Constant Current LED Drivers

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A constant current LED driver is a handy element to have in your LED set up for several reasons. It helps to keep the voltage in your system even as it passes through your LED light strip, ensuring that your lights are protected from being overloaded and keeping the brightness even throughout the strip.

What is a constant current LED driver?

A constant current LED driver is designed to ensure that the voltage stays even throughout your LED strip in order to keep your light level consistent. It is designed to protect against power surges and keep your LED lights even. Without using an LED driver you may experience light flickering due to power fluctuation which can affect the lifespan of your lights. With this easy-to-install LED driver, you will be able to protect against this problem.

The LED driver will also cool using free air convection to help with the excess heat the LED lights produce. Paired with one of our fitted aluminium profiles, you will be able to prevent any problems from dust, human contact, and heat.

How do constant current LED drivers work?

Constant LED drivers work by adjusting the voltage that is being supplied to your LED strip from the power source. They help to ensure the light does not fluctuate by adjusting the voltage levels which in turn also protects your lights from occurrences such as power surges. This means that your LED will be supplied with the correct voltage level.

How do you select constant current LED driver?

There are several factors to consider when selecting your constant current LED driver. The main points are:

The power requirements for your system. Your LED lights are likely to be either 12v or 24v LEDs so make sure to choose a LED driver that can support your system.

Whether you require a dimmable function from your LED driver. If you want to still be in control of your light level then a dimmable constant current LED driver will help you to set the lighting to your preferred level while keeping it even in brightness throughout the LED strip.

The IP rating of the LED Driver. Are you setting up your LED lights indoors or outdoors? Is the room you are using them in likely to have some level of water e.g. bathroom, sauna, kitchen?

What is the efficiency rating of the LED driver? At Arc LED our constant power LED drivers are rated between 75% to 80% efficiency so you can rely on them to protect your lighting.

The constant current driver designs are compact so that you can seamlessly fit your driver in with your LED light strip. This allows you to have an uninterrupted aesthetic to keep your LED lighting looking professional and stylish whether you are adding it to your commercial space or home.

Adding a beautiful glow to create ambience in your restaurant, hotel, dining room, entertaining room, or bedroom is the first step but adding an LED driver will help you to ensure that your lighting always has the atmosphere that you intended with your design. Don’t let power surges and flickering lights affect your ambience by adding this simple yet money saving item.

Help your lights to last longer by adding a constant power LED driver to your lighting meaning you won’t have to try and change them in difficult to reach places. The lightweight plastic case will allow you to add this driver in the most difficult to access and small places without having to make any major adjustments to your space.

A member of the Arc LED will be happy to answer your questions about constant current LED drivers and with our bespoke fitting services, we can make sure that your LED lighting system is set up correctly. Switch to LED lights in your home or business as an energy efficient alternative to conventional bulbs. Enjoy the even aesthetic of LED strip lights and add an LED driver to protect your system against power surges. While power surges may be out of our control, we can take preventative measures such as using LED drivers to protect our lights and ensure they stay usable for their full lifetime. Our affordable prices paired with high reliability make this a smart choice whether you are looking for a constant current LED driver replacement or are setting up new LED lighting in your space.

Some of our drivers are available with adjustable settings. Adjustable constant current LED drivers may have dimmable options or timers to allow you to be in control of your lighting. Others have multiple pre-programmable settings so you can choose your lighting level depending on the time of day. The dimmable and adjustable functions make them compatible with moving sign applications but make sure to check the full product details to see which LED drivers this applies to or ask a member of the Arc LED team for advice. Many of the dimmable drivers use TRIAC dimming so are compatible with TRIAC dimmer switches.

The constant current LED drivers will help to protect against short circuiting and overloading for safety but have added benefits such as providing flicker-free lighting and allowing you to adjust your lights by dimming them without affecting the performance of the LEDs.

There are many spaces that would benefit from constant current LED drivers such as kitchens, bedrooms, entertainment spaces, dining areas, store signage, commercial spaces, offices, and restaurants. It is worth getting into the routine of adding an LED driver anytime you install new LED lights. They are easy to add to your system so a current LED light strip can have an LED driver added. Make sure to ask a member of our team about the correct installation of these devices if you need any assistance.