Natural White LED Tape 24v

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Here's our rundown on everything you need to know about our natural white 24v LED tape. This type of LED strip lighting is a great option for those looking to illuminate their spaces and environment with floods of gorgeous light. Leaving your rooms or offices feeling light and breezy with these naturally beautiful LEDs. With an approximate lighting range of 4000 Kelvin, this specific white colour temperature moves away from warmer white LED tones and definitely has more of a cooler effect.

As well as providing you with the products; we want you to have the very best shopping experience with all the resources and information at your fingertips. We can’t wait to see your natural white LED lights in action and we’re sure that you can’t either! Before you dive headfirst into the products we have; make sure to get clued up on all the knowledge and information we have provided here on natural white LED lighting. From tips and tricks on installation to all the specification details; it’s all here!

5 Reasons to Shop Natural White LEDs at ArcLED

We firmly believe that our products speak for themselves; the quality is all there! However, if looking at our expansive range of natural white LED lights isn’t quite enough to persuade you to purchase our lights; then here are our 5 top reasons on why you will love shopping natural white LEDs with ArcLED. 

  1. Best LED Bulbs – our A-rated San’an chips make great LED bulbs. The visually impressive finished effect and the high-quality light emitted certainly gives an awesome effect. We are proud to boast that our LED tapes have an impressive CRI rating of 90-95. This shows the accuracy and cleanliness of visual light emitted from our bulbs; which includes our natural white light LEDs.
  2. Quality Guarantee – as well as the visual and the aesthetics of the LED lights we always work to provide our customers with the very best LED lighting products. The commercial-grade materials used in our products ensures that the lighting stands the test of time and keeps your space looking its best for even longer. Shop with ArcLED and invest in a top-quality product.
  3. Customer Service – our team is ready and waiting to help you with any questions or queries you have with LED lighting. If you want to know more about some of our products or services then know that our team has a wealth of experience with everything lighting. We’ll be more than happy to assist with any client or customer needs. Simply use our contact us form.
  4. Bespoke LED Service – our amazing LED service makes it possible for our customers to order bespoke and custom length LED ribbon tapes. This offers a huge amount of flexibility for users as you can get the exact amount length of tape you need for your product. As well as cutting tapes to length, we can solder any required connections as well as installing tapes into select profiles.
  5. Longest LED Lengths – it should be noted that our store allows you to purchase some of the longest lengths of LED light tape in the UK. If you are looking to install our natural white LED 24v lights into a larger venue or a grander social space then know you can get exactly what you need when shopping from ArcLED. Ask us for a quote if you have a bigger project in mind.

We hope these top 5 reasons have made it clear that we are not only about the high-quality products but also the service and the necessary guidance. We’re always here to help when it comes to planning and preparation so please don’t hesitate to drop us a message. Our team has a wealth of experience with all kinds of lighting and electricals.

Shopping White Lighting 24v with ArcLED

There's a whole array of options to choose from when it comes to our white LED lighting. You wouldn't believe the difference in finished effects of light colour temperature has on a room; so, it's certainly worth making sure you have the perfect match for the needs of your environment. Make sure to browse the entire range of white LEDs so you can see the impressive variety of light we have on offer. Our current types of white LED lights are as follows:

However, the options don't stop there, our entire selection of single colour LEDs are available in both 12 and 24 voltage options. If you simply can't settle for one colour then know that we have RGB as well as RGBW lighting available. Even our CCT LEDs make it possible to switch between every colour temperature of white including the natural white LED lighting featured here. Which colour will you choose? We can't wait to find out. Be sure to send us pictures of your natural white LEDs in action!

As well as providing you with all kinds of colours for your LED lighting we've also made sure to provide you with a whole host of natural white LEDs accessories. Each item can help to improve and finish your lighting projects. If you have selected natural white 24v LEDs for your setup then it's essential that you check out our 24v LED drivers. These can help you to successfully and efficiently power your LEDs. From renowned brands such as Ecopac we certainly recommend picking up an LED driver.

We hope we have convinced you as to just how good the natural LED white lights are! If you have already installed these lights into your home or business; then make sure to submit us a picture to include in our LED showroom portfolio.