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The premium infinity range of LED lights at Arc LED offers a 7 year warranty for lights that will last and offer the highest quality. This top of the range lighting is designed to stay bright. At Arc LED you will also get easy installation on these Premium infinity LED lights.

In these high quality LED lights you will find:

  • 99.9% Gold Wire
  • Pure Copper
  • Branded Epistar Chips

Every component of these premium infinity lights is designed with the best quality to ensure your lights have longevity which is why they come with a 7 year warranty. That 7 year warranty (when installed using the correct guidelines) equates to approximately a 50,000 hour lifespan.

The UL & TUV-CE approval certifies the safety of these products. To ensure your Premium Infinity LEDs are installed correctly, our team at Arc LED can provide a complete service from products to fitting. These LED lights need to be installed in an aluminium profile. This acts as a heat sink and also helps to protect the lights from dust, debris and human contact. All these factors help to ensure a long life for the product and safe usage in your commercial space or home. Arc LED stocks a range of aluminium profiles in different sizes so we can help you to find everything you need in one place. 

The Premium Infinity range has a spotless effect that can perform at its best when paired with the deeper aluminium profile. For advice about which items to pair with your chosen LED lights, discuss your plans and project with a member of the Arc LED team.

The Premium Infinity LED strip lights are available in 24v so make sure your power supply can support this voltage. The reason for the high voltage is that it ensures that the lights are even and bright throughout the strip whether you are close to the power source or on the last light of the LED strip. This is especially important for longer lengths of these LED lights as it counteracts any power that is lost as the electricity travels throughout the lighting strip.

The incredible score of 95 on the CRI (Colour Rendering Index) of our Infinity LED lights means that your room will appear as if in natural sunlight. This is perfect for precision work and a beautiful atmosphere in your home. Whether you are working on intricate projects in a business space or want to find a natural light to brighten up your home, the Infinity LED lights offer the consistent sunlit tones you are looking for.

These small LED lights are available in a range of colours including:

Warm White Premium Infinity LEDs: Warm White LEDs have a soft candlelight glow that is perfect for creating an inviting ambience in dining areas whether in the home or at a restaurant.

Cool White Premium Infinity LEDs: Cool White is a very bright tone that will help you to complete precision tasks in ideal lighting conditions.

Natural White Premium Infinity LEDs: The middle ground of white tones, natural white LEDs have the effect of sunlight bringing a fresh glow to your home or commercial space no matter what the time of day.

You can also choose RGB Premium Infinity LEDs which come with a choice of very warm white, warm white, cool white, and natural white to give you plenty of options for how to light your space. The RGB lighting options have a tunable function so you can choose how to light your space with the touch of a button. Use a handheld remote or wall mounted switch depending on your set-up to control the colour and brightness of your LED lights meaning you can instantly switch the setting depending on the occasion or time of day.

The IP20 rating means that it is safe to install in various indoor applications as it has been tested against dust, touch, and objects that are over 12mm in size.

This means that the lighting can be used in the home or commercial space to light a room or specific area. For example, if you are looking for LED lights for bedroom ceiling then the Premium Infinity range is a great solution due to its long lifespan and excellent energy efficiency. 

These LED strip lights are available in different lengths, including 1 metre, 2 metres, 3 metres, 4 metres, and 5 metres to suit all types of projects. You will also be able to find much longer LED strips in the Premium Infinity range starting at 10 metres. Whether you want to light up a room, doorway, display shelf, or create a billboard display for marketing, you will be able to choose the right length for your space. Find out more about our bespoke services if you are looking for different LED lights for room sizes. One of the most popular rooms to use this LED lighting is in kitchens to give that bright and fresh feel that is the desired aesthetic for this space.

Adding Premium Infinity LED lights to your home or commercial space may cost more than others types of LED lighting but the long lifespan of these lights will soon balance out this cost, especially if the lights are installed professionally. These LED lights are especially useful in difficult-to-reach places as you know that you won’t need to regularly change them or switch up awkward bulbs that come with different styles of lighting. The energy efficiency of LED lighting is the main reason that more homes and businesses are switching to this type of lighting. The flexibility of LED strip lighting allows you to install it wherever you may need it, in large quantities to ensure an optimum working environment or a home with the ambience of your dreams. With LED strip lighting your ideas and designs can easily come to life whether you are looking to use them for marketing purposes in signage and billboards or to create an exciting decor change to your home.