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Cover the length of your room with ultra Long LED Lighting, available in lengths of up to 20 meters. These strip lights are available in a range of colours so your designs can come to life. The long length means that you can have a continuous strip of LED lighting around your room meaning less hassle to control your lighting and a more uniform look to the colour and light level.

Consistency in the lighting is important when wanting to ensure your space stays looking fresh and professional. Many of the options have RGBW lights running throughout the strip so you can enjoy bright lighting from the start to the end.

This type of strip lighting needs to be installed in an aluminium profile for safety and best results. The aluminium profile protects the strip lighting in three ways:

  • The aluminium acts as a heat sink to draw away additional heat, keeping your lights from overheating.
  • Protection from dust will increase the longevity of your lighting and save you from a tricky cleaning job.
  • Debris and human contact will ensure your lights stay functional and nobody is harmed by the excess heat.

You will need to use an aluminium profile wherever you are placing your LED strip lights. If you are using ultra long LED lights for bedroom then make sure to factor in this step as it is an essential safety feature and will help your LED lights to work their best. 

Whether you are running the lights around the ceiling of your room or creating a design on the walls, the ambience that the ultra long LED strip lights provide will vary based on the colour you choose.

For a fresh bright glow from your lighting, a bright white will give a dazzling effect that is especially successful at highlighting the features of your room or drawing attention to a display. The LED lights in themselves can be used as room decor by designing your commercial logo or decoration using flexible strip lighting or adding it to your home for ambience.

In contrast, a warm white will give a more gentle and cosy glow to the room, thanks to the slight beige hue. This softer lighting may be better for smaller spaces for creating a relaxed atmosphere in the room.

To add colour to your space, there are several coloured options to choose from including green, blue, and red. The neon tones of these colours add a pop of colour to your room but with different results. For example, blue LED strip lighting has cool tones due to the colour and gives an impressive glow that draws attention and can be used in wintry displays. In contrast, the warm tones of red give a gentle ambience that is inviting and cosy. For a balance of vibrant neon colour and soft lighting, green gives a natural fresh feel to the room thanks to its plant-like tones.

Some ultra Long LED Lights can be used internally and externally. LED lighting is a great option for gardens, garages, and driveways. The easy bright lighting will allow you to light up your beautiful garden arrangements or see your way in the dark up your driveway.

For businesses, long LED strip lights are a perfect solution for keeping long staircases lit and safe at an efficient level. Not only do they offer bright light, but the uniform simplicity of the LED strip lighting aesthetic will add a sense of sophistication and timelessness to the look of your space. LED strip lighting is an effective way to light up any areas that may cause safety concerns such as hidden steps, low doorways, or narrow corridors.

Outside, you can light the way to your business using signage or an LED lined pathway, bridge, or car park.

While ultra long LED lights for room will help you to light up your hotel, theatre, restaurant or even office, there are plenty of other uses for this effective lighting. You may find yourself hooked once you have tried it in one space. Add LED strip lighting to your marketing efforts in places such as billboards and displays or highlight your achievements by lighting up your cabinet or shelves. 

What is the longest LED light length?

The longest LED length available is an average of 20 meters as LED lighting can lose its vibrancy the further along the strip you go. At Arc LED, the lights have been thoroughly checked and tested to ensure that the light is even throughout the strip so you can enjoy bright and steady lighting from near the power source all the way to 20 meters away.

What Lengths Do LED Lights Come In?

The shorter LED strip light options come in as small as 1 meter but if you are looking to cover a large space then the ultra long 20 meter strip lighting will help to create an even and efficient lighting solution. The lengths that the LED lights come in will vary. Look at the product description to see the options available and look out for our bespoke options that allow you to purchase lights using custom measurements.

Can You Make LED Lights Longer?

For successful uniformed LED lighting, it is best to use a single strip. Rather than trying to make LED lights longer, upgrade to ultra long LED strip lights so you can create a continuous streamlined look to your lighting. You will need to be aware of the wattage of the lights you are using if you are attempting to make LED lights longer. At Arc LED, we are here to do the job for you by providing bespoke lighting, made to your measurements. Choosing this option will offer you professionally made LED strip lighting that has been created for your space.

Ultra Long LED lighting offers so much versatility and flexibility to help you create the lighting that you need, whether it is for a staircase or a display.