Cool White LED Tape 12v

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Our 12v cool white LED lights are sure to impress when it comes to both visual finish and quality of construction. This type of LED has the ‘coldest’ colour temperature with an approximate 6500K score. This shade of white light offers a different feel than the other temperature and is often thought to be solely for retail purposes, this temperature of white LED light is a popular pick in the home for both kitchen and bathroom environments. Here’s our guide to everything you need to know about cool LEDs.

LED Cool White Lights 12v

First of all, it’s important that you know a little about our bespoke LED lighting service before selecting your LED cool white tape. This feature of the ArcLED website allows you to purchase the exact length of the LED tape you need for your projects. There’s no need for excessive lengths and wasted tape when you can ask for the exact measurements of LEDs you require. We’ll not only cut the tape to exact length, but we’ll ensure all new connections and correct and soldered. Remove the hassle of cutting cool white LED strip lights and let us do it for you!

To get a quote and price for your made-to-measure LED tapes, all you need to do is drop us a message. The contact us form allows you to submit your own plans and specifications that a member of our team will be able to price up. Even if you are fully ready with your plans for cool white 12v LEDs then one of our in-house LED experts can help you out with some ideas for styling or even some requirements when it comes to specification. We’re here to help and will do what we can to improve your LEDs experience.

Each LED bulb cool white is a San’an chip from one of the largest LED manufacturers in China. We’ve chosen to include these bulbs on our own-branded LED strips and we believe in the quality and visual performance of each and every bulb. With a CRI rating 90, you can sure that you are getting an extremely high-quality of light. LED cool white bulbs can produce a clean and crisp bright white light, so only the best bulbs will do! These chips also offer an impressive 50,000-hour lifespan that gives you peace of mind as to the longevity and durability of these light strips.

By dropping the colour temperature of your cool white LED lights, you can bring a crisp new feel to your environment. This is due to the brightness and high-end look it will give to a freshly decorated and clean space. This makes this type of light a perfect choice in retail spaces or point-of-sale areas. A clean and definitive white light makes it possible to really show off a selection of products or the centrepiece of your showcase. These cool white LED lights can really give a high-end finish that just can’t be rivalled! The possibilities for where and how you could install these LEDs are well and truly endless. 

In the home, bathrooms often have many white ceramic installations that will simply glisten and shine in under a cool white LED strip. If you are considering bathroom installations the remember to check IP rating of the equipment being used, as bathrooms are classed as a high-moisture environment. Some of our LED profiles are designed to be waterproof and water resistant, so would be a great place to start if you are planning an LED tape bathroom installation. Stay safe and make sure that you are installing your cool white LED lighting properly with an installation type that keeps both you and your lights safe.

You should know that we’ve made sure ArcLED has all the tools and accessories required for a successful LED tape installation. We want our LED store to be your one-stop shop! Once you’ve decided which LED lights cool white you’ve decided to install; you can then pick up all the devices required for a successful installation. As all of the lights shown here are 12v, you will need a 12v LED driver to power them properly. As well as this you can pick up profiles, LED controllers and connector accessories for less.

Cool LED Accessories from ArcLED 

Adding an LED profile to your order is a sure-fire way of increasing the look of your cool white LED strip. Why not enhance the lighting finish of your LEDs with installation types such as plaster-in and recessed profiles? These LED profiles make the lights look even more fantastic, and in certain locations can make them look like the cool white LEDs 12v are seamlessly coming out of the wall! 

If you are still deciding on which lighting colour you want to opt for, then know that we have a huge range of LED lights that cover a whole range of cool white LED spectrum. As well as a range of red, blue and green tape; we have a vast selection of varying colour temperatures. Take a closer look at some more types of colour temperature LEDs that we stock below.

It can often be difficult to know what will look better in your environment. Especially if you are toying with the dilemma of warm white vs cool white LED. If you really want to get some more visual stimuli for your LED planning process then make sure to stop by and see our growing portfolio of successful LED projects. Combined with our blog and social media accounts, our LED showroom will allow you to see previous images of designs where customers have put our cool white LEDs to good use!