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Adorn your latest light fitting with one of our stylish LED lampshades. Compatible with many different lighting types, it is possible to enjoy some of our lamp shades with pendant lights as well as table and floor lamps. The main design takes a heavy dose of inspiration from classic styles and an iconic stain-glass look otherwise known as Tiffany lamp shades. Paired with one of the quality lights from our ArcLED collection we’re sure that your lighting fixtures are destined to really stand out. 

You’ll find that each and every Tiffany lamp shade is not only popular for its standalone look as a shade, but also for the intriguing shadows and light given off by the fixture it is attached to. Create all kinds of cool and colourful effects in your room or environment. These colourful lampshades are the perfect way to make a statement ensure that you can draw the eye to one of your already impressive ArcLED light fixtures. Read on to find out even more about these classic and retro style lighting accessories.

Stained Glass Tiffany Lamp Shades

We can’t wait for you to find out a little more about the lampshades we have available. With this information, we hope that you can find the perfect shade for you. If you’ve been searching for stained glass lamp shades then we think one of our products are sure to do the trick. A variety of colours mean you can match the lampshade to your interior décor. If you’re currently redesigning your space and are yet to decide your new colour palette then one of our multi-coloured glass lamp shades could help make the decision for you. Here is a selection of lamp shade colours we have available:

  • Blue Glass Lamp Shade – cool blue tones for an almost nautical effect.
  • Green Glass Lamp Shade – emerald undertones give a classy, regal vibe.
  • Red Glass Lamp Shade – ruby red panels make for a striking effect.
  • Amber Glass Lamp Shade – an orange hue helps to give off a warm light glow.

We’re always adding new styles and designs to our collection so make sure to stay tuned for new stained-glass lampshade patterns. As well as the single coloured designs above, you will find many more colourful options which combine some of the more striking shades. Even if the light shade you love doesn’t include many colours, you will find many are adorned with extras such as crystal style details to the shade edges for a sparkling and even more striking visual effect.

ArcLED Tiffany Light Shades

Each of our Tiffany lamp shades for table lamps is part of one of our ranges from the ArcLED collection. Every range has its only qualities and unique aspects which really set them out from the rest. See more about each selection of designs and use the information below to help discover which type of light shade you think will suit your lamp and lighting needs:

  • Northcott Range – intricately designed coloured glass panels ensure stunning visuals when the lamp is turned off. The main theme of this lampshade type offers cool blue hue which can fit in with a larger variety of interior home décor colours and styles.
  • Sidmouth Range – the lampshades within the Sidmouth range are perhaps the least colourful designs available, yet still provide a touch of class wherever you choose to install them. The crystal effect to the edge of the lampshade can help to provide a sparkling effect.
  • Grunta Range – this collection offers a modern twist on a classic Tiffany lamp style. The stained-glass look effect is maintained with smaller clear crystal pieces being added in between the curved loops for a dazzling and sparkle-filled visual effect. This range of shades is available in a variety of colours including blue, green and red as well as plain grey and cream options.
  • Duporth Range – the Duporth range also combines elements of the classic Tiffany style in a uniquely shaped downwards dome shape. This shape of light shade allows for the light to spread even further and, in this case, show-off even more of the colours included in the shade. The clear crystal centre paired with a variety of colours will make your light a true centrepiece.
  • Polnare Range – the unique design of these almost art deco light shades are both eye-catching and stunningly gorgeous. The handcrafted feel and finish ensure a high-class look that will be well at home in a variety of scenes and environments. 

As well as a classic style Tiffany light shade, you will also find variations in lampshade types. This allows you to install our selection of lampshades in a variety of different locations for a wider range of different purposes. One of the more sought-after alternates is the uplighter Tiffany light shade. The inversely-shaped lampshade is mostly suited for ceiling light fixtures. The shape and placement of the design ensure that even more light passes through the shade when the light is on. This means even more striking effect and even more colours to behold.

When picking out your product, you should note which products your lampshade is compatible with. Some of our products are suitable as Tiffany wall lamps whilst others can be attached to ceiling lights and pendants. In general, you will find that each of the light shade types are mainly suitable for table lamps and/or floor lights. Simple switch out the shade currently installed on your lamp for your new ArcLED lamp shade then sit back and enjoy some gorgeous visuals.

If you need any more assistance with selecting and choosing a lampshade, then we’d be more than happy to help. Use the contact information on our contact us page to ask any questions you may have and for more information. Our team of LED experts will be more than happy to help with queries big and small.