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The LED sensor series can help you to automate your lighting, turning it on and off using motion sensors and even providing additional options such as dimming or daylight detection. This can be a useful feature in areas such as warehouses, offices, and commercial buildings to save energy when people aren’t in the room. This can also be a useful tool in the home if you want to add some extra tech to your lighting or would like to make it easier to have your lights on if you experience difficulty in using light switches.

On some of the motion sensor LED controllers, you will find programmable settings that allow you to set up your sensor to turn on when it detects movement within a certain range and to also turn off after 30 seconds when it detects that a person has left the room or it detects no motion within a certain amount of time. This can be useful for outside lighting as well as a functional feature to add inside your home.

The programmable LED controller has additional features such as touch start and long touch for turning on and dimming the lights, making it quick and simple to use your lighting. Features such as this can help to make your home or commercial space more accessible for people that find switches difficult to use. Some of our controllers have other commands such as hand sweeps to slowly turn the lights on and off, allowing your eyes to gently adjust to the new light level.

For outdoor lighting, you can make use of the daylight detection setting that only turns the light on in low light and not during daylight hours. Make sure to check that your sensor is suitable for outdoor use. It must reach certain specifications such as being water-tight to allow for this. You will find this information included with the product but if you have any extra questions or would like help choosing the best product for you, a member of our Arc LED team will be happy to help.

Our bespoke services are designed to help you to complete your plans for your lighting design. With assistance every step of the way including choosing the right products, getting made to measure lighting with some types of LEDs, and fitting each element correctly.

Some types of motion sensor LED controller also offer a door sensor setting that will detect if a door is open or closed and turn on accordingly or can recognise if there is an obstacle in a doorway.

Your LED sensor controller can be adjusted for the space in which you are using it. For example, the range can be adjusted depending on the size of your room or how far you want the motion sensor to detect. The hold time can be changed to set how long you want the light to stay on after detecting motion. The daylight setting can be changed to detect twilight, evening, or darkness light levels depending on when you would like your lights to turn on.

There are usually two voltages available for LED controllers to match the two types of LED lighting. For most home set-ups you will need a 12v LED controller to match your LED lighting. This lower voltage is suitable for smaller spaces as less power is needed to light up shorter LED strips. If you do have 24v LED strip lighting then you will need a 24v LED controller to match. The 24v products are designed to ensure that the LED lights stay bright and even throughout the strip, from start to finish. This means that any extra items you buy, such as controllers, will need to be 24v too so that they aren’t overloaded by the power.

There are many different areas that you may want to add a Sensor Series LED which is why you will find a range of options including items for stairs, doorways, hand sensors, and mini sensors. 

Doorway sensors can detect when a door is open or someone passes it to enter a room allowing the lights to turn on only when the room is occupied. In commercial spaces, this can be useful for areas that aren’t used all the time such as toilets, staff rooms, canteens, and warehouses. The reliable sensor will quickly turn your lights on and can be set to have a delay to turn off once someone leaves the room just to make sure they won’t be left in the dark.

You may want to light up a full set of stairs. With a bespoke LED controller for stairs, you will be able to control up to 32 steps via one sensor. This will light your way only when the stairs are in use so that no energy is wasted on areas that aren’t being used all the time.

Hand sensors are designed to allow you to control when the lighting turns on and off by sweeping your hand over the sensor which can be more convenient and accessible than a light switch. These hand sensors often have extra features such as dimmable options to help you set the light level by simply holding your hand over the sensor for longer.

You may need your LED controller to be small and compact to fit in a limited space or simply because you don’t want it to be on show. The mini recessed sensors will help you to achieve this and will seamlessly fit in.

Energy efficiency is one of the best features of LED lighting. By adding an LED controller from the Sensor Series you will be able to benefit from this even further by only having the lights on when someone is in the room or during certain times of the day.