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Bold, bright and all kinds of colourful; our range of LED neon tube lights are certain to impress wherever you choose to install them. This visually striking LED lights are definite centrepieces when it comes to choosing the perfect lighting options. The long tube lighting type allows for a new and innovative way to illuminate and complete your space. As with all products available on our website this LED neon tube lighting comes with a variety of options and preferences all designed to help you find the perfect LED lighting product.

Here at ArcLED, we are dedicated to easing your journey into the world of LED lighting. As such, we have created this quick introductory guide to help you navigate all of the LED tube options available.

Neon Tube Lighting with LED Lights

These architectural LED neon tube lights are certainly a sight to behold. The block tubes of colour and light are here to shine bright. As you’ll know from browsing the other products on our website, we always like to stock lighting which can all create a huge variety of colours. The primary LED colours that you will commonly find available are RGB and white. However, there is certainly an expanse of options when it comes to white lighting as you can opt for anything from cool white LED lighting, all the way to warm LED. Here’s a little more on these colour LED lighting tubes:

  • RGB LED Tube Lights: allowing you to create colourful lights across the entire spectrum of the rainbow. The fluorescent lighting certainly recreates the iconic and familiar look of neon lighting that can certainly light up a room. The larger variety of colours can ensure that your LED display will stand out. The pixel chasing LED effect is one of the more visually exciting ways for you, as the user, to display as many colours as possible within the LED lights.
  • White LED Tube Lights: white LEDs are hugely popular in all of their many forms. White LED can help to complete a variety of spaces by either producing natural lighting or something cosier and warmer. You’ll be able to find a whole range of white LED neon tubes on our website which includes the entire range of white lights across the colour temperature spectrum. From natural to cool and warm to flame white, the possibilities are endless.

Our range of LED controllers ensures that you can have full control of the LED light tubes. You’ll notice that many of our tubes are digitally addressable, which means that you can easily programme lighting patterns and cycles of colour. Take even more control of your LED neon tubes by ensuring you can select the exact colour to match your mood. As well as being colour changing, these lights are also dimmable. Ensure that you power them with a suitable power supply in order to unlock this functionality. Make sure to view our LED Drivers to see which power supplies we have available.

You’ll be delighted to hear about the variety of LED tube installation options that will be available to you with these products. As pictured in the product imagery, one of the primary ways to install and use these lights is by suspending them from the ceiling. This certainly allows for a striking visual effect that is sure to stand out in your home, business or venue. The hanging light look reminds of an almost windchime look with an LED effect. If required, you can also surface mount these lights to fit them to walls or other fixtures that can be enhanced by the look of modern LED tube lights.

Bespoke LED Neon Tube Lights

Many of the products we have available within this range come with the set ranges of 1m, 1.5m and 2m. This can certainly allow you to enjoy extra-long lengths of high-quality and superior LED neon light tubing. You will also notice that the tubes are available in different widths and thicknesses. This can give you, even more, sizing flexibility as you may need to vary your tube diameter depending on the location of where you want to install your lights. The thinnest and lightest lighting tube we have available are 25mm which allows for a super lightweight LED tube installation.

As well as the lengths mentioned above, we’ve also made it possible for you to order and enjoy your very own custom lengths. Bespoke LED tube lighting allows you to pick the exact length of lighting that you will need to fill your space. This could mean ensuring a floor to ceiling length, or, ensuring that the tube light runs the entire length of the wall. As an already well-established online seller of bespoke length LED lighting, we are delighted to extend this service to our new range of neon tube LEDs. We’re all about providing and making products which are perfectly suited to you and your needs; which is why we ensure that our products can be modified to your exact specifications.

If you do require custom LED tubing then please make sure to get in touch with our team. One of our friendly LED experts will be more than happy to take your order and help you plan your setup as per your specification. Get the length just right in order to ensure an accurate and clean finish. We’ll be able to size the lights for you perfectly so that you don’t have to. Drop us a message on our Contact Us page should you need any further assistance with your LED neon tube purchase. We have a huge wealth of experience with all kinds of LED lighting; so are certainly here to help.

If you’re looking for flexible neon tube lights, then you may be in the wrong place. Instead, please make sure to view our impressive range of LED Neon Flex lighting that can be bent and shaped to suit even more installation types. Light up your domestic or commercial space in absolute style.