Dali Dimmable LED Drivers

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We’re expanding our LED Drivers range to bring you a neat selection of Dali dimmable LED drivers. Dali (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) is a type of communication between devices used to power and control lighting equipment. Within an LED driver, the Dali functionality allows for digital control and to be able to set the brightness with exact precision that is not always offered with a regular LED driver.

You may be paying more than what you would for another type of driver, but we’re here to tell you why it’s worth the extra investment. Often renowned for its use in larger-scale projects, the accuracy and precision this DALI LED driver gives over your lighting can have benefits even when installed around the home. We’ve seen our lighting used everywhere from retail businesses to larger venues; so, there’s a place for a DALI LED driver wherever you choose to install it.

What Is A DALI LED Driver?

As we’re sure you’re aware, a LED driver helps to regulate the amount of voltage and power being passed from the mains electricity to your run of LED light tape. The various types of LED strips are not suited for plugging straight into the mains which is where the driver steps in to help. A DALI dimming driver functionality is able to speak digitally to the controller rather than through the more standard analogue means. This not only gives more options and control but even more potential uses for your LEDs.

Our Dali drivers are packed with plenty of features that not only help them to function properly but help them to run at an efficient and economical level. If you want to know everything there is to know about the product you are buying then we’ve made sure to include plenty of information on the product page. Check out the full Dali driver specification so you can know all the need-to-know facts. Here are some of the neat specifications which are designed to help you get the very best out of your LED driver product.

  • Cooling by Free Air Convection – protecting your LED driver (or any electrical equipment for that matter) from overheating is one of the best things you can do for your electrical equipment. The ability for an LED driver to self-cool not only prevents overheating but it can also increase running efficiency.
  • Suitable for Outdoor Use – a higher IP rating ensures that the LED driver is suitable for use in outdoor areas. An IP rating actually measures the ability of a piece of equipment to be submerged in water, but for these purposes, it means that the LED driver can be used outdoors.
  • Self-Contained & Compact – one thing we love about these handy devices is their neat and compact nature. The smaller size of these LED drivers means that they can slot in easily between your LEDs and your power source allowing for tidier and cleaner-looking installations.

The key feature that a Dali controller (often called a DMX controller) needs to be able to integrate with is the dimming capabilities of the driver. It does make it possible to mix and match different product brands, as the Dali technology is universal across all products. This is particularly useful with controllers, where you can get any type of controller as long as it has DALI dimming functionality. Fortunately, with the DMX controllers we have available on our website, it’s easy to find a product that is suitable and compatible.

We’re pleased to say that this range is brought to you by Ecopac, one of the most-trusted driver brands on the lighting market. Their quality products are ones to rely on and that includes their range of Ecopac dali drivers.The brand substantiates a huge proportion of the driver products we offer which is reflective of just how much we support and value this brand. Your whole LED lighting setup relies on a good-functioning LED driver, so go with a trusted brand such as Ecopac for your dimming driver purchase.

Dali Drivers from ArcLED

If you’re scratching your head about which Dali dimmable driver is right for you then please do not hesitate to get in touch with any questions. Our team is ready with plenty of LED and electricals knowledge that can help you with your purchase decisions. We’ll be able to provide you with more detail on how to properly install and use the driver as well as recommendations for which products are compatible with it. Using Dali dimming products can differ slightly from a standard LED set up – so it’s natural to have questions on the differing requirements and needs.

One question that is easily answerable is what driver wattage do I need? In general, it recommended that you pick an LED driver with 10% wattage capability than the tape you are linking it to. The same can be said for Dali drivers where you need some extra wattage to handle the tapes and their dimming capabilities. Our drivers come in a range of wattages that can be useful for all setups; small or large. Our largest wattage ranges up to 360W which is suitable for some kinds of intelligent LED lighting setups.

If you’re confident that a DALI LED driver is what you need, then have you considered all of the other products we have available? We have already mentioned the LED controllers which we have available, but there are plenty more products you will need to complete your LED kit. Browse through our extensive range of LED tape and make sure that you find a quality LED installation profile to match. We want you to have access to all of the products you could possibly need to get a quality setup up and running.