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Introducing one of the most popular types of tape available: 12v white LED strip. ArcLED is here to provide you with a huge range of white LED tape that could be used for a wide variety of projects. Some previous projects where we have utilised white LED lights include everything from kitchen cabinets to retail displays. No matter what your plans, domestic or commercial, there will certainly be a type of white LED lights to suit your needs. Here is our quick guide to this specific kind of LED tape.

There are many colour temperature variations available when it comes to the types of LED white tape available. When it comes to white lighting, colour temperature (measured in Kelvin) can vary by how it looks to the naked eye. Measuring across a spectrum, you can get warm or cold light temperatures and everything in between. If you have a specific colour warmth in mind you can filter down to our specific white colour temperature LED sections below: 

Each warmth has a varied finish to it which you can find out more about in the information we have provided in each dedicated page. We want you to be clued up all you need to know about LED lighting have made sure to include all kind of top tips and information on everything including white LEDs

12v White LED Lights from ArcLED

We recommend choosing a 12v white LED strip if you are working with a smaller project and a shorter run of LED strips. Paired with a suitably sized 12v LED driver, you should be able to get at least a 6-metre length of white tape powered off of one driver. If you do have bigger plans for you white LED lighting, then our range of 24v white LED strips would probably suitable. However, for shorter runs, cabinet fixtures and worktop lighting, these white LEDs are your best bet. 

When shopping for the right accessories to match your 12v white light tape, make sure to pick up everything from drivers, controllers, profiles and add-on accessories. Even if you choose varied colour temperature, the needs of each LED tape will be similar. If you are looking for coloured RGB tape, you will need more specialised LED RGB controllers. If you are considering different single colour LED tape, then we have a variety of red, blue and green tape all in 12 voltage varieties. 

Want to give your lighting the high-end finish you've been looking for? Then we wholly recommend taking a look at some of the LED profiles we have on offer. All of our LED profiles are own-branded and are made from high-quality aluminium. By installing you white LED strips 12v in these profiles, you can further improve the finished look of the white LEDs. If you are installing these white LEDs into a retail spot or a display area, then make check out our plaster in and recessed LED profiles for the ultimate finished look. These particular profiles can provide a seamless effect where the LED white lights appear to sink into the wall and therefore the surroundings.

When selecting from all of the 12v LED white tape available, we understand that it can be difficult to picture the final effect of some product types. After all, lighting can look very different when installing in a variety of environments. As such, we've made sure to provide you with plenty of pictures of our best white LEDs in action; so, you can really get a feel of the product. Our blog and social media channels can act as portfolio ideas for design and styling inspiration. You may find ideas for installation that you may never have thought of before now!

ArcLED: Your One Stop White LED Shop

Here at ArcLED, we pride ourselves on the quality of our products and are always ready to share some knowledge with our clients and customers. We understand that for beginners and those who are new to white LED there can be a lot of information to digest when it comes to lighting types and specifications. If you have any questions regarding our 12v white LED light tape range then please do not hesitate to forward us your question. Enquiries can be forwarded through the contact us form at the top of the page. Our friendly team are experts are ready to help you out when it comes to every to do with white LEDs. From voltage requirements to what is white LED, they'll have you covered.

What you should also know while browsing through our selection of 12v white LED strips is that each can be delivered to you at any length you decide. Our bespoke LED service makes it possible for you to get custom length LED strips. If you are looking to install LED tapes across your home or business, you can remove some of the hassles of cutting the tape to length by taking advantage of our service. Boasting some of the longest continuous lengths of white LED strip available in the UK, you can make sure our tapes fit all kinds of environments. 

To find out more about our service, all you need to do is to let us know the lengths of white LED tape you'll need; use the ‘Bespoke LED’ link the menu above to find our contact us form. Even if you’re just in the first stages of planning what to do with your white lighting 12v, then we’ll be able to help find products that meet your requirements.