Ultra Warm White LED Tape 12v

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With an approximate colour temperature of 2200K, ultra warm white LEDs are designed to give you white light with an almost orange and yellow tinge to the finished visual effect. This warmer colouration is sure to be a popular finished effect as it can certainly improve the ambience and atmosphere of any communal room or hosting space. If you have been considering this temperature of white light then we’re sure that you won’t be disappointed with the finished results from the tape available at ArcLED.

Ultra Warm White LEDs

First of all, you know that you are shopping a high-quality kind of single colour LED lights when you come to ArcLED; and this extends to this specific colour temperature of white lights. We have plenty of impressive statistics when it comes to our LED light strips. We want you to get the best lighting products available and have therefore made sure that our warm white LED strips are packed with the most impressive of lighting features and statistics. Here are just a few things that make our ultra warm LED tape one of the best available on the market.

  • A-Rated LED Chips – in order to get the best quality of visual light from the LEDs, you have to have some of the best-LED bulbs in the business. All from one of the largest Chinese LED manufacturers, our San’an bulbs produce an impressive CRI of 90. This score shows just how accurate the light produced is to the promised colouration, and a score of 90 shows its accuracy. We certainly think that you’ll be impressed by the visual quality of these warm white LED bulbs.
  • High-Quality Light Strips - The warm white LED tape is made from high-quality, commercial grade materials that really improves the rigidity and sturdiness of the LED tape. We want you to have ultra warm white LED light strips that can stand the test of time and therefore have tirelessly tried and tested our own tapes to ensure longevity and durability.
  • Extended Lifespan – a common issue with LED bulbs can be their tendency to break. This can often be due to misconfiguration and sometimes misuse of the delicate LED bulbs. We’ve ensured that by using our A-rated LED bulbs you are getting an expected 50,000 hours out of these LED bulbs. If you have discovered and installed the perfect ultra white LEDs then why risk buying strip that may need to be regularly replaced? Buy the best at arc-led.co.uk.
  • Long Length Tape – if you shop LED tape online with us you should know that we offer some of the longest lengths of ultra white warm LEDs in the UK. This means that no matter what size of the project you have in mind for your installation, you can be sure to find the exact length of LEDs to match. This makes it possible to get LED lights for all kinds of installation whether that be indoor, outdoor or even for architectural spaces. 

Part of what makes it possible to provide extra long lengths of ultra white LED tape is our high-class bespoke LED service. This online made-to-measure lighting service takes away the hassle for customers looking to buy, cut and install their own LED lights. As the tape available for LEDs is our own, we are able to cut it to any length that you specify; all you need to do is to let us know your ultra white light specifications! By letting us cut the tape to length for you, you allow us to do all of the hard work of cutting at the correct intervals and also sorting any additional connections that may be required.

Bespoke Warm White LED Lights

In order to find out more about our custom LED service, all you need to do is to get in touch with us. We’re always happy to help with any questions you may have about LED lighting and can also help you plan what’s needed for your LED lighting setup. If you have a specific idea in mind for your 12v LED lights then make sure to give us all of the information! Therefore, we can quote your total cost for goods and services – we are sure that you won’t be disappointed by the service and skills our team can provide.

We’ve made that our online LED store has everything you could need for an ultra-white LED light setup. LED lighting requires so much more than just a strip of lights, so you will need to make a list of everything you’ll require for a successful setup. We’ve got so many extras and additional accessories readily available to help with your lighting plans. Most importantly, the LED drivers we have in stock are an essential purchase with any LED lights; they power the whole show!

As you will be looking at 12v white LED lights, you will need to get the 12v Led driver to match. Make sure that the specifications make the tape exactly to ensure the optimum running of the LED lights. Typically, 12v ultra warm LEDs are a part of smaller circuits with single runs and setups. This makes it more suited to domestic use in the kitchen or living. Equally, this kind of warm LED lights could be a perfect addition to a cabinet or a piece of furniture that’s looking to be modified!

If we’ve piqued your interest when it comes to ultra white LED lights but you are not sure of the exact choice of final colour then you can always check out our blog or social media channels for a closer look at some of our LED lights in action. You can get plenty of ideas and additional styling inspiration for the use of your white LEDs.