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LED Linear Coving/Cornices

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Introducing our new range of LED coving. This high-end fixture exudes contemporary style and is sure to be right at home in all kinds of sophisticated setups. The coving often sits between the wall and the ceiling, allowing for a stunning visual lighting effect once the LED strip lights have been installed. Also known as LED cornices, these types of profiles are the ultimate way to subtly install LED lights into a room. There’s plenty to enjoy when it comes to the seamless visuals and the hidden effects of the LED strip lights. Here’s everything to know about the products featured here.

LED Strip Cornices & Coving

From just a few pictures of LED light coving it’ll be clear to see why this is such a sought-after look. These alternative LED profiles can help you to step-up the look of your LED lighting. Many of the cornices available are recessed profiles which mean that they sit within the surface itself. This can allow the light to spread out and almost give a full wall wash effect. This perfect for use in impressive architectural spaces where the lighting needs to match the visual impact of the room. Bespoke LED cornices are guaranteed to give you the high-end effect you were hoping for.

There are many ways in which you can work these products into your next lighting installation. From ceilings and walls to handrails and countertops you could install these mounts across all kinds of locations. Homes, venues and businesses could benefit from this visually-stunning LED lighting effect. If you’re after a bespoke look and a high-end finish then you can’t go wrong with the profile options we have below:

  • LED Doorway Profile – LED lights around a doorway can certainly be a headscratcher as a typical set up may include adjusting the doorframe to hide additional wires and the behind-the-scenes part of the LED lighting set up. These cornices can easily fit over the edging of the doorway to allow for a glowing archway or entrance. If you’re going to install them along a wall with a door break then why not make a feature out of it?
  • LED Ceiling Cornice – a natural location for coving and cornices is between the join between ceiling and wall. This can give the effect of natural light as the room can be seamlessly illuminated with all of the LED strip lights provided in the wall. The lighting angle can also be decided with ease thanks to the range of available coving shapes. The variation of shape and design help to add even more gorgeous visual aesthetics to the look of your environment. 
  • LED-Wall Cornices – for an ultra-modern look its certainly becoming a strong look to install LEDs through the middle of the wall. This bi-directional lighting technique can allow for the simultaneous illumination of the ceiling and the wall at the same time. You can use these cornice types to circumnavigate the entire room or opt for suspended runs of light across main walls – the possibilities are well and truly endless.

We’re all about bringing you the very best brands to use within your lighting projects. Make sure to see all of the LED brands we have available for purchase on ArcLED. Here, you can enjoy the sights of Eleni LED coving which are certainly eye-catching options. Choose from either recessed or surface options when you select your LED lighting options. This brand provides you as the user with a huge range of possibilities for LED installation both indoors and out. Make sure to take a closer look at the specifications of the products as most of the cornices we stock are for internal and interior use only. When you choose Eleni LED profiles you are sure to be getting that high-end sought-after LED look.

As the profiles are designed to each be a concealed LED light profile there are a couple of additional features to be aware of that can help these LED lights become a part of their surroundings. For one, the material of many of these profiles is acrylic. This can allow you to paint over them to match the surrounding surface around the LED lights. You can easily paint the cornices to sink even more seamlessly into your surroundings. Give a smooth finish where the lighting can both be visually striking whilst also sinking subtly into the background. It’s fair to say that these cornices for LED lights can help to ramp up the ambience of any room.

How to Use Coving Profiles & Cornices?

If you’re looking for LED coving ideas then we’re sure to have plenty of inspiration to help you get the creative juices flowing! We’ve got an amazing portfolio of LED lighting projects that will include all kinds of lighting types. We’re sure that you’ll be head over heels for this lighting type when you see the finished effect. Everyone from homeowners to businesses can certainly make use of this lighting type. If you browse the internet for more inspiration, you’ll be able to see some of the amazing things users have done when using plaster coving with LED lights. You too will be able to recreate such looks with ease, all thanks to the products featured here.

Please note that all of the items here are special items that you need to Contact Us about before purchasing. This can allow us to help you pick the best products for your installation plans. Also, as these types of LED profiles are typically used in new installations or refurbishments its essential that you are purchasing the correct products that are the right shape and size for your intended environment. Make use of our high-end bespoke LED coving service where we can help you to get the exact size of profile for your every need. We want you to get your next LED installation to be just right, so make sure to drop us a line and talk to one of our electrical LED experts.