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It’s super easy to fall in love with the look of our festoon kits. These unique lighting types feature chunky and aesthetically pleasing bulbs along a length of wire. As a lighting option, this one is anything but subtle, with the whole idea of the lighting to be to give an almost industrial feel with impressive bulbs and visible wiring. The festoon lights are most commonly used in outdoor spaces and can be highly popular due to the simple installation. Simply plug in and hang up these lights to provide a striking and stand out visual finish in any environment you choose. 

The word ‘festoon’ literally means a decorative chain hanging between two points. From looking at the product you can certainly see why the name has been given to this type of product! This written introduction to this festoon lighting range should give you all the insight you need to get started with purchasing and using these products to the top level of their capability. 

LED Festoon Lighting from ArcLED

Each and every festoon lighting fixture is comprised of a long run of cable with lamp holders being placed along regular intervals. Typically made from materials such as PVC, the cable itself is designed to be visible, chunky and hardwearing. The festoon light cable is often suited to be used outdoor, but you should always check the product specification before installing lights in an exterior location. Typically, you’ll find that outdoor festoon lights have a higher IP rating, as this score denotes how well the electrical fixture can withstand water, dampness and outdoor conditions. 

One of the most notable special features about our range of products is the huge lengths of cable we have available. Now offering up to 100 metres of festoon kit cable can ensure that you have the potential for an even longer set up. Long festoon cables are typically more expensive, but it doesn’t mean you can plan to have even more lights across a longer distance. Since you have flexibility to select the distance between lampholders, you can even control the density of the light sources along your longer lengths of lighting cable. Choose from 500mm, 330mm or 1m bulb spacings. 

The one hugely positive aspect of these kinds of lights is the super simple installation that is required. You’ll find that many of the options available are mains powered festoon lights so you can often just plug in and start using the lighting straight away. As the lighting and the behind-the-scenes wiring is often left visible, many simply use basic hooks and wire mounts that you can purchase in almost any DIY store. With the basic means of powering and installing these types of lights, you’ll be enjoying them in no time at all after you purchase. 

LED Festoon Bulbs 

When purchasing one of our many lighting festoon kits, it should be noted that the bulb is not always included. Please check on each of the product listings whether or not the bulb is included with your purchase. You’ll be delighted to know that a variety of the bulbs we have available on our website are festoon compatible. This can give you even more flexibility when it comes to deciding the final look as you’ll be able to choose from festoon bulbs of all different shapes and sizes. Get bulbs to match the aesthetic of your environment and to achieve an impressive finish. 

You’ll also be able to select from different lighting shades when looking through the festoon kit bulb options. Opt for all kinds of shades from RGB options all the way through to cool and warm white lighting. Some bulbs are tinted or even finished with a smoked effect for even more impressive visuals. One final consideration you’ll want to consider is whether or not the bulb is dimmable. You’ll easily be able to control the brightness of the lights making it more suitable for a variety of different situations and moods. We’re always out to give you as much variety as possibility with our products and we think we have enough festoon lightbulbs to cover all kinds of different tastes and needs. 

Decorative Festoon Lights 

We’re here to help you every step of the way when it comes to your festoon lighting project. We’ll help you pick out the perfect festoon lights (sometimes called festoon strings) to suit your project needs. Our team of lighting and LED experts can help you to answer key questions which may change which product you need and how you can work them into your next installation. To get in touch, all you need to do is Contact Us and a member of our team will be more than willing to help with your query or question regardless of how technical it may be. 

A common query we get asked is about overlapping festoon lights over two sets. Generally, it’s safe to have multiple runs of lights hanging near to each other, but you should avoid intertwining the wires too heavily, or letting hot bulbs stay too much in contact. However, with our longer lengths of lights (as well as plenty of planning) it’s fair to say that you might not need multiple products as just one of our ArcLED sets will have your lighting covered up to 100 metres! However, if your space is bigger and more lights and required, there’s no harm in doubling up your festoon lights. 

When you shop with ArcLED, you can be sure that you are getting some of the best products in the business. Our online store is full of incredibly innovative lighting solutions on anything from bespoke LED lighting setups to gorgeous architectural lighting set ups. We’re sure that you’ll have a great experience with purchasing, installing and enjoying the finished effect of one of these festoon lighting sets. If you’re looking for some more purchase inspiration or design ideas before you purchase, then make sure to check us out on social media for more creative inspiration!