IP67 LED Drivers

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IP67 LED Drivers are designed to help you control the voltage that is passing through your system to prevent it from becoming overloaded. This extra feature is worth installing to ensure that your LED lights are protected from any power surges whether you are setting up a 24v or 12v series. It can also cool your system using free air convection.

There are several types of LED Drivers. The IP67 has a constant voltage LED driver. The other type of LED driver is a constant current driver. The benefit of the constant voltage LED driver is that it has a constant current running through the LED strip and driver. This type of LED Driver has an 85% efficiency rating. Some of our top-of-the-range have a higher efficiency rating of 95% which is suited to business and commercial spaces where industrial outside lighting is used.

Most drivers are available for 24v IP67 LED Drivers as these systems tend to have more elements or larger set-ups so benefit from having an LED Driver to protect against high voltage and heat. However, it is important to protect 12v LED lights too as it doesn’t take much of a voltage increase for your system to become overloaded. Some of our 12v IP67 LED Drivers are available with 24v settings too so if you should ever increase the size of your set-up you will be able to keep the same LED Drivers. This future-proofing option is a great money saver if you think you may want to add extra elements to your LED lighting system.

Taking the time to add an LED Driver to your lighting setup will help to protect your lights against several different factors:

Short Circuit: Is something going wrong somewhere between the power source and the end of your LED strips? An LED Driver may help you to narrow down the problem and protect your entire lighting system from becoming damaged.

Overloaded Circuit: If there is too much power going through the lighting or the temperature is getting too high, the LED Driver will cut the power to allow your lights to recover. This will also give you the chance to troubleshoot any problems. Once you have made any fixes or allowed your lights to cool down, turn it back on with the knowledge that your LED Driver will protect your lights should it occur again. Power surges happen from time to time and are not in our control but with an LED Driver you can take back some control by protecting your lights.

Over Voltage: Too much power running through the lights will cause damage and cause your system to break. Protecting it with an LED Driver will save you a bigger cost in the long run as well as offer protection against mistakes or power surges.

Over Temperature: LED lights do produce excess heat. Many LED strips are installed in aluminium profiles to absorb some of this heat and prevent the system from overheating but you can protect your system further by installing an LED Driver that will cut off the power if the temperature reaches a certain point. This safety feature protects you and your lights, alerting you to potential problems before any damage is caused to your lights or the environment around them. This feature cools by free air convection to help to counteract the effects of heat.

If you want to know more about adding an LED Driver to an existing LED setup or would like more information about installing it with your new LED lighting then talk to a member of the Arc LED team. Our wealth of knowledge and bespoke services will help you to get the best out of your LED lighting. Find out more about our fitting services as well as get advice about the right LED lights and accessories for you. From everything including power supplies, aluminium profiles, LED drivers, and LED lights we can complete your new lighting from start to finish with our varied range of products.

The IP67 design can be used in an outdoor installation. This is handy since some of these areas are more difficult to pick up on problems. It is easy to notice a problem with your lighting if you are indoors but in outdoor spaces having the LED Driver do the work for you will give you peace of mind that your LED lights are working sufficiently and are protected from any potential problems.

Many of the IP67 LED Drivers come with a long warranty of 3 years or, in some cases, up to 7 years. This efficient product is high quality as are all the products stocked at Arc LED when installed correctly.

The IP67 LED Drivers are available in different dimensions so you can fit them wherever they are needed. For example, as the name suggests the slimline series offers a more compact casing around the LED Driver so that it can be concealed or fit into small spaces. This ensures that you can use an LED Driver wherever you would like without getting in the way of your ideal aesthetic or having to make too many modifications to your space.

Whether you are planning on adding LED lights to your home or commercial space, taking the extra time to add safety features such as IP67 LED Drivers will protect you on many levels. Protect your investment in your new lighting by preventing damage from power surges, help to further prevent your system from overheating, and allow the technology to keep your system from coming to harm from these potential problems.