LED Modules

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LED modules are a type of LED lighting that you may have seen without knowing the name. They are single light fixtures that can be used on their own or in a group, depending on your purpose. From lighting your home to creating displays, these lightbulbs are a simple switch from conventional bulbs that offer excellent output and easy installation.

What is a LED display module?

LED display modules are made from a group of LED modules. These single lights can be added together to create programmable displays so that you can create signs. Alternatively, you can replace traditional light bulbs with LED modules in your home or commercial space for an energy efficient light solution that gives even and bright output.

What are LED modules used for?

LED modules for signs allow you to change each light in your display individually. The predominant use for LED modules is to create billboards and signage. By changing the colour you can spell out important messages or adverts or you can create other types of displays for your commercial space such as graphs or decor pieces. Use multiple LED modules to create a large sign that is addressable if you use programmable LEDs. By changing the colours of each light you can create letters that stand out against your background or fun displays such as logos, basic characters, and patterns.

Alternatively, LED modules can be used for installing light bulbs in small areas where traditional bulbs may not fit. The aluminium casing around these bulbs is generally more compact but still emits bright light. The benefit of using LED modules over traditional bulbs is that they have a much longer lifespan meaning you won’t need to try and reach difficult areas regularly to switch out bulbs.

Unlike some types of LED lighting, the aluminium casing is already part of the light fixture for a compact finish that absorbs excess heat and protects the LEDs within the case. This makes it very easy to install since the product is ready to go as long as you have the correct power supply and switches in your existing set up. If you want to expand your existing system, this is a great choice of lighting. If you think you may want to extend your lights in the future then this option will easily allow you to do this. It is designed so that multiple LED modules can be used together and the single lights will help you to customise your space until it perfectly fits with your aesthetic.

What are LED modules made of?

LED stands for light emitting diode. This means that LED modules feature a group of light emitting diodes arranged on a board to create an even light output, unlike a traditional bulb that uses a single filament and disperses the light through the glass. This means that the LEDs can produce a more even light that is closer to daylight. The LED modules are available with different angles at Arc LED including 36 and 60 so you can create your optimum lighting for your space or signage.  

Each light comes with a 500mm lead attached to the fitting for installing your lighting. Make sure you follow the installation instructions to ensure your lights are safe to use and are within the terms of the warranty. For assistance with fitting your lights, talk to a member of the Arc LED team for more information about our services.

In order to create your colourful advertising billboards, choose RGB LED modules as they allow you to change the colour of your lights to create your design. Programme your bulbs to create text or vibrant displays in an array of colours including red, green, and blue. Whether you are using your lights for safety information or for advertising purposes, you will be able to brightly display your message to your customers.

If you are planning to use LED lights in your home to replace traditional bulbs then check for the warm white LED modules. The soft glow of these LED lights give an inviting ambience to your room while still providing a bright light level.

Make sure to check the product information to see more details and specifications. Some LED modules are suitable for use outdoors as well as indoors which is necessary for creating signs outside your commercial space. The versatility of LED modules means that they can be used in a range of spaces including for lighting indoor spaces as well as creating eye-catching displays. Add light to your kitchen, bathroom, hotel, restaurant, or office with this LED lighting or combine multiple LEDs to create impressive displays.

In order to ensure that you have even and bright output from these LEDs, most of the products are 24v. Make sure that your system can support LED modules 24v as this higher voltage will need to have the correct power supply and accessories in order to work. We have all the additional products you are likely to need to set up your LED modules, whether you are using single modules in the home or multiple advertising boards.

Whether you are looking for an LED module replacement for your display or are changing your light fixtures in your home to LEDs, a member of our team can help you to find the right product for the job. We are also available to help with fitting LEDs so if you want to create signs out of LED modules then we can help to see you through your plans.