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Our range of green LED light strips are sure to bring fun and funky new colour to your environment and installation. This cool colour is certainly a switch up from the usual natural and white lights most commonly used in LED light setups. The green colour LEDs could be used in a more statement installation in signage or even at a venue. Around the home, we’ve seen green LEDs used around home entertainment systems or around mini-bars and hosting areas. There are plenty of options where you could put green LEDs to good use – where would you like to install them first?

Showing here is our collection of 24v green LED tapes. This higher voltage of LED light makes it possible to run longer continuous lengths of a singular power source. If you have a bigger project in mind or a larger space to illuminate with green light; then know that these are the perfect LED lights for you. This feature, paired with your capability to buy some of the longest lengths of LED tape in the UK, means you can illuminate larger venues or even architectural spaces. If you are buying 24v green LEDs then power them properly and safely with one of our 24v LED Drivers from Ecopac or ArcLED.

Green LED 24v Light Tape

When shopping ArcLED tape, you’ll find plenty of colour and quality in each and every green LED bulb. We ensure to only stock and create bulbs with top specifications and impressive ratings. We always take both CRI light ratings and lifespan into consideration to ensure that you are receiving a top-quality product that you can enjoy for years to come. Here are a couple of extra product features you’ll find our 24v green LED range which can help you ensure that you are getting the best out of your LED lights.

  • Spotless Green LED Lighting – our high-end Plus Series features a branded Epistar chips which promise a gorgeous quality of visual light. Spotting can be a problem with LED; but not with ArcLED products! Designed to prevent visual flaws, the beam of light will be a consistent run that’ll look just as good as a green LED light bar!
  • Double Row LED Lighting – double rowed lighting tape is often a popular pick for those looking for brighter and more intense levels of lighting. With a bold colour such as green, this is certainly a statement choice but is one that will make your lighting stand out from the rest. Note that we have a selection of quad row LEDs available in other colours.

If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed by the options available, then it might be time to get in touch with our team. Our team is comprised of lighting experts who will be able to help you with everything from styling ideas to installation tips and tricks. If you simply can’t decide which green LED light works best for you then we’d be more than happy to help. With a growing portfolio and showroom of LED lighting ideas, we can show you just how good our tapes can look in a variety of environments.

It would be amiss not to tell you a little more about our bespoke LED lighting service. When shopping for green LED lighting tape, you should know that ArcLED provides a service that means you can order custom length LED tape. This additional service allows you get the precise lengths of LEDs you need as well as letting us cover tasks such as soldering and connecting longer lengths. If you did have a particular LED profile in mind, we can also help fit the tapes into them, ensuring all connecting are in place before delivery. Want more information? Head to over contact us form for extra details or for a quote.

Types of Green LED 24v Products

There are many types of green LED lighting options available here at ArcLED. We’re proud to offer a range that encompasses the needs of many spaces and environments. As well as smaller projects such as furniture or signage decoration, you could consider green lighting in the décor of your home, business or venue. Retail spaces and even outdoor areas could be visually improved by striking runs of green lighting 24v! However, as we always say, make sure to check the IP rating of tape before considering and setting up outdoor installations.

We hope to have proven you to that ArcLED is the place to have your green LED retail therapy! However, if you’re thinking the green lights are quite your thing, then make sure to check some of the other 24v LED tapes we have available. Ranging from single colour tapes, RGB variants and even colour changing led strip; you’re sure to be spoiled for choice. As well the tapes designed to give you a wealth of colour options, there are plenty of other single colour types available: 

Not only do we have a variety of colours and styles available, but we also have plenty of additional extras and accessories designed to enhance the look of your green LED 24v setup. A top range of products to draw your attention to is the collection of LED profiles we have on offer. These LED channels make it possible to not only enhance the look of our LED tape, but to further protect them once installed. You can choose from waterproof, plaster-in profiles or even ones suited to floor and stair lip installations. The best thing about all of these products is that they are all available in one place: ArcLED!