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Expand your interior lighting style range with our collection of ArcLED pendant lighting. Illuminate and enhance the look of your space with one of our exciting and stylish light pendants. Our collection includes a variety of designs that serve both styling and lighting purposes. Delve into our range so you can collect up a wealth of pendant lighting ideas and get shopping for your next lighting purchase.

On every product page, we have included a wealth of information on everything you need to know about the LED pendant light. One of the most important measurements is the drop length of the hanging light, so you can know how far the light can sit. On some products, the drop distance can be adjusted although this is not always the case. Make sure to also check out values such as the IP rating to see if your light can handle moisture or any kind of contact with water. If you were considering using these as kitchen pendant lights you may want to consider a certain IP rating so the light can withstand damp and steam.

You’ll also want to know which LED pendant bulb you will need to get your lights working. Many of our lights do not have the required bulb included so make sure you know which lightbulb you will require so you can purchase it ready for when you ArcLED light has arrived and is ready to go!  

ArcLED Pendant Ceiling Lights

We find our customers already have in mind the kind of lighting styles they are looking for. This is especially the case when it comes to ceiling pendant lights as, in most cases, the light has to fit in with a new interior décor or room style. Therefore, to point you in the direction of the lights you know you need, here are some of the main genres and styles of lights which ArcLED clients often look for:

  • Modern Pendant Lighting - as you will be able to see from our range of lighting products, we certainly know a thing or two about the latest lighting designs and innovations. The colour, look and shape of the lights all lend themselves to modern installations and more up-to-date environments. We think many of the lights will look right at home in all kinds of setups.
  • Large Pendant Lighting – many of our lighting options really make it possible for you to make a statement. The larger style and impressive framework of some of our pendants make for an impressive centrepiece that is guaranteed to draw the eye. Imagine one of our eye-catching lights being fitted in your home – you are sure to get many compliments on your choice!
  • Industrial Pendant Lighting – the look of many of the pendant lights available really gives off a strong industrial vibe. The pendant light itself is a common site in buildings with higher rooves and ceiling cavities. This style has become a highly popular choice in modern installations where many now opt for these weightier and more rugged industrial lighting designs.

The sheer variety of styles available make it possible for you to install in all kinds of places from the home to business venues. These lights could be perfect options as dining room pendant lighting if you want to fixtures which are sure to stand out from the rest. 

Our Pendant Lighting LED Ranges

If you want to find out more about the lighting we have available, then we have summarised all you need to know about them below. We’re always working to make it easier for you to find the perfect set of LED lights for you. Easily shop pendant lights online with us and find everything you need all in one place.

  • Bovisand Range – exuding elegance and style, this type of LED pendant light features a seamlessly twisted lighting design integrates warm white lighting for an ambient glow. The sand gold finish makes you wish you were on a beach on a warm sunny, summer’s day!
  • Rock Range – the Rock range is a common design within our ArcLED collection, which makes it even easier to match your ceiling lights with your table lamps, for example. The rock range promotes style through simplicity with muted coloured light fixtures with an industrial twist.
  • Bowleaze Range – this striking range features a highly unique design with leaf-designed tendrils extending outwards from the light fitting. Not only does the light itself look appealing but it   
  • Penhale Range – this range provides a gorgeous option for those searching for glass pendant lighting. Featuring a glass lantern design with a classic look bulb displayed inside, the lights are certainly winners when it comes to style. Available in matte black or polished chrome finishes.
  • Lantic Range – pairing an antique brass fixture with an almost pyramid-shaped glass shape equals a seriously stylish light pendant. Producing wide beams of gorgeous lights, this suspended lighting option is sure to brighten up any environment it is installed in.
  • Vault Range – the modern design on our Vault pendants incorporates a wired metalwork design a more classic copper effect makes for great rustic pendant lighting. Combining old and new to create an alternative look provides an intriguing design while casting eye-catching shadows.
  • Slapton Range – this eye-catching collection features lighting not only in pendants section but within both of our floor and table lamps. The smoked effect lighting orbs product gorgeous and alternative look lighting that will stand out wherever you choose to install it. 

We’re very pleased to extend our range of LED lighting to make ourselves a more competitive pendant lighting company. We’re always looking to add new designs and styles to our range so make sure to keep an eye out for new ranges. Stay tuned to our blog for updates on the latest and most innovative lighting options that will be added to the store.