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Illuminate your space or brighten up your architectural project with some LED light tape. Fitted with high-quality LED bulbs, our broad selection of LED lighting tape is sure to contain something fitted perfectly to your needs. With different colours, lengths, powers and styles available, you'll be spoiled for choice when it comes to our range of LED strip lights. All products are supplied by ArcLED, a UK-based LED lighting retailer specialising in providing bespoke and tailor-made LED lights. 

These light tapes, also known as LED ribbon lights, are quickly becoming a popular lighting option. They are, essentially, long thin circuit boards with sometimes hundreds of LED bulbs (or lumens) attached. The tapes are often backed with adhesive strips to aid installation and placement. The LED light tape strips can come in a variety of lengths that can be cut at certain intervals. This makes it easy to cut the strips to a specific length to exactly cater to the lengths of your space.  

When placed and powered, LED strips can produce gorgeous and varying types of light – making them an increasingly popular addition to interior and architectural designs. Not only does a reel of LED tape look fantastic to the eye, but they are more efficient to power and, when installed properly, can outlive the life expectancy of standard halogen light bulbs. 

Our LED Light Tape Options 

There is a huge variety of LED striplights available, so it can often seem a daunting task to narrow down to exactly what you need. If you already know which kind of strip you plan to use, then you can head straight to the dedicated sections listed below. If you are new to LEDs, then why not take a look at each section for details on how the strips work, as well as browsing some ideas for installation. 

Here is our full range of LED tapes. Each kind of tape has its own benefits and plenty of neat features that we can’t wait for you to read about. Our in-house team has 60 years combined knowledge when it comes to lighting, so if you have any questions regarding the following sections, then please make sure to get in contact with us. 

There are many different colours available within our selection of LED lights. The colour you pick can have a huge effect on the finished look of your environment. When looking through our single lighting colours, you will come across the varying shades of white LED light strips. They span all the way from cool white, through to natural, and all the way to warm white.  

Picking the perfect type of lighting can have a huge effect on how your space looks. Warmer LED colours can produce more of an orange hue, whilst brighter whites can create a cooler colour which is more reminiscent of daylight. Cosier and more intimate environments such as living rooms, spas or bedrooms would benefit from a warmer shade of white LED strips, whilst showrooms, display cabinets and kitchens often benefit from a whiter bright light.  

If you love your colours to be bold, bright and beautiful then there are certainly plenty of bright LED light strips to satisfy your love of everything vibrant! As well as the soft and serene variants of white featured above, why not go for bolder colours produced from RGB LED tape. Go ahead and add a splash of colour to your plans; it could add some vibrancy to a restaurant, bar or exhibition room.  

One of the most popular applications for our products is LED strip lights kitchen installations as the lights are ideal for backlighting cabinets, kitchen units and centrepieces. We've always got plenty of suggestions and ideas when it comes to putting your LED lighting strips for home to good use. Our tapes are so versatile, they can fit in with all kinds of bespoke lighting plans. 

Shop LED Strip Lights UK with ArcLED 

Even if our lights could be considered as cheap LED strip lights, this certainly doesn’t mean they are of any lesser quality than any products from our competitors. Each strip of lights is made from high-quality commercial grade materials with top-quality A-rated bulbs to match. Each product is tried and tested before use, so we are sure you will be happy with the visual and physical qualities of our strip LED lights. If you're not already convinced, then there are even more reasons why your purchase of LED lights should come from ArcLED.  

  • CRI Rating of 90 –95 – this percentage score from the Colour Rendering Index shows how accurate our lights are at illuminating an object's own colours. Our impressive scores of 90+ prove that our LEDs will provide a high-quality light.  
  • Longest LED Tapes in The UK – if you have big plans for your LED lights, then you'll be delighted to know that our tapes can come in lengths up to 30 metres! Perfect if you want seamless runs of lighting to cover bigger lengths of your home or business. 
  • 5 Year Warranty – if in a rare event of a mishap or fault with your new LED lights, you can relax knowing that the lights will be covered by ArcLED's 5-year warranty. 

When purchasing LED tape online with us, we highly recommend taking advantage of our bespoke LED service. If you are working to a specific length or specification, we can provide you with made-to-measure LED tape that is already soldered and mounted (if requested). We can do all the hard work for you and provide you with the exact size of tape you require. 

Let ArcLED help you to build your very own LED strip light kit! With our range of products, you will be able to sort everything you will need for your very own LED lights setup. If you want LED light strips with remote then make sure to take a look at all of the LED controllers we have on offer. Across all of our ranges, we ensure to only stock the very best range of lighting equipment so that you newly lit space can look impressive and run at its very best.