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Upgrade your lighting game with our range of LED neon flex mini lights. Put simply, these flexible lighting strips are a more streamlined version of our already popular LED Neon Flex range. These flex LEDs provide the user with a highly flexible lighting option that can be used in a variety of installations and applications. The main USP of this lighting type is the highly flexible nature of the tape and its ability to easily curve and bend around different furnishing and room shapes. This page will tell you all about this range of mini-LED lights and how you can use them in your lighting project.

LED lighting is not only about beautiful lighting effects but also ensuring that the strip itself is beautifully seamless and complete. The curving nature of these flexible mini LEDs allows for seamless beams of light that aren’t hampered by unsightly joins or interruptions in the diffusion of the LED light. The natural curvature of the lighting will help to guide the light throughout the space creating stunning visuals and a natural light flow that isn’t always achievable with your regular LED lighting. Bend and curve your way to unrivalled lighting success thanks to these mini neon flex lights.

Mini Neon Flex Lighting Features

One of the huge selling points of this Neon LED Tape is of course the incredible amount of flexibility you can achieve from it. We do have plenty of options when it comes to Bendable LED Tape and well plenty of flexible options. However, these neon flex tapes can easily bend and curve without any force or hassle. As you can see in many of the product pictures you can bend these types of neon flex lights into a huge variety of shapes. It’s why you might find different places online where these lighting types have been used for neon signage and lettering where interesting shapes are a must!

Another feature of these neon LED flex lights is the ability you have to cut them at ANY point along the LED tape. It’s essential to find the correct cut points along the LED strips as they allow you as the user to safely cut the strip to shape. The ability to cut anywhere along the strip can open up possibilities when it comes to exactly filling the space you want to light up with your LEDs. We’re all about bespoke LED lighting options here at ArcLED, and the ability to have bespoke LED neon flex lighting can certainly help you to get a truly high-end finish that is made especially for you. For more bespoke lighting options and custom lengths, we welcome enquiries through our Contact Us page.

We have two main types of LED neon flex mini lighting to consider. The choice between these two types can be determined by how you want the finished look of the lighting to sit within the surrounding environment. Recessed LED Mini Neon Flex is a tape with a thinner side profile that can sink more seamlessly into walls or fitted fixtures. Surface LED Mini Neon Flex are types of strips where the lighting surface is wider, allow for it to project outwards rather than along the surface on which you choose to install it. For a closer look at each of these lighting types, make sure to view the linked sections to find all the relevant products and the options you’ll have.

We would be amiss to not mention some of the different colour lighting options available from this mini-LED neon flex range. From RGB to warm white, you’re sure to find lighting that is suitable for both work and play. You rest assure that all lighting from Arc LED feature brilliant and vibrant lighting that helps to ensure that high-end lighting finish. 

Ideas for LED Mini Neon Flex

There are a huge number of ways you can use the mini neon flex lighting. As we’ve said before, the flexibility of these lights can make them useful in all kinds of different locations. As kitchens, in particular, can come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes, we’ve put together some ideas on how this lighting could benefit your new kitchen installation or setup.

  • Under Cabinet LED Lighting: under-cabinet and integrated LED lighting are a highly popular pick for new and stylish kitchen installations. We’re confident that the mini-LED flex lights are a perfect pick to install under your new cabinets. Accentuate and highlight the grandeur of your new kitchen installation with top quality, bright LED lighting.
  • Undercounter LED Lighting: if you purchased and fitted a brand-new kitchen then you’re certainly going to want to improve and enhance the finished aesthetic with some under-counter lighting. Illuminate the best parts of your new installation which could be some glistening cupboard fronts or a brand-new coat of paint.
  • Kitchen Island LED Lighting: these lights are perfect for use in any kitchen with a fitted or freestanding island. This type of lighting can easily follow the curves of any bespoke or rounded corner kitchen island to give a seamless lighting experience across the island. The smaller strip lights will tuck away nicely and can easily be obscured from view. 

These are just some of the lighting ideas you could utilise when installing your neon flex LEDs. We’ve only listed some ideas for the kitchen so there are certainly plenty of other places where you can make use of these incredible lighting types. We’ve seen our lighting used from everywhere from in the home to business and venues. Your shop floor, restaurant or music venue could certainly benefit from some eye-catching visuals to help enhance the look of the environment. Neon LEDs are no exception and will certainly make for an awesome setup wherever you choose to install them.

As well as this Mini Neon Flex LED range, we have an incredible stock range of regular LED Neon Flex lighting (both side bend and top bend) as well as all the accessories you will need for installation.