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So, you may be wondering why what makes a top bend neon flex light different from its side bend counterpart. The difference is simply the positioning of the LED chips and bulbs on the tape. This can affect the way in which the tape can bend and be shaped, but it does simply affect how the light is spread from the lighting component. Choose top bend light where you want the light to spread across the surface you wish to install it on rather than visually appearing outwards.

The top bend LED light is designed to have the light radiating out from either the outside or the inside of the light. The benefits of the LED neon flex lighting type mean you can bend and shape the light to fit around a variety of shapes and surfaces. We’re sure that this will make it a popular purchase when used to create signage, light features and runs of light where regular LED tape doesn’t cut it! Before you go ahead and choose your LED lights; here’s everything you need to know about top bend neon flex.

Top Bend LED Neon Flex from ArcLED

 As a supplier and retailer of bespoke LED lighting solutions, we are always looking for you to get the perfect product for your next lighting project. To ensure that all of our customers get something that exactly suits their needs, we ensure that even without top bend LEDs that you will have of options available to you. This ranges from helping you find the best colour of lights or even the exact length required. We pride ourselves on giving a wide span of options so you can find the best tailored, custom solution.

Let’s first take a look at some of the top bend light colours available to you. Remember that we always adding new light colours and styles to the web store so featured shades and light temperatures may vary. Make sure to keep up-to-date with what’s happening with ArcLED so you don’t miss any new products or range expansions where more colours become available. Here are some of the colours we currently have available in the top bend LED tape type:

  • Natural White Top Bend LED – illuminate and brighten up any space with a gorgeous run of natural white light. The shape and angle of the top bend LED ensures that the light spills out and creates a wide-reaching beam of clean white light.
  • Warm White Top Bend LED – the yellow hue of a warm white LED light is always a welcome sight for the eye. Offering a more homely tone that the purer natural and white light options, we’re sure that this option of top bend lighting will prove to be popular.
  • Amber Top Bend LED Light – a vibrant orange hue is sure to set the tone in any environment. The gorgeous amber shade is sure to catch the eye. Perfect for installation in the home in your living room or even in your kitchen. 

When considering which LED neon flex light type is best for you, remember that you can easily opt for a variety of lengths. Choose from anything from 1-metre lengths to a more impressive 15 metres! This facilitates those in need of this lighting for larger installations in businesses, shop floors and even larger venues. The top bend LED neon flex light is all about creating seamless and clean runs of light, so we’ve made sure that covering longer lengths doesn’t risk unsightly joins or tough installation with multiple strips. It doesn’t matter whether you have a bigger or smaller project in mind – we’ve got you covered.

When shopping, remember to note the IP rating of the neon flex tape available. The IP67 score denotes that the product is safe to use both outdoors and indoors, with the further potential of installing in interior areas where damp and splash may be a frequent occurrence.

Using Top Bend LED Lights

Proper installation practices are essential when handling top bend neon flex lighting. By checking that the tape is always bent along the same plain ensures that the components within the lighting fixture are not damaged during shaping and installation. Overbending or folding these types of tape can result in damages to the product. Therefore, do not attempt to exceed to shape the tape past the natural diameter of the tape. Do not twist or bend the tape backwards on itself. Follow the natural curve of the top bend lighting tape and you should experience minimal issues when shaping it.

If you’re planning a self-installation then don’t forget to accessorise! We’ve made sure that you’ll have everything ready for your top bend light installation. As well as all the knowledge you need to install, it’s vital to have all of the required equipment and essentials. Our dedicated LED Neon Flex Accessories section features a variety of cables and clips that you will certainly be putting to good use when need to get these lights set up. Take a closer look at which products we have available before putting your lights up. You may find the perfect top bend light accessory you’ve been looking for.

As well as providing you with the products and the service we’re always happy to help with advice and guidance on everything from which products to pick to how to install them. Our ArcLED team has a wealth of knowledge of the products available and will be able to help with every aspect of the products available. Don’t forget that if you are looking to take advantage of our bespoke LED light service for your LED neon flex top bend then you’ll need to get in touch for your quote.