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LED corner profiles are LED tape wall mounts that are designed to fit snugly into the meet between two surfaces. The shape of these profiles allows for the lighting channel to run seamlessly along a corner. It’s most common to see these LED tape corner profiles run along the top of walls from the ceiling but these profiles can be used anywhere from wall-to-ceiling installation or even under-cabinet lighting. We’re here to tell you everything you need to know about this ArcLED profile range and how you can use them within your next bespoke LED lighting project.

We’ve separated these products out from our primary LED lighting profile range due to their unique shape and alternative visual aesthetic. With a corner LED profile, you get a lighting channel that is designed specifically to sit within the gap between two surfaces. The profile will consist of two flat sides with a third offering the exterior surface that can generally be either curved or angled. This kind of construction can allow for a seamless fit into inset corners with a strikingly clean finish.

LED Corner Profiles from ArcLED

We’re here to help you pick out the perfect LED light corner mounts for your next big lighting project. There are a few variations in this type of profile that you can choose from when shopping online with us. Although only slight variation in the shape of these profiles they can have a vastly different effect on the final look of your project. As you well know, the devil can be in the detail which is why we’ve provided as much information we can on these LED corner profile shapes:

  • Rounded LED Corner Profiles: these profiles consist of a curved third side that can give the corner lighting a smooth and sleek finish. A round edge lighting installation can fill what would be a shadowy corner into a glowing and striking source of light. You can easily soften the look of the room by removing harsh edges and filling every space with LED lighting.
  • Angled LED Corner Profiles: angle LED profiles offer a smart finish for any LED lighting installation. If you’re consider an under-cabinet light installation then this kind of profile can allow for the most dispersion of light due to the flat third-side surface. This can help to greatly illuminate the surface below which is especially perfect if you are lighting a worktop.
  • 45 Degree LED Corner Profiles: these kinds of profiles (similar to above) are great options for kitchen or even bathroom installation. These locations often need more brilliant and bright white lighting with as many clean and crisp edges as possible. These profiles can fit neatly into corners and brighten up even the darkest of rooms and smaller spaces.

We find that these kinds of lighting profiles can be a highly popular option simply due to the strong visual finish it gives. This not only the look of the mounting profile but also the effect it can have on the dispersion of light. The exposed side of the LED corner tape strip often houses a profile diffuser that often slides into the profile. These diffusers need to be purchased separately but can greatly affect the final look of the lighting. You can opt for clear diffuser finish to give a brilliant white LED finish or you can choose opal for a softer finish to your lighting options.

If there’s one thing we ensure with all of our LED tape installations, is that all customers can achieve the very best, seamless finish. We know that our lights and LED strips are more than up to task for aesthetics, but we’ve made sure that the LED profiles and LED corner mounts are there to properly house and protect your LED light tapes. If you’re purchasing the best LED strips from ArcLED, make sure to buy the best LED corner profiles to keep them safe, secure and looking incredible.

When you’re online with ArcLED, we’re sure that you’ll find that shopping corner LED profile channels has never been easier. Thanks to our online lighting store, you’ll be able to purchase a huge variety of products to help you construct the perfect LED lighting project. 

Bulk Buy LED Corner Profiles

Our range of LED products are suited to projects and instalments of all sizes. We’re more than happy to help you dress an entire home, shop floor or venue with our incredible LED selection. When it comes to spreading this kind of lighting over your space, you’re going to need plenty of bulk LED corner profiles to help you get the job done. You’ll notice the products in this range that has the ‘bulk buy’ flag and on each of these product pages you’ll see the variable pricing brackets we have available if you should choose to buy from us in bulk.

You’ll be delighted to know that we stock our profiles in large LED corner profile 2m lengths which can allow for great long lengths of LED strip lighting. Although profile joins are often unsightly and inevitable, with longer 2 metre lengths you can ensure that the joins are as minimal and infrequent as possible. If you do need the profiles to cover longer lengths then be sure to pick up some of our LED corner profile connectors. These can ensure a clean join between two profiles and are an essential add-on purchase for anyone looking at larger installations on a larger and grander scale.

We’ve grown a strong reputation for providing customers in the South West of England and beyond with all the tools and equipment they need to achieve LED lighting perfection. If you need assistance with your order or placing a bespoke LED lighting order then make sure to get in touch with our team so that we can help you order your very own custom LED corner profiles. Drop us a message through our online Contact Us form to be put in touch with one of our in-house lighting experts.