Mini LED Downlights

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Come and take a look at our range of mini LED downlights. These products are small, streamlined and subtle lights whose miniature size makes them a highly popular purchase. Despite being one of the smallest lighting types in our collection, there are still plenty of features and specifications to enjoy. As with all products on the ArcLED website, only the best will do. We’ve stress-tested and trialled every product so that you won’t be disappointed with your mini downlight products. Here’s a quick overview of everything you need to know about this range of tiny lights! 

Mini Downlights LED Fittings 

If you’re familiar with downlights, you’ll know that they come with a few different options in terms of the light positioning and angles. This is no different for the LED mini downlights where you can opt for a few different choices of downlight. Here is a quick list of the three types and how they can differ slightly when it comes to the final finish and look of your LED lights. 

  • Mini Baffled LED Downlights – this kind of downlight is set in a way where the bulb and light source itself are inset into the outer baffle fixture. This creates more of a spotlight effect as the outer area of the downlight can help to decide the angle of the light. This choice can also help with more subtle lighting as the room will be lit without so much an obvious light source or visible exterior bulb. 
  • Mini Tiltable LED Downlights – these downlights are fitted so that the central downlight itself can be tilted within itself. This means you can chose to point the lights in different directions dependent on where you want the light to go. This can help you to emphasise the focal point of the room as well adapt your lighting to change direction should you change things up or simply want to point the lights in another direction. 
  • Mini Flat LED Downlights – these standard mini downlights feature a flat baffle so that the fixture itself can sit flush to the surface of installation. As these are all most commonly used in ceiling lighting, it’s always good to ensure that the lights have a flush and seamless finish. If you choose this downlight type, you can be sure to enjoy a high quality lighting finish where the rooms and space you choose to illuminate can be bathed with gorgeous light. 

As well as being able to select the different lighting shapes and types. You’ll be able to select between a small range of colours for the bevel and the fixture. In most cases we have the standard colours of black, white, stainless steel or matte grey available. We find that with this range of mini LED downlight colours you’ll be able to match other fixtures and fittings as well as being in keeping with your choice of décor. We’re here to make sure you get a huge range of options available so you can have the bespoke and custom lighting feel in each and every one of you lighting projects. 

ArcLED Mini Downlight Range

In order to help you make the best purchase decisions, we’ve included wealth of information in the product specifications. It’s always good to pin down the finer details when it comes to lighting installations. Knowing the spec can help you decide whether the lights are suitable for the location you wish to install them whether that’s in an indoor or outdoor space. With mini LED down lighting it’s also important to ensure there’s room in the ceiling cavity above for the mounts, cables and brackets required to install the lights properly. Here are some of the features you need to know. 

  • Mini LED Downlights 40mm: the smaller size of these downlights is not only helpful with aesthetics but can also assist with a simpler installation. A lesser width equals a lesser hole to create and a smaller back bracket which holds the light in. The size can vary between downlights so make sure to check you are purchasing the size you wanted. 
  • Mini LED Downlights IP65: as you may already know, a higher IP rating can ensure that the light is safe to be installed in areas with an increased damp or high-moisture area. An IP rating of 65 ensures that the lights are safe from most water/dust sources, but they are not quite an IP67 which is fully waterproof and safe for outdoor use. 
  • Mini LED Downlights Dimmable: having dimmable downlights is a great additional feature for any setup. With the correct controller or switch you can easily switch between lighting moods to allow for different settings and atmospheres. 

We’re here to help should you have any queries on which are the best mini LED downlights and which ones are best for your setup. A common question is also about installation. Using the diagrams provided we’re sure you’ll be able to work it out in no time. From an installation standpoint, it’s very important to get the measurements correct, especially for the dimensions of the LED downlight hole. Make sure that you are accurate with cutting downlight holes to ensure the light fits and that the downlight has a tidy finish with no noticeable errors or mishaps. 

To assist with some of the installation, we do have some additional LED Downlight Accessories that include some extra tools and equipment.