out our blog or social media links. We are constantly adding to our ever-growing portfolio of successful projects that we have collaborated on and we’re sure that you’ll be impressed by the results. If you have your own successful ArcLED completed project then make sure to share it with us, we would love to see how you have put our products to good use - and we’re sure that our other customers would love to see it as well!

A Word on LED Lighting

LED lights are quickly becoming one of the most popular methods of lighting, overtaking the traditional halogen bulb. On average the best LED bulbs last 20 times longer than your standard home bulb and it requires 90% less energy. When compared to its incandescent counterparts. This not only makes LED lighting a more cost-efficient means of lighting your home, but it can have a less detrimental effect on the environment and therefore be eco-friendlier. It's even better knowing that your gorgeously lit bright LED stripis not only visually aesthetically pleasing, but energy saving too.

Due to advances in technology, suppliers such as ourselves can now provide LED tapes where the power source or transformer can be installed separately. Gone are the days of LED bulbs with built in drivers. Now you can purchase streamlined and neat lengths of lighting that can tuck away seamlessly into your environment. This makes them an even more high-end option for your architectural endeavours. Make sure to browse our plaster-in and recessed profiles in order to help you achieve that bespoke and built-in finish that you’ve been looking for.

LED lighting is certainly more exciting and flexible than standard lighting. As well as the single colour styles you can have coloured RGBW LED tape that can span all the colours of the rainbow. You can add true vibrancy and style to some of your most impressive spaces and really show off their qualities. With our high standard of light quality, you can be sure to enjoy some truly impressive light colours. Add some impressive atmosphere and ambience to any environment you choose with one of the best and growing collection of LED lights available in the UK.

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