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Introducing the ArcLED Collection! We’re here to showcase our own-branded lighting range which includes a huge variety of ceiling lights, wall lights and even table lamps. Featuring our own named collections of lighting, you’ll find designs and styles that pay homage to some of the most picturesque and beautiful settings from the South West, UK. In similar fashion to our favourite regional views, our ArcLED lights are designed to be looked at and enjoyed as the visually striking creations that they are. 

The ArcLED collection strays away from our usual products of LED tapes and instead provides you with even more options for your home interior lighting. We’ve made sure to combine the best aspects of LED lighting with stylish and striking light fixture designs. We want your ArcLED LED purchase to become a staple part of your interior and if it becomes a focal point then its even better news in our minds! Explore our collection and find a whole host of visual delights and a plethora of quality lighting.

ArcLED Collection: Wall Lights 

We’re immensely proud of some of the ArcLED wall lights we have available. Many of the lights feature larger than life designs which we’re sure you’ll be happy to install in your project. The variety of designs available make our range suitable for installation in everywhere from the home, in businesses, venues and even office spaces. There’s simply no limit to where your piece from the ArcLED collection could go.

Amongst the products available, we think you may be interested in taking a closer look at the following wall light types. Each offers a unique new way of using and displaying your wall lights. Although the types of light available will expand beyond this list, we know that the designs included here are some of the more sought-after designs from the ArcLED catalogue.

  • Adjustable Wall Lamps – a classic style of lamp now available as a fitted ArcLED light fixture can be fixed to a wall and then angled in whichever direction you choose to install it in.
  • Up Down Wall Lights – a unique style of light that is often used for exterior installations. As the name would suggest the fixture spreads the light from the top and bottom of the fitting. 
  • Rectangle Wall Lights – simple yet striking wall lights that, visually, sit seamlessly onto the wall with ease. A variety of shapes, sizes and colours open up your styling options and design ideas.

ArcLED Collection: Ceiling Lights

We can think of nothing more exciting than shopping for new ceiling lights. If you are currently working through renovations or are decorating a room then it’s the perfect time to see what lights you could add to your room. We have many practical yet stylish LED light options that we’re sure you’ll love. Our range includes many kinds of pendants as well as lantern and spotlight style lights. As well as the designs of the light fixtures, know that the quality of light produced is equally as impressive as the light’s construction. 

Home LED Lighting Options from ArcLED

As well as the two primary parts of the ArcLED collection, we have a growing collection of other lighting types and accessories. We’ve made sure that our ArcLED home lighting range provides customers with a multitude of options for how they can light the home. See for yourself and check out what’s on offer:

  • Pendants: LED pendant lights are hanging lights which usually comprise of a lampshade suspended by its own wiring. In our range, we pair our gorgeous LED bulbs with the well-known modern ceiling light design in order to create outstanding effects.  
  • Flush Semi Flush Lights: these slick and streamlined lights are a stylish part of the ArcLED collection as they offer a quality lighting type that easily tucks away into an environment. 
  • Table Lamps: from classic Banker style lamps to more ornate Tiffany style lamps; it’s fair to say that the options are broad within our range of LED table lamps. We love these neat lighting options and can’t wait to see where you choose to place them! 
  • Floor Lamps: posing as alternative ways to light your room, as well as a popular option as a LED reading light. Floor lights have to be to larger and more striking to make an impression so we’ve made sure that our options fit the bill and stand out from the rest!
  • Lamp Shades: adorn your lamp with a gorgeous classic styled lampshade that are styled with the Tiffany light covers in mind. Choose from a variety of colours and designs that can all help you to step up your interior style. Some shades are compatible with some pendant ceiling lights.

As specialists in all kinds of lighting, we certainly know a thing or two about the fixtures we sell. We firmly believe that our ArcLED products offer a broad range of lighting products as well as the accessories, fixtures and fittings to match. Since one of our website specialities is our bespoke LED lighting service, we adopt the ethos that every lighting purchase should be exactly tailored to a customer or client’s needs. With the expansive collection of ArcLED LEDs available we hope that you will be able to find everything you’re looking for in our online store.

If you require any further assistance with your ArcLED lighting fixture then make sure to get in touch with us. We can help you with any questions you may have and will be able to provide further insight as to the specifications provided on the product page. Our capable and friendly team of LED experts will be able to help you out with all kinds of knowledge from installation guides to styling tips. We want your ArcLED light collection experience to be a positive one so are happy to help you in any way we can.