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Ultra slim LED strip lights are designed to be able to fit in small spaces or to ensure your lighting is discreet among your decor. This can be useful for use in cabinets, as under-counter lighting, in displays or on stairs.

What is the thinnest LED strip?

The Arc LED ultra slim series is 5mm in width making it the thinnest LED strip available in our collection. This slim design allows the LED lights to fit in difficult places meaning you can light up any space easily with this flexible, energy efficient lighting. 

The strips are available in 1 metre to 10 metres in length, allowing you to only buy the amount that you need. At Arc LED, we offer bespoke services to allow you to get the exact measurements you need for your space. Our team is here to help every step of the way from planning out the best products for your space to ensuring that they are correctly fitted. In fact, some of the LEDs in the slim series can be cut every 100mm allowing you to get a completely bespoke design for even the smallest of projects. If there is a space that could benefit from being lit then this easy-to-install LED strip lighting may have the measurements you require to complete your project.

Like most LED strip lights, the ultra slim series needs to be installed inside an aluminium profile for several reasons. This is the correct way to install strip lighting to ensure the safety and longevity of your product. The aluminium profile acts as a heat sink so that any excess heat created by the LED lights is absorbed. It also protects your lights against human contact, dust, and other debris. You can shop for every element of your LED lighting set-up at Arc LED, including aluminium profiles that are specifically designed to fit our different sizes of strip lighting. Talk to a member of our team to find out which profiles and power supplies fit your LED strip light, plus any extra accessories that you may want such as sensors, smart tech, and LED drivers.

The ultra slim LED strip lighting is available in 24v so make sure your power supply and other items can support this voltage. This higher voltage ensures that the lights stay bright and even from the power source as far as the last light on the strip. It compensates for any voltage loss that naturally occurs the further from the power source the electricity travels. This high quality lighting is designed to give an even and natural finish so that it is as if you are in daylight.

There are two types of white slim LED lights available that give a different ambience to your space. Natural white is a bright white that allows you to see in fine detail, perfect for spaces in your business or home where detailed work is required. This bright light mimics daylight to give you the best lighting to work on your projects. If you are using your space for relaxing or entertaining then you may prefer the softer glow of the warm white lights. The hint of yellow adds warmth to the look of the lighting but is still bright and efficient.

At Arc LED, you can be sure you are shopping for high quality products with elements such as Epistar chip, Intermatix phosphor powder, 99.9% pure gold wire and pure copper in our LED ultra slim series strip lights.

The natural white slim LED lighting has 238 LEDs per metre for seamless lighting output to cover your space with an even and pleasant glow. The warm white LED lights have 60 LEDs per metre to create a softer glow without losing the even output of LED lights.

As you can see from these specifications the LED ultra slim striplights don’t compromise on quality due to their size. They have all the top features of LED strip lights but in a compact size. This makes them discreet if you prefer your lighting to blend with your decor and easy to install in those small spaces that may be an awkward size for other types of lighting.

Commercial spaces will find that these lights fit perfectly with their displays and billboards for advertising or for small spaces that need to be lit for safety purposes such as staircases, low ceilings, and doorways. These lights can be placed in shelving or to illuminate workspaces to provide a detailed look at your products or project with even bright lighting.

In the home, this slim strip lighting is perfect for seamlessly installing lighting without interrupting your ideal aesthetic. Place in the kitchen as under counter lighting or in cupboards to help you easily navigate your next recipe and dinner party. Light up cupboards, entryways, or staircases with these LEDs or use them as a feature in larger rooms to highlight specific areas.

There are so many possibilities with the ultra slim series strip LEDs and due to their versatility, this type of lighting can fit in with so many of your renovation projects. Upgrade your lighting to this versatile LED strip and benefit from other features such as an energy efficient and future-proof design. Add smart tech to your set up to automate your lighting or other convenient features such as sensors to allow you to fully control the light level in your home. Create a refreshing daylight brightness to your space with this subtle style that still outputs a bright and even level of light.