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Our range of LED floor lamps is a welcome addition to our expanding ArcLED collection. In our ever-growing range of products, we are very pleased to provide our clients and customers with yet another lighting option. Within our home lighting range, it’s very important to us that the lights combine the best of visually stunning lights alongside innovative and novel design options. If this sounds good to you then make sure to take a closer look at the LED floor lamps for sale on our website. There will certainly be something that piques your interest!

LED Floor Lamps from ArcLED

Whilst shopping across our range of products you’ll be able to quickly see that you are selecting from a striking range of modern LED floor lamps. Some designs such as the Slapton range features super-funky smoked glass orbs which are certainly a sight to behold. It is light designs such as this that we think sets our collection out from the rest. If you’re pretty style-savvy, then we think you’ll be delighted to include these lighting types within your next redecoration or lighting project. The first and more important question is, which LED floor light draws your eye first?

Once you’ve seen a style you like its time to take a closer look at the lighting specification. Many of our lamps require an E27 LED bulb to work properly. Please note that these are not always included with the purchase of an ArcLED floor lamp. You’d be surprised at just how many neat features are included within in each of the lights available. Here are some of the special features and unique aspects of the lamps available which we think you’ll want to know more about.

  • Adjustable LED Floor Lamps – a movable and flexible lighting option can really open up the possibilities for how you use the light. This lighting type can be a hugely popular option for reading around the home (more details provided below). Freely adjust the height, angle, light direction and more with this light type.
  • Foot Switch LED Floor Lamps – a handy light foot switch is an incredibly useful feature which can save plenty of fumbling for wires and reaching well-hidden plug sockets. This feature is included in many products and means you can simply turn your lighting on and off with ease.
  • Tall LED Floor Lamps – when purchasing any interior lighting fixture, you want to make sure it really stands out from the rest. A taller lamp is not only going to look all kinds of fantastic but will certainly tie a room together. Ensure you get a larger lamp that will certainly catch the eye.
  • Dimmable LED Floor Lamps – if you’re looking to set the ambience, or simply dim your lights down in the evening, you’ll be delighted to know that some of our lights have dimmable capabilities. Make sure you are using the correct bulbs that can handle the varying voltages.

If you’ve found a style you like then you may be particularly interested in our matching floor and table lamps, then we recommend taking a closer look at our Rock collection. The lights within this range all follow a simple path of simplicity and are only coloured with more muted colours and tones. We think this range is very well suited to a large variety of settings and environments, as simple colours can match even more colour schemes. 

Stylish Luxury LED Floor Lamps Online

If you’re all about finding a new good-looking lighting option then make sure to take a full look around our home LED lighting range so you can be sure to find something perfect for you. If you are searching for something a little different then we have such a large variety it should be very easy for you to find items such as unusual wooden floor lamps, for example. If you were after a certain style of lighting then here are some of the primary looks and designs that our range can cater to.

  • Unusual Floor Lamps – as larger and prominent lighting fixtures, it can be hugely appealing to have an alternatively-styled lamp featured in your space. As well as drawing attention and acting as strong conversation starters, these lights can produce a gorgeous amount of light to match.
  • Retro Floor Lamps – many of our products do have a very vintage feel, providing timeless shapes and profiles that will continually work with the everchanging interior design tastes and trends. Add a retro touch with one of our more retro-themed lights.
  • Unique Floor Lamps – we provide products that catch the eye and really stand out. Some of our designs are so good they look incredible even when not in use. This is why we think the products available will make for proud additions to your home, business or venue.
  • Cool Floor Lamps – sleek and simple designs paired with the high-quality light make for some seriously stylish lighting options. We think our floor lamps will be very much at home in a new modern build or a with a setting that has been spruced up with interior redecoration.

Another common and popular use of this kind of lighting is as LED floor lamps for reading. With many of our lamps, you can manually alter the position of the lamp itself to give yourself the perfect lighting angle wherever you choose to sit and read. The warming light from our LED bulbs is sure to provide a cosy environment for you to relax with a good book. With one of the best floor standing LED reading lamps available, you are sure to be pleased with your ArcLED purchase. We’re already excited for you to go ahead and set up your brand-new lamp in your living room, snug or even your home study!