Natural White LED Tape 12v

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Our range of natural white 12v LED tape is sure to be a hit wherever you choose to install it. This type of LED light strip ensures a clean and airy feel to any room where you choose to install it. A perfect choice for communal rooms and brighter spaces. If you are planning a refurbishment, or are simply upgrading your usual lighting, then you can't go far wrong choosing these natural white LED strip. Not only will these LEDs look better than a standard halogen light but they run more efficiently and smoothly. Let us tell you a little more about this specific white colour temperature of LED light tape.

Natural white LED light strips typically produce a light colour temperature of approximately 4000K. This light type is often described as clean or pure light but due to its position on the light colour spectrum can have warmer tints when compared to purer and cooler light colours. It's the natural white LED bulbs that make our LED light strips look so good. Our chips are A-rated and have a commercial grading for longevity. Hailing from one of the largest LED manufacturers, these San'an LED chips are well at home with our own top-quality LED tape. You’re sure to be impressed by our natural white LED light options.

ArcLED Natural White Lighting

If you can’t wait to get started with your soft white LEDs then let’s get right into how you could best go about installing this lighting type. From kitchens to shop floors and retail stands to dining rooms; there’s so much flexibility when it comes to our lighting. If you are new to LED lighting it can be pretty simple to get yourself started with the installation. Our dedicated blog is packed with guides and top tips on how to get started with natural white LED fittings. Armed with knowledge and accessories from ArcLED you’ll be ready in no time to begin installation and start seeing some results.

Within this specific range of white LED tape, there are plenty of options when it comes to installation type. We have a few bendable and flexible tape options which open up more possibilities when it comes to using them. The added flexibility and pliable nature of the 12v white LED tape makes it perfect for fiddly spots and for smaller projects. If are considering furniture installations such as cabinets and cupboards, these kinds of tape make it possible to install the tapes where you otherwise couldn't. If you are planning signage for your business or display, then the ability to bend and manipulate the shape of your LEDs can certainly be advantageous.

There are simply too many great features to mention within of collection of LED lighting. Across our range, you’ll find that many of our tapes boast some of the longest lengths of LED lighting that you can buy online in the UK! This makes it possible for all kinds of projects, no matter how big or small, can be created successfully. A further feature you’ll find within our lighting is that certain varieties have ultra-high output. This means you can get an even brighter and more visually impressive look from your LED lighting. Please note this feature is only available on certain colour temperatures and tape types.

Best Natural White LED Light Options

Our bespoke LED lighting service makes it possible for you to get the exact length of natural white LED light tape you need. Through our service, we cut your tapes to whatever length you require - all you need to do is let us know what sizes you need. This can remove the hassle of cutting long lengths of 12v LED tape and the process of soldering your own connections. We are also able to get your LED tape to you already installed in one of our high-quality LED profiles. For more information and for a quote on your own natural white LEDs then make sure to drop us a message on our contact us form.

If natural white LED lighting isn’t the exact shade you are looking for, then know that we stock colour temperatures across the white light spectrum. With both 12v and 24v variants available we’re sure that you’ll find the perfect type of white LED lighting for you. Here are the other options you can pick from aside from 12v natural white lighting. 

As well as these single colour options we also have CCT LED tape available that can give you best of all these shades above. With one of our LED white controllers, it’ll be easy to switch through the colour possibilities available on the colour temperature tape. The visual aesthetic of a white natural LED light can differ dependent on the occasion and the location so its always great to have variety when choosing between them. As we’ve mentioned above, we’re always here to help when it comes to choosing your lighting.

For a better idea of how our LED natural white light can look when installed be sure to visit our online showroom, as well as the other resources we have made readily available to our customers. Seeing how others have used our light tape can show you how not only how good the lights look when installed, but also some new innovative ideas for how to use them. Our social media channels and our own showroom is packed full of style inspiration that can certainly be helpful when it comes to planning and designing the best look for your 12v natural white LEDs