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The possibilities are endless when it comes to our white 24v LED tape. As well as our main single colour variation, you can not only shop a variety of colour temperatures and lighting types with dimming and colour changing qualities. White LEDs are a classic pick of lighting style as its versatility and high-end feel are sure to be timelessly popular. If you too want this style for yourself then you've come to the right place. Here you'll find everything you need to know about 24 voltage white LEDs.

When shopping LEDs online, it can often be a daunting task due to the sheer number of products all with varying specifications, capabilities, and potential uses. We've made sure to provide a wealth of guidance and information on all of our products in order to make it possible to locate all the products and lighting equipment that you'll need. Make ArcLED your white LED lighting wiki with our full guides, descriptions and detailed blog posts, it's all too easy to top up on some 24v White LED knowledge. Any questions? Use the contact us form to speak to a member of the team, they'll be ready to help you fill in any gaps.

White LED Light Tape 24v

One of the first questions you may have on white LED strip light is regarding the variations in colour temperature available. White light can be measured in Kelvin to determine itself visual temperature. The range often spans from a clean and brilliant pure white light to something more towards orange and yellow hues. Each one can create a drastically different look which makes it possible to try even more lighting combinations. If you're ready to dive straight in and choose an exact colour temperature then see our full options below.

Each colour range has its own qualities and potential effects that are worth considering before installation. Take a closer look at each of the white LED types listed above for ideas and advice on styling and types of installation. If you simply can't decide on a single colour of 24-volt white LEDs then our CCT (colour changing tape) range is worth taking a look at. This tape can filter through the different colour temperatures meaning you can set a different scene for each occasion, environment, and mood. Use one of our high-tech LED controllers to cycle through light tones and settings.

We know that the visual finish of the white LED lighting is a key part of seeing what your end project could look like. As we have so many products on offer it's hugely important to see what the potential of each type. As such we have been compiling a selection of previous customer projects and showroom examples of how our white LED lighting strips could look when finished and fully installed. From kitchens and bathrooms to shop fronts and signage, there's no stopping your creative potential when it comes to LEDs. Check out our showroom and social media for even more great styling ideas.

It's the quality, care, and materials used in our white LED lights that make our lights just so good. Most notably, our white LED bulbs are the main factor behind the incredible visual lighting our strips produced. Each San’an LED chip hails from one of the largest Chinese manufacturers who are renowned for their high-quality lighting equipment. These chips have an impressive CRI rating of 95 which means the light produced is incredibly accurate and pure. This is just one of the many reasons to install our LED lights in your next architectural or home-based project.

Bespoke White LED Lighting from ArcLED

Our ethos on ArcLED is to provide you with the easiest and most enjoyable lighting experience. To help us achieve this we provide all customers and clientele with the option to use our bespoke LED lighting service. This enables you to place an order for the exact amount of LED tape you need. If you're new to LED setups and want to remove the worries of cutting and resold wring connections on LED tape then we can do all this for you! Get your 24v led tape delivered and ready to go with minimal fuss. For more details and even some expert advice on made to measure tape, make sure to drop us a line.

If needed, we'll even get your tape ready and installed into a profile. The best LED white tape deserves a quality finish that certainly should involve one of our lighting options. A popular option is our plaster in LED profiles where the tabs and shape of the channel can snugly fit into plasterboard. An ideal shape for those using LED lighting in a new build or a room re-design. We've seen our profiles used in walls, ceilings, kitchen cabinets and more. Where will you choose to set up your white lights?

The beauty of the high voltage LED lighting is that you can enjoy longer and uninterrupted lengths of gorgeous lighting. A 24-volt white LED light can handle high current and can seamlessly run over a further distance. Bear in mind that you will need a 24v LED driver to successfully power your lights. However, you're in luck as we stock a great range of drivers from renowned brands such as Ecopac. These neat drivers will safely and efficiently power your LEDs with no chance of shorting or visual flaws such as spotting or short-circuiting

For more updates and information on the products we offer and for news on the latest equipment make sure to follow us on social media and keep up to date with our dedicated LED blog. It’s packed full of inspiration, ideas as well as many tips and tricks.