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Introducing our exciting range of LED neon flex to our collection of LED light tape. This addition to the ArcLED selection of products offers even more lighting solutions for customers and clients alike. In order to help you decide if these unique flexible neon light fixtures are suited for you, here is everything you need to know about this lighting type and which accessories you can find in our online LED shop.

LED Neon Flex Tape from ArcLED

What is LED neon? LED neon flex lighting is widely considered to be a more flexible alternative to glass tube neon lights. The plastic coverings around the LED bulbs allow the tape to be bent into shape to fit around curved surfaces and to be moulded into to fit into even more alternative shapes.

Here are some of the eye-catching features of this product range which proves that LED neon flex is a perfect alternative to the usual flexible neon light strips. As well as listed below, you’ll find all these features and key information listed on every product page:

  • Waterproof Neon Flex LEDs - the IP67 rating on this LED product is suitable for use both inside and out. In case you weren’t sure, a rating of IP67 means that the fixture can withhold being submerged in water for thirty minutes. This is great news if you were planning to take your LED neon flex project into the great outdoors or areas at risk of dampness and possible water contact.
  • Colourful Neon Flex LEDs – if it's one thing we know about lighting its that it has to stand out. The selection of even more muted white colours and its varying colour temperatures can make your LEDs look even better. Find varying LED colours and shades of flex lighting available in our range. If you’re wanting something even brighter you can find LED neon flex RGB at many online retailers.
  • Spotless Neon Flex LEDs – just like with many of the tapes we have available we ensure that the lighting produces a spotless effect. This means that ‘spotting’ is not visible; which means that you visually see a seamless run of light rather than seeing the light from the individual bulbs. This effect is achieved through high-quality bulbs positioned in a way where gaps are not seen. 

Make sure that you see the CRI rating listing on all of our products. Many of the LED flex lights we have available have an impressive rating of 90 which just goes to show how visually stunning the lights will look when installed. We strive to make sure that all lights sold on ArcLED will make your space look at all kinds of incredible. Whether that’s in your venue, business or home our lights are designed to complete the environment and our neon LED strip lights are no exception!

LED Neon Flex Signs

A commonly searched for and popular use for LED neon flexible lighting is as signage. The classic neon light sign is an iconic look and is a popular fixture for businesses and establishments looking to stand out on the high street. Neon signage is used for its brightness, eye-catching nature and often for its variety of colourful options. Now, it is possible to get a more modern, LED alternative to the older neon style.

Our LED flex lighting can act as a perfect neon lighting alternative; offering a new way to create all kinds of illuminative signs and designs. The bendable nature of these lights means you can form a variety of shapes and lettering. Did you know that many companies offer a bespoke neon LED flex service; where your company or business logo can be made for you in flex lighting? However, here at ArcLED, we’ve made it possible for you to do it yourself with a variety of products available.

With our longer runs of LED flex, its never been easier to make your own custom neon flex sign. Choose your length of tape and get started with your very own signage project. We have a growing range of available colours so that you can find the perfect look for your every need. If you’re creating your very own LED neon flex signage then make sure to send us any pictures of your finished lighting creations.

Neon Flex Lighting Installation

Wondering what you’ll need to complete your LED neon flex installation? We’ve got a neat variety of LED neon flex accessories that will help with the setup of these lights. We’re sure that with these specialised accessory products, alongside some know-how on proper installation, you’ll be away in no time. Make sure to take a closer look at some of the other products available on the website that may be able to help you with setup. As many of our flex strips are 24v, you should certainly check out the range of 24v drivers available as they’ll be essential in helping to safely power and run your lights.

As always, if you have any questions on the lighting products in question then be sure to contact our team. Our friendly, in-house LED experts are here to answer your questions no matter how big or small. We understand that if you are new to lighting products that something like LED neon flex lights could cause some confusion when compared to regular products!

Please note that we also offer a bespoke LED lighting service for customers online. Therefore, if you are looking for advice and for recommendations on all kinds of lighting then we are here to help. Since we know all of our products inside and out, we’re sure to be able to find the exact product you looking for whether that is the LED flexible neon lights above or something else from our LED light tape range.