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Choose from our range of RGB CCT LED lighting to help you expand your colour range even. This kind of LED tape includes LED chips and bulbs that can not only glow in all of the RGB colours but can also display through the range of white colour temperatures that you may already be familiar with. The combination of these two LED strip types in one could be a hugely beneficial installation option as it means you can get all kinds of natural lighting and funkier RGB colours all from one strip. Save double installations or multiple strips of different colours with this all-in-one RGB CCT strip option.

You’ll always find that when referring to these kinds of LEDs that there are plenty of acronyms and terms that you may not be familiar with. To briefly explain, ‘RGB’ lights are red green and blue light chips that can be used to create a range of colours from the entire colour spectrum. The varying intensities of each colour can make for a huge range of visual effects and lighting looks. ‘CCT’ LEDs stand for correlated colour temperature and allow the user to cycle between the varying colour temperatures you’ll find in white lights. Combining both of these acronyms gives you RGB CCT lighting which can give you more colour light variant options than ever before!

Our RGB+CCT LED Lighting Range

We love to give our customers options when it comes to their LED lighting. This addition of RGB CCT LED lights can give our customers a wider breadth of choice when it comes to what kinds of lighting they can choose from. If you’re new to this kind of lighting then make sure to check out the product breakdown provided below. This should show you the kind of products we have available as well as the ones you’ll want to use in your upcoming or current LED project.

  • RGB CCT LED Strips – the LED strips of light themselves are what many are after when it comes to this type of lighting. The simplicity and style of these lightweight lighting options are truly streamlined options that can help to give you a novel and colourful lighting product. By combining the best of both worlds, you can enjoy lighting that offers both everyday lightings to mood lighting and an endless variety of colours.
  • RGB CCT Bulbs – if you’re looking to unlock the potential of RGB CCT lighting from one single bulb then we’ve got you covered. You may already familiar with the range of GU10 bulbs we have on offer from brands like Lumanor, as such, you’ll know that we’ve got plenty of quality options when it comes to LED bulbs. In addition to this range, we’re delighted to say that you’ll find RGB CCT GU10 bulbs available for purchase.

You should also note some of the impressive features included on our RGB CCT light products. On the LED tape, you should be particularly looking at the CRI of the lighting which denotes the colour accuracy and quality of the light provided. The range of 90+ ensures that the quality of light being created is crisp and pure to the eye. As many of the LED tape available from our store is ArcLED branded, you can be sure that we are offering the very best when it comes to the visuals of our LEDs.

Whilst the dual functionality of these lights can make them more expensive than RGBW and RGBWW counterparts, there are plenty of benefits when opting for this kind of LED lighting tape. This selection of lighting joins the range of 12v, 24v and single colour tapes which are all viewable here. Take advantage of our huge lighting range so that you can find the products that work for you.


We want your shopping experience with ArcLED to be a simple and speedy one. We’ve made sure to create an accessible and simple shopping catalogue so that you can shop for your LEDs with ease. As such, to help you even further with your RGB CCT LED tape purchase, we’d be amiss not to point you in the direction of the RGB CCT controllers that we also have available. With these switches and controllers, you’ll be easily able to change up your lighting to the colours available at the push of a button or at the flick of a finger. When you have selected which kind of lighting you’d like from the CCT RGB tape range, then our LED controllers is certainly the place to head next.

We’ve also made sure to provide as much information on product level so that you can make the best of your RGB white LED purchase. It can be important to pick up the correct compatible equipment for joining and installing these lights properly. As well as this, the specification can ensure that you are getting the correct voltage and lighting strength for your needs. 

When you shop online with ArcLED you should certainly be aware of some of the amazing USPs which make us popular with our returning customers. The fact that we can provide you with some of the longest lengths of RGB CCT tape in the UK means that you can use these lighting strips in a huge variety of lighting applications from small businesses to larger venues. If you have a new and exciting project that needs to be catered for then please make sure to make use of our bespoke RGB CCT lighting service which means we can cut the tape to the exact length you require. 

To enquire further about the made-to-measure custom length service, please make sure to contact us via the main page provided. This is also the place to contact us should you have any questions relating to these products or anything to do with LED lighting. We have a team of electrical experts who will be more than happy to help you with any RGB+CCT LED questions you have.