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There’s plenty to get excited about when it comes to our range of seamless LED strip. There’s nothing worse than seeing poor quality LED lights where the joins and individual bulbs can be seen. However, with our Arc-LED range of seamless lighting, you can be sure to get the very best-looking LEDs where the strips appear to give you a seamless beam of gorgeous LED lights. These can allow for impressive strips of lighting that will look right at home in all kinds of locations. Here’s everything you need to know about shopping seamless LED lights at!

Seamless LED Tape

If there’s one thing that we have within every range at ArcLED it’s variety! There are plenty of different tapes to choose from and each has plenty of different special features and unique selling points. As you’ll be able to see from the product imagery, these products really stand out due to the final visual finish of the lighting. The dotless LED strip lights are produced in a way that the lighting is continuous and uninterrupted. This is achieved through closer positioning of bulbs which are, of course, of the highest quality in terms of CRI rating, efficiency, and lifespan.

Nevertheless, one of the more sought-after factors of this lighting type is the variety of lighting shades and colours that are available. After all, whilst it is important to gauge and understand the features of lighting products, there’s nothing wrong by being drawn in by the colours that are available. Take a moment to look at the different seamless LED light colour options we have for sale now; we’re sure you’ll think of plenty of ways you can use them for your own projects!

  • Cool White Seamless LED Strip: if you’re looking to drop the temperature a little in your lighting department then these are the perfect strips for you. Typically found in bathrooms or display areas, these lights are great for highlighting your assets due to the brilliantly clean lighting effect. Ideal for impressive new renovations or exciting lighting projects.
  • Natural White Seamless LED Strip: illuminate and brighten your space with beautiful seamless natural lighting. Perfect for wide open spaces or areas that are designed to be flooded with natural beauty. We can see these lights being used in new projects and renovations where classic and crisp lighting is an absolute must.
  • Warm White Seamless LED Strip: producing a warm and softer LED light, these strips are perfect for making an environment feel cosy and inviting. We recommend using these for hosting spaces or venues where you might need to produce an atmosphere such as restaurants, cafés, or pubs. Use these lights to really help set a soft and relaxing tone.

However, if you simply can’t pick between the colours that we have available, then know that some products make it so that you don’t have to! Ranges such as the colour changing LED or the RGBWW tape can allow you to flit between all different colours of the rainbow! Sometimes white lighting is required for your scene but in other instances you’re always able to switch things up with a bit of colour. Why not mix things up with your seamless LED light strip colour choices?

Bespoke LED Seamless Lighting at ArcLED

As you may have seen around our website, we have a huge range of LED lighting available for you to purchase. We’re pleased to offer this seamless light strip option alongside our incredible catalogue of lighting products. Whilst we have an amazing collection that we’re ready to shout about, it’s fair to say that these lighting options really catch the eye! Their strong finish and crisp look really encapsulate everything we love to sell at ArcLED. However, if these products aren’t quite for you then make sure to check out other incredible ranges such as Neon Flex, COB LED, or Digital Pixel.

As a LED strip product within the ArcLED lighting range, this collection of products is eligible for the bespoke, made-to-measure service we have available. This service allows buyers to request the exact length of LED seamless light strip that they need for their lighting project or installation. Save yourself the hassle of cutting, resoldering or accidentally damaging and needing to replace accidental breakages! We can do most of the legwork for you and provide you with the exact products you need. As you’ll be providing us with the exact specification and length of your products, we’ll be able to recommend and help you select products such as:

  • Seamless LED Tape Profiles: these profiles, or channels, are what house the LED tape and get it ready for installation. Profiles protect the LED tape and make it look even better when installed. Profiles for seamless strips are designed to ensure you maintain the continuous look of the lighting and preserve the best aesthetics of then tape that has been purchased.
  • Seamless LED Controllers: take full control of your lighting within an LED tape controller. Choose between a multitude of settings that can vary from tape to tape. This can be a fade, a colour change or just as simple as turning the tape on and off!
  • Seamless LED Drivers: power and run your seamless strips with ease thanks to our range of high-end and efficient LED drivers. We want you to make sure you are running your tapes properly and with the correct equipment for both safety and efficiency.
  • Seamless LED Accessories: as your one-stop shop for everything LED, you can be sure to get everything you need from one place. With everything from mounting clips to motion sensors available – you certainly won’t be disappointed when shopping with us.

For any enquiries on this lighting type or if you want any of your seamless lighting FAQs answered then please make sure to drop us a message. Our team of knowledgeable lighting experts and here to help with any enquiry you may have. Drop us a line through our Contact Us form to get in touch.