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If you’ve chosen to opt for RGB CCT lights, you’ll be wanting the correct RGB CCT controllers to match. There’s an endless number of colours and settings available with this range of LED lighting, so make sure that you have the proper means of controlling and adjusting the settings on these lights. We’ve provided plenty of options to ensure that you can take full control of your new lighting set up. With everything from different zone control to colour settings and colour temperature to light dimming to manage, it's fair to say that you’ll need a pretty impressive piece of kit. Here’s our guide to some of the awesome RGB CCT control panels we have available for purchase.

RGB CCT Wall Switches

Across our other ranges of LED controllers, we find that wall and light switches are a highly sophisticated and sleek way to manage and control your LED lighting. When you’re purchasing the very best LED lighting types on the market, you’ll want to complete the set up with matching slick controls. The RGB CCT touch panels are sure to impress with their high-tech finish that is sure to look impressive wherever you choose to install it. The wall switches themselves look visually impressive with their rainbow colour wheel design and plenty of other nifty buttons. 

RGB CCT wall panels are very simple to install and with the simple link-up between the controller and the receiver means that you’ll be set up with your LEDs in no time. If you’re after a sophisticated finish for your LED lights, then it doesn’t get much better than with our range of wall switches. Pick from black or white variations which you can choose to match your interior décor. 

RGB CCT Remote Controls

LED remote controllers are an equally popular method of controlling LED lighting of all shapes and sizes. The controllers themselves are streamlined and smaller in size to ensure a compact shape. An RGB CCT remote control means you can easily control the lighting from wherever you are in your environment. If you are hosting an event or are looking to quickly switch up the mood lighting without leaving your seat then a remote control is the answer for you. There are plenty of wall mounting options available if you did want to have the option of wall mounting it and then removing it when required for use.

When shopping for controllers, you’ll also need to pick up an RGB CCT LED receiver. This is the piece of equipment that attaches onto the LED strip providing the controller with the ability to connect to and control the tape in question. The receiver can easily be synced up with a controller or wall panel without much hassle as you only need to hold down a specific combination of buttons in order to connect. These products ensure that simplicity is key in all aspects with the RGB CCT LEDs with everything from the setup to the overall lighting control being as simple as possible. We hope you’ll find this apparent as you work through the initial LED lighting setup.

LED Controllers from ArcLED

One of the top features you’ll find in one of the controllers is the ability to set and determine pre-set scenes so that you can easily flick between your favourite colours and the perfect lighting hue to suit the perfect mood. RGB+CCT tape has so many options it's certainly a handy feature to be able to narrow it down to your favourites. Bear in mind that as well as these pre-set favourites, you still have a colour wheel option for selecting and discovering new shades. Try something new with every use so that you can find a new RGB colour and then save it to your pre-set options.

A primary concern when purchasing LED controllers is the ability for them to correctly interact with the LED tape that you have chosen to purchase. In the case of RGB+CCT tape, you are buying into one of the more varied lighting types where there are many different variables to control. As such, you will need to ensure that the controller you have chosen can perform all of the necessary functions. Some similar controllers, such as RGBWW controllers and RGBW controllers may not be able to give you the full range of colours. Therefore when you’re shopping, make sure that it comes with everything you need for full control for the lighting type you intend to match with.

Another one of the considerations to have when selecting a controller is the number of zones which the controller can cater to. The number of zones can refer to the number of areas of lighting that would be looking to control all from one switch. A multi-zone LED controller would be required if you have different LED circuits set up in different locations or across different rooms. The controllers make it easy to switch between zones so that they can be handled separately and set to varying rates. Conversely, one single controller can help you to set the same level of lighting across different areas allowing for seamless transitions across different rooms. 

If you’re in need of any further assistance with your purchase then please do not hesitate to get in touch. We’ve got a knowledgeable team of experts who will be more than happy to assist you with your LED purchase. Although RGB CCT controllers might seem a simple purchase there still may be questions, so please make sure to drop us a line via our Contact Us page.

The first recommendation we would make is it to ensure that you’ve taken a closer look at the RGB+CCT tape that we have available for purchase. These are, of course, the compatible tapes for this selection of LED controllers. As well as this make sure to visit sections including LED drivers and profiles so that you can be sure you have everything you need to get started with your new set up.