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A great finish to any LED setup will be one of our LED profiles. With plenty of options to choose from, it’s more than easy to find the perfect the LED profile strips. Often called extrusions or channels, an LED profile is certainly something you will want to consider in your plans. They can help to not only protect the tape but to present them in a striking and professional way.  

As bespoke lighting specialists, the look and presentation of your LEDs can be just as important as the LED lighting strips themselves. We want to make sure that all the products involved in your LED lighting projects are of the highest quality and will give the most professional finish possible. Equipped with coated aluminium exteriors, high-quality diffusers and additional mounting accessories, we are sure that our profiles will properly finish off any project - no matter the size! 

Your LED profile strip considerations span further than simply the lighting strip profile itself. You can opt for different colours of most profiles we stock (black, silver, white), different kinds of light diffusers and all kinds of accessories and extras. Within our range, we think you’ll be spoiled for choice on products but most importantly, you will have more than enough equipment to successfully mount and display your new LED lights. 

LED Lighting Profiles 

We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the huge range of LED extrusions we have for sale in our online store. There are simply so many ways you can properly install LED lighting and we’ve made sure that we have the products to reflect this. Here are the kinds of LED strip profiles you will find in our online store - take a closer look for more details. 

  • Surface Mounted LED Profiles – these simple channels make it easy to install your LEDs around your home or business. Plenty of different shapes and lengths available. 
  • Recessed LED Profiles – tuck away your LEDs between floorboards or panelling with a recessed profile. Provides protection for your lights if you want to install them underfoot. 
  • Plaster-In LED Profiles – give your LEDs the look of sinking into your wall or ceiling with a channel with additional tabs to help with being plastered. Ideal for a high-quality finish. 
  • Suspended LED Profiles – hand your LEDs from the ceiling with a suspended profile. Perfect for high-ceilings or if you want to light up a pool table or breakfast bar. 
  • Waterproof LED Profiles – ideal in easily splashed areas, or, where there is a chance of mould and damp appearing on the wall. Seals via heavy-duty clip-in diffusers. 

As well as our standard types of LED profiles featured above, you can also purchase more specialised profiles that can be worked into your pre-existing fixtures and fittings. All of the profiles and extrusions we stock are unique in their own way, so you’re guaranteed to find the perfect one for your needs. Take a closer look at some of our more specifically shaped profiles. 

  • LED Corner Profile – ideal for corners of the room and for along the floor-wall join, a corner LED profile is a popular way to install and display LED lighting. Installation is the same as regular LED channel, it simply puts the diffuser at 45-degree angle to fit across a corner.
  • LED Skirting Profile – lining skirting boards have become a popular way to display LEDs. With the lights pointing upwards, you can easily light up any feature wall. These profiles are designed to neatly line your walls to and to give the LED lights a stunning effect. 

There are so many possibilities and installation opportunities made available by our extensive range of LED profiles. If you want your own LED channel but are unsure which best suits your needs then make sure to get in touch with our team. We have an ever-growing portfolio of successful client projects which we can share to give even more ideas and inspiration. 

You will have noticed that each LED tape profile can come in a variety of different lengths. However, don’t think you are restricted to the lengths specified on our site. Our bespoke tailoring service means you can order a profile to fit the length of your LEDs. We are able to provide you with the LED profile and tape pre-built with soldering already completed. All we need to know are your measurements! If you have plans or a specification to work to, then let us know and we can provide you with an exact size of a profile. However, if you prefer to cut and mount your own LED tape, then we are always readily available to answer any questions or help with any issues that may arise!  

LED Aluminium Profiles 

We’re of the firm belief that you can never go wrong with an LED aluminium profile. The aluminium used in our range is of the highest quality, so is sure to provide the protection and sturdiness you would want from a profile. Each and every aluminium LED profile is resistant to corrosion and anodization so it won’t rust. This ensures that the channels will stand the test of time and will be a part of your LED setup for a very long time! 

A final benefit of using aluminium extrusions is the sleek metallic visual finish that they provide. With our high-quality selection, you’ll be proud to showcase your new lights and see the gleam glisten off your new LED profile.  As all of the profiles we stock in our online store are our own brand, you can be sure that each product from the smallest extrusion to a full LED aluminium profile 5m has undergone extensive testing and checks before becoming a product available for purchase.  

Be sure that you are shopping some of the best-LED products available in our online store. We want to make sure that we have you covered when it comes to the final installation of your LED lights. For minimal extra costs, you can pick up profile ends and specialised wall mounts that can make the process of installing the LED lights a whole lot easier.