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Advance your set up with these smart LED lighting options! The ability to take remote and wireless control of your LED lights is rapidly becoming more and more accessible for all kinds of users. You can now easily set up smart lighting in your home or business and easily link it to apps, controllers or smart home devices. Our selection includes an impressive range of smart LED lightbulbs which you can use to light your home in a whole host of ways. Pairing these with smart LED strips can allow you to take control of your lights with total ease. Here’s everything you need to know about this impressive range of smart LED products and what they can do to enhance your lighting set up.

Smart LED Light Bulbs

Let’s get stuck into the wide range of smart LED bulb lighting options that we have available. If you are simply looking to bring a splash of light or a bold new colour to your space then these are the perfect products for you. The bulbs will slot seamlessly into your environment as they are compatible with regular day-to-day lighting. The possibilities are well and truly endless and you won’t need to buy and install anything to make this lighting transformation happen. Whilst we love to talk about our bespoke LED options, these bulbs are equally as fun and accessible LED option!

You’ll find a whole host of features included in each and every smart LED bulb. Firstly, you’ll find that the fitting of these bulbs to be just the same as a regular bulb. You can treat the initial purchasing of the bulb the same as you would a regular light bulb. Check the specifications against the light or lighting fixture (such as a floor or table lamp) to ensure that the wattage and specifications all match up. You can also find plenty of screw fitted bulbs alongside smart LED bulbs bayonet so it’s easy to get a bulb that can affix to your desired source. Also, note the selection of GU10 bulbs which are also available for purchase and which extend our range even further! 

Let’s also talk about lighting colours. We’ve all seen the beautiful and striking lighting looks which can be achieved through LED lighting. These bulbs and lighting options can help you to achieve all kinds of exciting visuals and colour changes. A popular search is for dimmable LED smart bulbs as you can then easily adjust the brightness of the coloured lights through the accompanying app. However, we do find that there is of course more interest in the colours of lights that you can purchase. Here are the two main LED colours you can choose from when you shop LED with ArcLED:

  • RGB Smart LED Bulbs: achieve all colours of the rainbow with full RGB light. The sky is the limit when it comes to which shade you would like to illuminate your environment with. Of course, the addition of smart technology means that you will be able to switch between colours with ease. Choose the lighting colour that suits the mood or why not switch between all of them at once – the choice is well and truly yours.
  • White Smart LED Bulbs: achieve a clean white and crystal-clear light with one of the many white LED options we have available. You can opt for a range of different colour temperatures which can range from a warm white LED to a gentler natural white light hue. The functionality also means that you can easily switch between through the entire spectrum of white light to match your mood and even the time of day.

So, how does this range of smart lightbulbs work? Many of the products included relying on an app called Tuya to control the lights. Once you have installed the app on your smart device it's easy to get to grips with the control of your lights. Easily connect up to the bulbs and then change them at the tap or swipe of a finger. The settings you can change can all be down to the bulb you have. The app will allow you to dim, adjust the colour and then turn the lights on and off. You will be able to link up your Alexa skills or Google Home settings to ensure that your bulbs are included as options within your smart home LED setup. Take full control of your home devices like never before. 

Smart LED Lighting Options from ArcLED

If you’re all about smart home automation then we have plenty of other products that we think you’ll love! These products are designed to help you remotely control LED strips with ease either through our Smart Home Automation accessories or through our range of impressive LED Controllers. However, it’s also possible to manage your LED light strips through your smart device or home control system. Using products from brands like Zigbee, you’ll be able to link your smart LEDs to apps that can easily be downloaded on your smartphone or device. You should then also be able to connect to your home control systems such as Amazon Alexa or Google Home products like a Nest.

Aside from the controller, you’ll find you won’t need to be purchasing much more equipment to get your smart LED light project off of the ground. You may need to consider a smart receiver for some devices in order to support the connectivity and ongoing running of the smart devices. Please check the product specification to know whether or not you need to purchase a smart receiver. If you still aren’t sure then please make sure to drop us a line. Our team of electrical LED experts certainly know a thing or two about smart lighting and would be more than happy to share the knowledge. Drop us a line on our Contact Us page to get in touch with us – we can’t wait to hear from you.