RAL7016 Anthracite Range

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Let us introduce you to our range of anthracite led profiles. This range is being featured outside of our main collection due to high-end finish and the superior quality look. The colour RAL7016 Anthracite is a darker grey (almost black) finish that can cater to a wide variety of styling tastes from industrial to a strong exclusive feel. With this anthracite grey LED colouring included in your bespoke lighting setup, you’ll be certain to achieve a strong visual finish that we at ArcLED love to provide.  

If you’re already familiar with our brand then you’ll already be aware of the incredible range of LED Profiles we have available for purchase. Our collection of LED tape channels are ones you can rely on when it comes to the installation of LEDs. As part of this product line our anthracite profiles tick all the boxes when it comes to quality, sturdiness and longevity. You’ll be able to install these profiles with confidence that your LED lighting will be protected and you will get a great overall finish. 

LED Anthracite Grey Profiles

Let’s take a look at all of the places where you could start to plan your anthracite grey profile installation. As with all of our LED tape holders, we’re confident they will look great in all kinds of locations including shops, businesses or just around the home. Here are the two primary locations where we recommend you consider using these striking lighting profiles. 

  • Anthracite Ceiling Lights – illuminate your space and show off the anthracite grey colour as a visual centrepiece alongside your new LED lights. 
  • Anthracite Wall Lights – complete a strong and metallic industrial feel with anthracite LEDs along every wall of you desired installation location!  

When considering the location of your LED lighting, it’s also important to consider the shape and nature of the LED profile. Profiles are all shaped differently depending on where and how you would like to install them. One of the main specialist shapes of profile are flat LED profiles. These are popular as they come in a standard shape that can be mounted onto almost any surface. As well as the ceiling and wall options listed above, you could also place these onto flooring, coving or any kind of internal fixture. As well as flat LEDs, you can also make use of these channel shapes: 

  • Anthracite Corner LED Profile – suitable for installing to create an angled finish between 2 surfaces such as floor and wall or ceiling and wall. Also great for staircases and other bold features in any room.
  • Anthracite Recessed LED Profile – suitable for when lighting needs to be sunk into a surface. Ceiling downlights or featured wall installations are perfect for a recessed finish we're you want minimal fixtures on display.
  • Anthracite Micro LED Profile – slim line and subtle, you’ll want to use these profiles when you want the behind-the-scenes fixtures to be discrete and not fully noticeable when held against the final look of the room.
  • Anthracite Surface Mounted LED Profile – similar to a flat profile, these channels can be fitted in almost any location for a distinct and high-quality finish. Perfect for new builds and renovations.

As well as all these types of LED profile available, we also make sure to always give you the option to fully customise the length of LED profile you are purchasing. This is to allow you to get the exact length of lighting and lighting installation fixtures that you need for your new lighting project. Whether you need longer lengths for bigger walls or smaller lengths to attach to worktops or furniture, we have plenty of different anthracite lighting options available for you to choose from.  

Our range includes some extra-long LED profiles such as the 2m anthracite LED profiles you’ll see listed in our catalogue. By having access to longer lengths of profile, you’ll be able to cater to the need to house and install longer lengths of LED tape that we have available for purchase. Whilst we sell joiners for LED profiles, we always think it looks much more visually appealing to have longer continuous lengths of profiles installed to remove the need for unsightly joins! 

Anthracite Grey LED Lighting 

Anthracite lighting is a hugely popular option when it comes to ensuring a high-end finish. The darker grey colour option can really help to pull a room together and draw attention to the lighting in all the right ways! Sometimes, just having a white or stainless steel lighting fixture may not provide you with the finish you are looking for. By including the anthracite grey light profiles in your set up, you can be sure to complete the space and really enhance the look of your LED lights. 

With these types of installation fixtures, we’re confident that you’ll find all the keys for success when you shop with us on ArcLED. We’ve got all the LED profile accessories and installation tools you’ll want and need to get started. When shopping for these specific profiles you’ll want to make sure you purchase anthracite grey end caps and well as ensuring matching connectors and joiners. Don’t forget to also check out the lighting profile diffusers for these profiles which are often sold separately. Choose from a huge range of clear, soft or more opaque lighting settings. 

This selection of products joins our huge range of bespoke LED profiles that are used by all customers in their LED lighting purchases. Our range is hugely popular and come highly recommended to those making use of the custom length. If you too would like more information on how to get started with your ArcLED bespoke LED purchase then why not drop us a message on our Contact Us page. Our team of lighting experts will be able to help you get started on your next exciting lighting project or large-scale installation.