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Architectural Range

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Our range of architectural LED profiles is part of our exclusive range of special-order items. This means that they are not currently available for general purchase and you must contact us for more information on purchasing this selection of products. The high-end LED profiles are designed to fit within all kinds of installations and are shaped to fit in plenty of different positions around a room - wherever you plan to install your lights. To help you pick the perfect architectural LED mounts we’ve compiled a breakdown of everything you’ll want and need to know about this type of product.

LED profiles are designed to hold, protect and correctly mount all different kinds of LED tape. Their job is not only to make the lighting looks it very best but to also look good itself. As such, we’ve made sure to provide you with a wealth of quality profiles and trunking which look fantastic whilst serving their purpose. You can be sure to find a product in our range that is sure to impress. Here’s a brief overview of all of the bespoke LED profiles you’ll find for sale on our LED lighting website.

Architectural LED Light Profiles

As you’ll notice, this range of products comes in all kinds of shapes and sizes. There’s plenty of different ways to utilise and use each of the different types of LED architecture channels within your home or business. Each can house and protect the LED tapes and strips that you wish to install. Here’s a little more information on each of the types that you’ll see featured in this section:

  • Architectural Skirting Board LED Profiles: designed to fit along the skirting; these profiles allow for your new lighting to be installed along the skirting and the floor. This could be perfect for around-the-room lighting, or, if you have plans for upwards wall wash style lighting options where the lighting needs to appear as coming from the floor.
  • Architectural Surface Mount LED Profiles: perfect for affixing profiles to walls, ceilings and other general surfaces. These flat profiles allow the LED light tape to run in straight channels across the installation location. By mounting the channel onto the surface, it makes a more prominent feature; so, you’ll be glad to know that the profile is also looking the part!
  • Architectural Recessed LED Profiles: these kinds of profiles can allow you to built profiles into a wall or ceiling for a fully flush look. The shape and structure of these profiles allow the profile to seamlessly sink into the wall. This can really help to create and provide a high-end finish to your new build or even you room renovation – the choice is yours!

Of course, to help with the secure and sturdy nature of the profile you’ll find that many of the products available are aluminium LED profiles. This ensures a strong finish to your installations that will keep your lights and LEDs exactly where you want them to be. If you’re investing in an all-out lighting setup then you’re going to want to get mounts and profiles that last. The aluminium is going to go perfectly in any kind of environment. You’ll notice that we have each profile in a variety of colours so you can opt for different finishes such as black, white or even a high-end metallic finish.

LED Lighting Architecture

You’ll notice across our entire range of profiles that they come in a variety of colours to help suit the look of your installation. As well as a standard black or white LED trunking, you will also find a selection of coloured options in case you are looking to mix things up a bit. We find that the silver and stainless-steel effect LED profiles are very popular amongst those looking to add a high-end finish to their LED lighting options. New builds and renovations are always designed to look their very best so make sure that the LED light profiles you pick work exactly the way you want them to.

If you’re wondering what else you may need for your LED profile installation then make sure to check out the growing range of LED Profile Accessories that we have to offer. You’ll be able to pick up everything you could possibly need from profile end caps to replacement diffuser panels. All of these additional extras can work to make sure you have everything you could possibly need to experience a smooth and seamless LED installation. We’ve made sure to include many of these helpful products as additional items so you don’t miss out on your LED profile end caps

If you have visited our site before, then you’re sure to be aware of our bespoke LED lighting service. We make it possible for you to order the exact length of lighting for your needs. Whilst we’re sure that you are more than capable of cutting your own lengths of the profile, however; it can preferable to know that you will be receiving profiles that are cut to your exact specifications as you can prepare accordingly. It could mean less installation time for architectural LED setup and it could mean fewer costs in terms of the expertise you’ll require and the equipment you may need.

However, as we say, to access all of these products you will need to first contact us to discuss any of the product options. We’re ready and waiting to help introduce you to this new range of products and work out how we can get them working for you. A bespoke LED lighting set up all starts with a conversation with one of our in-house experts. We’ll be able to recommend to you the best lighting products from across our range and how to best get them into your installation. Head over to our Contact Us page to find all of the best ways to get in touch with us about architectural LED profiles. We can’t wait to hear from you about your next LED lighting project.