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This range of Sauna Snow LEDs is not one to be missed! These high-end white lights are perfect for high quality installations where gorgeous lighting is an absolute essential. These shades of white LED light strips are there to bring either warmth or visual brilliance to your environment.  Their sturdy nature and special features make these perfect for anything from sauna lighting or steam rooms to snow and ice rooms. Their heat regulation and high IP properties make these some of the most flexible products in our range in terms of their installation locations.   

These products are named to simply show their ability to be installed and to function in more adverse conditions than your regular strips of LED ribbon. Whilst the extra functionality and possibilities that these lights can provide means a higher cost, they are essential if you do want to install spa LED lighting or in locations where water and varying temperature are more prevalent. Here’s everything you need to know about this sturdy and high-functioning lighting type.  

LED Strips for Sauna

When shopping around, we think you’ll find that sauna LED lighting can be harder to find, simply due to the additional requirements in terms of sauna conditions. A hotter and more humid environment is potentially one of the worst locations for lighting – which is where these sauna-specific lights come into play! Here are all of the features of this specific kind of LED lighting strip that make them suitable for installation in higher humidity and in areas of increased dampness.  

  • High Waterproof Rating: IP67-rated LEDs are the ones you are looking for when it comes to picking our sauna LED lighting. This means that the structure of the LED lighting has been fully sealed with a silicon sealant to ensure full stability and full protection.  
  • Self-Cooling Functionality: in hotter conditions, and if the lighting is working to its full capacity, it’s essential that the lighting is able keep temperatures low. Fortunately, these LEDs are able to regulate their own temperature thanks to integrated smart technologies. 
  • Ultra-Low Working Temperature: to add to the self-regulatory efforts, these LEDs are designed to be ultra-efficient by channelling the high efficacy of 7 LED modules per section of the lighting. This feature really helps to prolong the lifespan of this lighting technology. 

We find that variety of lighting is perfect for anyone wanting to purchase warm white LED strips. Imagine the basking glow of a sauna as you picture the visual finish of these LEDs. Typically higher on the colour temperature scale, this lighting type produces a more orange and yellow effect rather than the colder blue feel of a pure white light. You can have various shades of white lights for your sauna LEDs so you can change them to fit your space, environment and mood.   

LED Strips for Snow Room  

Now at the other end of the heat spectrum are snow rooms. These rooms are typically more chilled and can be found at spas, health clubs or, if you’re lucky enough, in your own home. These rooms are perfect for helping with rest, relaxation and recovery. Having snow white LEDs are a perfect way to set the scene and create a crisp ambient atmosphere. However, as with the sauna lighting, these kinds of settings aren’t as ideal for lighting due to the temperature variance and potential for damp conditions. Thankfully, these LED strips are primed and ready to perform in all kinds of settings! 

It’s the key features of the sauna lighting listed above that also make the lights perfect for colder environments. Having the IP67-rating and the self-regulating temperature features make these perfect if you’re in need of LEDs for cold conditions. These lights will be able to resist some of the negative effects of how cold weather affects LEDs to ensure smooth running of this lighting type.  

Sauna & Snow Lighting Guide Inspiration 

We have a growing portfolio of lighting installations and projects that we’d love to share with you. Check out our social media and style inspiration pages to see all the different types of rooms where you could potentially install your LED lighting. Once you’ve seen how well a set of steam room LEDs can enhance the visuals of a room, you’ll be sure to want to get started. These types of rooms are impressive constructions as it is, so make sure the lighting is equally up to the higher standard. 

We’ve made it so that across our site, so many of the lighting aspects are fully customisable and made to tailor your own wants and needs. As you’ll find with all the bespoke LED tapes on our site, you’ll be able to find all kinds of different lengths of LED strips. You’re in a great place to shop online if you’re after long strips of sauna LED tape that goes up to lengths of 10 metres! That means if you have a larger steam, spa or bathroom you’ll be able to cover greater distances with your lighting. With shorter strips, you may have to manoeuvre unsightly joins – longer lengths are always better when it comes to sauna LED lights to allow for cleaner and more continuous runs.  

Here at ArcLED, we’re all about giving you the very best when it comes to your lighting projects. Our 5-star customer service team is on hand and ready to help with any questions or queries you have when it comes to your bespoke LED project. Whilst not every member of our team is a sauna or snow room lights specialist, we certainly have the knowledge and skills that it takes in order to help you get the perfect products for the task at hand. As well the LEDs themselves, let us introduce you to our range of profilesdrivers and lighting accessories. 

If you have any issues or would like a bespoke quote for your LED purchase, then the best way to get in touch is via our Contact Us. We look forward to hearing from you.