Filament LED Lamps

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Make a statement and make your lighting stand out with one of our impressive LED filament bulbs. These lights are a true statement piece that we think you’ll be delighted to include within your home or business environment. We can see venues and shop fronts really making use of these awesome-looking filament bulbs. As with every range on our site, we’ve made sure to include all the information and styling break downs to help you narrow down to your perfect piece. Come and take a closer look at some of the filament bulbs we have to offer – we’re sure you’ll be impressed.

Filament LED Bulbs from ArcLED

These decorative LED light bulbs work to make the LED filament, an aspect of a bulb that is usually concealed, a unique and striking feature. By placing the filament at the forefront of the light you can enjoy new exciting visuals that can really stand out. You’ll see within the products a visual foray of filament designs. The glowing part of the bulb can be found with different interweaving designs and curled effects. Some include even more unique designs that resemble tree branches and wisps that make the LED filament look like smoke being taken by the wind. It’s easy to see how these lights can easily become a focal point of any room that they are placed in.  

You’ll find that our range of LED filament lights is one of the most varied within our entire product catalogue. These come with so many different variations that can really help to mix things up when you’re planning your interior décor. Create new features and focus points in an instant when you choose to install these LEDs in your environment. Here are some of the variations of lights that you will find within the products available here.

  • Shaped LED Filament Bulbs: as well as some standard shape rounded bulbs, you’ll find that we’ll have a wide variety of bulb shapes and sizes available that will both delight and impress visually. You’ll find that we have everything from droplet shapes, diamonds, hearts and stars available. Alternative bubble effect bulbs and amber lights complete the varied collection.
  • Dimmable LED Filament Bulbs: as with all kinds of lighting, the ability to dim and adjust the lighting can only lead to more lighting options. Let your lighting work for you in all kinds of moods and settings as you easily control and adjust the final look. Not all of these lighting types are dimmable so make sure to check the product specification for more information.
  • Bayonet LED Filament Bulbs: the bayonet fitting on many of these light bulbs mean them can be installed into most regular light fixtures. You can opt to use these as ceiling or wall lights or even as a tabletop lamp. Note that the bulbs are quite sizeable so you may need something bigger and sturdier than your regular bayonet bulb fitted lamp.
  • Pendant LED Filament Bulbs: suspended or hanging filament bulbs are certainly a route to take if you have high ceilings, or just want to bring more attention to these lights within a room. The pendant fixture on some of the bulbs allows you to securely and safely install a hanging bulb to further enhance the look of these incredible LED bulbs.

Another one of the key differences between these lights is the colour temperature of the light produced. If you’re already familiar with lighting you will know that the warmth of a white LED light can really have an effect on the finished look of a room or an environment. A warm white LED filament bulb can really enhance the warmth of a room with darker orange hues. This is a perfect choice for homelier options or places where you want to increase the cosiness of the environment. You can also opt for natural white LED filament bulbs for a brighter and more striking light source.

One feature that we haven’t focused on yet is the smoked glass LED bulbs. Bringing an even moodier finish to your lighting, the blackened glass can certainly allow for an even more impressive finish to your lighting. The visuals from these bulbs can allow for an even warmer finish to the lights once they have been installed. Of course, you could opt for the clear or tinted bulb options which allow the light to spread, even more, filling the room. We think that this look really allows for a vintage filament bulb look whilst getting all of the benefits of opting for LED lighting.

We hope that this introductory guide has proved all the reasons why you should opt for one of our funky LED bulbs. You know that you are picking an impressive feature piece which can even stand out when all of the lights are off! We’re delighted to offer you even more bespoke and high-end ways to enhance your lighting set up. Alongside our LED strips, and our other LED Interior Lighting these lights will certainly stand out. These products are perfect if you’re looking to make a statement and draw attention in whatever space you choose to install your new LED light bulb! 

We’re here to help you every step of the way with your next lighting installation. We’re ready with tips, tricks and all kinds of inspiration to help you get your lighting right. Not only will we help you with every you need to install LED filament bulbs but you will also find out all of the extra products that you may need to help you with the installation process. This can be especially helpful if you were hoping to install these bulbs as suspended ceiling lights or even as wall lanterns. If you’re not quite sure in which direction you want to take your lighting then we can help with that too. We have a growing portfolio of client’s work that we would be more than happy to share to inspire creativity. Contact Us to start the conversation!