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Sharpen up your interior style with one of our LED table lamps. Pairing the brilliance of quality LED lighting with a sleek and stylish finish, these lamps are sure to tick all the boxes. Lighting should work at one with interior design, providing pieces that not only offer practicality but a stunning visual finish. Whether it’s a statement piece or a more subtle pick, these lights need to be ready to work with all kinds of spaces and home environments. We’ve made sure that all of the products available in our ArcLED collection are the absolute perfect candidates for LED table lamps in the home

To make it easier for you to work through our table lamp LED range, we’ve detailed each type of light currently available for purchase. Many offer innovative new designs whilst some bring to life the iconic look of past lighting options with a modern LED twist. We’re very excited to introduce you to this top range of lights and to help you find the perfect LED table lamp. Here’s a breakdown of a selection of light lamps we have available – we’re sure that you will recognise some of the designs listed here!

LED Tiffany Table Lamps 

Bringing a touch of class to any space or environment, our selection of Tiffany table lamps is sure to draw the eye. The iconic and colourful stain glass window effect is derived from the art nouveau movement that is based upon ornamental and dainty design. This is reflected in the creative designs and finish to the light shades. Notice that in many of our Tiffany table lamp shades there are a few embedded crystals to add extra sparkle and shine to the finished look. While you’re here, why not delve into our Grunta and Gorran range of lamps to see some of the amazing lamps we have on offer. 

Everything about these products oozes sophistication; from the light itself to the Tiffany table lamp base. We think these options would make for standout centrepieces wherever you choose to place them. The variety of lampshade colours mean that you can find something that matches your room colours and interior design. If you’re redecorating or planning new ways to improve the look of your space then we think these Tiffany table lamps are sure to be a popular choice. If you want to see just how good these products look then you’re sure to find plenty of design inspiration online.

LED Bankers Lamps

You simply cannot beat the classic style and look of an antique bankers lamp. The timeless design of the curved lamp with an almost hooded lampshade effect has been a famous icon when it comes to lamps. The classic look is normally comprised of a gold base, green lampshade and is often depicted with a drawstring switch. Whilst staying true to the original feel of the bankers table lamp, our designs from the Rock range of interior lighting have their own unique look and more home-friendly feeling. This is mainly due to the softer tones and more muted colours used to style our range of lights.

The colours we have available offer a new style of modern bankers lamp that can be right at home in a variety of scenes and environments. Keeping it simple with our shade shades of black, grey and white can help you fit these lights into your existing or new interior look. Even with a less imposing finish, we’re sure that a LED bankers light is sure to draw the eye wherever you choose to place it. Add a touch of class to your next table lamp purchase with this smart lighting option. We can see this as a perfect addition to any living room, study or even an alternative addition to a bedroom setup.

LED Desk Lamps

Many of the products within our table lamps range could make for ideal bright LED desk lamps. Pairing the quality light with a stylish finish brings the best of both worlds together. As well as being practical and serving their purpose, it's natural to want a light that is visually appealing and at home wherever it has been placed. Our range of desk lamps LED feature sheer modern designs which offer simplicity yet with plenty of style. We think you’ll be delighted with the ArcLED range which caters to all kinds of unique tastes by providing variety and a multitude of desk lamp options. 

Our adjustable LED lamps from the Rock range are ideal for work stations or desks where you need to regularly manipulate the direction of light. The deeper light shade design reduces the amount of glare produced from the light, which is perfect when you are working with the light at eye level. In terms of size, you could class these as small LED table lamps. If you were looking for something a little larger then make sure to check out the Floor Lamps which are also a part of our ArcLED interior lighting collection.

LED Light Table Lamps from ArcLED

As you can see from the collection we have so far, there’s no limit to how you could be putting this lamp selection to good use. There are many places you could place these lights within the home from bedside LED lamps to the centrepiece of your living room. Lighting can be a huge part of the home which is why we’ve ensured that you can not only enjoy the visuals provided by the light fixtures themselves but can enjoy the lighting provided by the bulb itself. Each product page will detail for you the type of bulb you will need for the LED table light. Please note that the bulbs may not always be included.

If you have any questions on any of the products listed above then please do not hesitate to Contact Us using the dedicated form.