Warm White LED Tape 12v

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Increase the ambient feel and cosy atmosphere to your space with some 12v warm white LED lights. With a colour temperature range of 3000K, this type of white LED lights errs towards the warmer side of the spectrum, producing an orange and yellow visual tone. As for 12v lighting, this warm white LED will make for a perfect choice of lighting for bespoke home installations, renovations and new builds. Here’s your ArcLED wiki on this specific kind of LED strips. We’ll cover everything from the LED specifications, possible uses for warm white LED strip light and all you need to know about our bespoke LED service.

Our ArcLED ethos is all about quality lighting and a high standard of customer service. The type of lighting we offer is designed to not only look the part but to become a staple part of your home and technological setup. Many of the products you’ll see on our LED website are our own-branded products and materials, so you can know that you can shop knowing that all products will be solid investments that you’ll be pleased to purchase and show-off again and again. This quality and standards extend to our impressive range of warm white LED lights

Our Warm White LED Strip Lights

You’ll find plenty of variety amongst the warm white light strips on offer. Typically, 12v white LED lighting is for smaller projects, but we’re sure you’ll be able to pull off plenty of ideas when it comes to this style of lighting. Some varieties offer to improve flexibility and pliability to allow for more intricate installations whilst some have an increased ultra high output to allow for even more gorgeous light. However, there are many features that you’ll find our light strips have in common. Here are four reasons to choose our ArcLED warm white LED tapes.

  • Warm White LED Bulbs – all our bulbs are designed to have amazing visual effects. This is mainly down the incredible supplier we use for all of our white LED chips. Every single bulb used is A-rated with a high CRI rating. From one of the largest and most trusted manufacturers in China, these lights will certainly look the part wherever you choose to install them.
  • Warm White LED Strip – all LED ribbon/strips themselves are made from high-quality commercial grade materials that are sure to stand the test of time and look better for longer. We’ve made sure to provide the best bulbs in the business so have to have the same backing to match. Check out all strips for features such as increased flexibility mentioned above.
  • Cutting Warm White LED Tape – if you did want to cut your own LED to length, then we’ve made it easier to work on a smaller project with tape that can be cut at smaller intervals of 50mm. This a super-handy feature, especially if you’re working on smaller installations such as signage or furniture LED lighting and need very specific lengths of LED tape.
  • LED Accessory Compatibility – all of our LED light tapes are compatible for a variety of products available on our store. As well as an essential 12v LED driver you’ll be able to easily integrate your lighting with everything from motion sensors to LED profiles. We want our lighting options to be intuitive and easy-to-use to make it a better experience for our customers and clients.

Yet another reason to shop ArcLED is of course down to our bespoke LED lighting service. Not only can you get your lights made to the perfect length for your requirements, but you can also get us to do some of the harder work for you. Part of our service includes installation into an LED profile as well as sorting the cutting and any additional soldering. To get more information on this scheme, all you need to do is let us your needs and we’ll be more than happy to help.

Warm White LEDs vs Cool White LEDs

The difference between warm white lighting and cooler variations are a common question when it comes to this kind of LED lighting. The final decision ultimately comes down to the desired visual effect you are looking to produce. For a better idea of how LED warm white light will look when installed, make sure to take a look at everything we have to offer from our portfolio of previous customer’s work. From our showroom to our social media channels, or even our LED blog, you’ll be able to get an idea of the difference between warm and cool LED lights

If you were considering some colour temperature alternative then know that we have plenty of options available in our single colour 12v range. Each type will give you the opportunity to try a different lighting type. Feel free to browse through the other kinds available here:

Want to know even more about warm white LEDs? We'll be happy to answer any question on your new LEDs that you need answering. Whether you've used our bespoke service or not; our team of LED experts are here to help. We've got a wealth of expertise when it comes to lighting and electricals so are always willing to share some tips and tricks. No question is too big or too small so go ahead and fire any questions our way. We want you to get the best out of your warm white LED lighting products and sometimes a little bit of extra LED knowledge can help you do just that! To get in touch simply stop by our contact us page for our telephone number and for an enquiry form.