Cool White LED Tape 24v

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Want to find out more about the 24v cool white LED tape we have to offer? Well, you’ve certainly come to the right place. You’ll be delighted to know that we’ve collected all of the top and relevant information all in one article. We not only want you to get the best LED lights available but also be well equipped with all the need-to-know information about LED bulbs cool white. With all these tools at your disposal, there will be no stopping you when it comes to installing LED lights.

The higher voltage of 24v on these cool white LED strips allows for a more successful transference of current across longer lengths of LED tape. This makes it a useful piece of equipment when it comes to larger projects. If you have a commercial or retail space in mind for your LED lighting then these cool white LED lights 24v are sure to do the trick. Not only will they be able to efficiently run in a larger environment but they will produce strikingly pure white lights that will set the tone for your business.

For those interested in our bespoke LED lighting service, we recommending using our contact us page to get in touch with the team. Our service allows you to get the exact made-to-measure lengths of cool white LED tape for your requirements. All you need to do is send us the details of your project or installation needs and we’ll be able to sort you the exact amount of tape you need. As well as the tape itself, we’ll be able to hook you up with all kinds of accessories, 24v drivers, profiles and more.

LED Cool White Tape with 24v

With a wealth of experience on LED lighting, we’re more than happy to help you with any details on our LED lighting. Our cool white LED lights 24v is just as good as the rest and are packed with many neat features and specifications that’ll keep everyone pleased. As these are our own-branded LED lights, you can be sure to know that they have been tried and tested vigorously to ensure you receive the best kind of products for installation. ArcLED is all about quality lighting and we won’t settle for anything less.

Of course, it should be all about the visuals when it comes to cool white LED. With such a bold and brilliant temperature of LED light, it’s understandable to strive for perfection. We’ve made sure to only include the best kind of cool white LED bulbs into our tapes so you can really get the best look out of the LED lighting. The LED bulbs featured on our LED tapes are A-rated San’an chips, some with a high CRI rating of 95. These bulbs work to produce an accurate and aesthetically-pleasing amount of light.

As well as having some of the best bubs in the business (did we mention their 50-000 hour estimated lifespan?) you should know that all the tape and ribbon strip involved with our LED cool white products are made from high-quality commercial-grade materials. With these installed, you can be sure that you are getting solid investment and a longer duration of light longevity.

Have you ever considered trying out multi-rowed LED light tape? If you are looking to further intensify the visual effect of your LEDs then its time to take a look at some of the wider strips we have on offer. Why are they wider? It’s to accommodate for even more rows of gorgeous cool white LED lights! We have double and even quad rows of LED light tapes designed to give you even more swathes of cool white LED light! We can certainly recommend these unique tape types for larger, impressive projects.

Cool or Warm White LED

There are so many variations of white LED lighting that it can be hard to discern which is the best for your environment. Currently, on ArcLED we have a huge range of colour temperatures so its all too easy to get the perfect degree of Kelvin to match your lighting needs. It’s more than east to expand from the cool 6000 to 6500K temperature range. As well as the range of LED light bulbs cool white available here, we have this impressive selection of varying white light styles:

There are a few considerations you can think about when it comes to your colour temperature LED lighting. The visual ambiance and atmosphere created by the lighting is often a top consideration as it really can set off the room and set the scene. If you really can’t decide on a single colour of LED lighting then you can opt for our own-branded colour temperature change (CCT tape). This tape makes it easy to cycle through all kinds of white temperature LED tape keep all kinds of shades covered.

Another way of getting a look of just how the cool white LED light tape is by checking out some of our showroom and product showcase features. We’ve accumulated plenty of images of our customer projects as well as our own showroom examples to really help you get an idea on the look of the lights. Our blog is packed full of ideas and inspiration on styling your lighting, as well as plenty of tips and tricks on how to get the best out of your cool 24v white LED lights. We also recommend following us on social media for the latest on everything ArcLED.