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We are pleased to offer products from Inspired Lighting within our expansive range of options for LED lighting. Their collection of ceiling, suspended and pendant LED lighting brings together a host of talented lighting and product designers. In every product, these creatives look to enhance the visual effect of the light fixture being produced. Each and every inspired LED light is designed to draw attention as a central statement or room centrepiece. Take a closer look at some of the gorgeous light options on offer.

The high-end quality and finish to these lights are sure to be a major plus for anyone looking for their space to stand out from the rest. We’re confident that each item available will be made for an inspired purchase if you are looking for a 5-star finish to your next installation. Add a touch of class to your home, business or venue with these exceptional LED pendant lights

Each and every range from the Inspired Lights range has been carefully planned and designed by a group of talented interior designers and lighting technicians. To help you get a real feel for what’s what with each range available, we’ve broken down a cross-section of which Inspired lighting brands are currently available for purchase on ArcLED. Find out even more about each LED piece and see what work and vision have gone into each of the lighting collections.

Versailles LED Ceiling Lights

A jewel in the LED lighting crown, this range of gorgeous LED ceiling lights are designed with sheer elegance and prowess in mind. The suspended pendant lights are designed to represent the shape and movement of the flames. When you see the illuminated finished effect, we’re sure you’ll be able to appreciate the beauty. The Versailles shape and design reminds us of baroque chandeliers with antique influences.

Designed by Equipo Mantra, the range of Versailles LED lighting ensures a crisp quality of light with frosted acrylic diffusers and a 3000k white colour temperature output. Step up your interior design style with one of these gorgeous LED ceiling fixtures. Adorned with a polished chrome finish, this design will cause light to spill in even more directions.

Sahara XL Light Pendants

From artist Hugo Tejada, this range of lights from Mantra is artistic interior lights at their very finest. Inspired LED lighting describes the style as featuring ‘tendrils’ of polycarbonate diffusers almost weaved into their aluminium frames. As well as an impressive ceiling light option, you’ll also find different kinds of lighting such as the LED floor lamp with the intriguing design seemingly sprouting from the floor.  

Aire LED Ceiling Lights

Designed by the creative mind of interior designer Santiago Sevillano Sebastia, the Aire range of lights offer a slick and ultra-modern finish. This selection of LED hanging pendant lights includes a selection of lights available in a multitude of shapes and styles the collection of Aire LED lights to ensure that the eye will always be drawn to them. A perfect statement piece for a hosting space where one is looking to impress. Perhaps these inspired lights could be perfect pieces to have in showroom or shop floor.

As well as the unique designs, this lighting range is backed up with its quality construction and its potential for producing high-quality light. Enjoy high colour temperature, dimmable lighting when you choose Aire Ceiling Lights supplied by Inspired Lighting UK

Infinity Pendant Light

From the creative mind of Jose Ignacio Ballester, the Infinity range from Inspired lights brand includes a large variety of ranges – all of which are available for purchase at ArcLED. Each sub-range has its own unique features, all of which we have detailed below:

  • Infinity Pendant Lighting – this wide collection of products features the highlights of the Infinity range. The lighting types range from curved pendants to suspended feature pieces. For something with a more rustic feel, make sure to check out the Infinity Oxido range. 
  • Infinity Blanco Lighting – with intriguing twists and turned featured in a variety of products, it’s fair to say that the Blanco lights will be right at home in any modern installation. Comprising of light pendants, ceiling lights and even table lamps, we’re sure this range will be a favourite.  
  • Infinity II Lighting - this exciting lighting option provides a complete 360-degree lighting experience. Ensuring maximum lighting output and full illumination, this lighting option is sure to heighten the warmth and feel of any space.

Aros Ceiling Lights

Nothing quite stands out like our range of Aros LED lighting. These pendants and suspended lighting options are compromised of rings to create a visually stunning centrepiece. The ring design combined with the high-end chrome polished finish ensures that the LED pendant lights are guaranteed to sit proudly at the forefront of your space.

Inspired Lighting Choices from ArcLED

We hope this rundown of what products and ranges we have available from Inspired Lighting gives you a better idea of what’s available. We think all of the ranges will really help you to achieve a wow factor effect wherever you choose to display them. Knowing that these pieces come from some of the best designers and artists in the business give further reassurance of the innovative design choices. 

While you’re browsing, don’t forget that as well as the stylish designs you will also get an incredible quality of LED light. Across our entire website, ArcLED ensures to give you lights to provide you with strong visual lighting and even better running performance. You’ll find that the Inspired lighting range includes some of the very kinds of LED light bulbs producing a high standard of light. They ensure your lighting fixtures are not only the best-looking but also illuminate and emphasise the greatness of your space.