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Lutron RA2 Select is a top-of-the-range system of controllers that allow the user to control both lighting and window blinds. These products give the user ultimate control as they can control all sources of light that are entering the space or environment. Change and manipulate your interior artificial lights or block out exterior natural light in the simple click of a button. It’s never been easier to control the look and the brightness of your environment. Check out our Lutron RA2 range details here and learn more about this high-end range of lighting and lighting control products. 

Lutron Control from Your Apps 

The range of Lutron Select allows you to control everything not just from the linked controller but also from your mobile phone app or device! It’s never been easier to swipe and slide between different lighting environments and settings. So many other household appliance and devices allow you to control your home from your phone so it’s definitely about time you had your lighting and blinds under your control too. Lutron RA2 helps to give you all the power at your fingertips! 

We find so many prospective customers and clients asking us about the RA2 Select Starter Kit. If you’re new to lighting and lighting automation then we 100% recommend that you kick off your RA2 experience with the Lutron Starter Kit. This set includes everything you’ll need to cover initial set up and running. Whilst the kit can vary slightly you’ll most often find the items below in an RA2 starter kit. Make sure to always check the packaging and listing to see what products you will receive. However, if a kit is not for you, you can always hop the following individual on the ArcLED website: 

  • RA2 Select Switches - the RA2 in-line switch is a key piece of the puzzle in any RA2 set up. It helps the entire system run by setting up a stable wireless connection that joins the lighting fixtures with the connected controller or device. Each of these switches comes with Lutron patented Clear Connect RF technology which is renowned for its reliability. 
  • RA2 Select Dimmer – the lighting dimmer controls the brightness of the lighting remotely. Its accessible nature and advanced compatibility allows for it to be paired with all kinds of controllers and even sensors. The small and streamlined nature allows for it to be fitted anywhere and can even be easily added to existing Lutron lighting systems. 
  • RA2 Select Repeater – a repeater is the part of the system that allows you to set up the lighting and window shades system with the Lutron free app. It can support the connectivity of up to 100 wireless devices. It can allow for remote access as well as integration with smart home devices and other available controllers. 
  • RA2 Select Keypads – compatible keypads for RA2 select often come in the form of Pico Scene Keypads. Whilst many people use the RA2 select for the smartphone capabilities, you’re still able to control and change the lighting through a simple keypad controller. These keypads are slick, easy to use and look good enough to be wall mounted in the home. 
  • RA2 Select Sensors – these are a popular add-on for lighting. Especially when it comes to additional considerations such as security and efficiency. Monitor movement with sensors in order to either detect intruders or ensure lights remain off when not needed. Within these kinds of setups you can often control when the sensor is active and when it is not. 

As you can see, this sheer range of Lutron products allow for all kinds of different set ups and scenarios. Lutron RA2 and Lutron as a brand are certainly dedicated to assisting with your lighting control efforts. We’re proud at ArcLED to offer such an incredible brand alongside our offering of some of the best LED lighting options in the business. Lutron make it so much easier for you to personalise the look of your home and set the mood in your environment. With automation and smart processes, you can even set your lighting and blinds to move with you throughout your day; altering as the natural lighting changes and even when the day comes to a close. It’s never been a better time to make use of all the incredible RA2 select features that are on offer! 

Getting Started with RA2 Lutron 

Whilst you’ll probably find all the instructions and information you need included with the products, there’s no harm in getting ahead of the game and understanding where you might be placing and using these RA2 wireless products. We’re always happy to help when it comes to assisting customers with either the selection or the installation of the products in question. Our team of in-house and friendly experts are always on-hand to assist with any queries or questions you may have. 

With most of the products you’ll be amazed and the flexible and (almost) plug-in and play nature of this equipment. The beauty of these products is that there are no complicated installation methods or extra work to infrastructure where they need to be housed. For most, all you need is a standard power outlet and a stable internet connection. Once the RA2 select setup is complete there are probably very limited actions you need to take in terms of maintenance – it’s just so simple. No professional knowledge or know-how will be required for this wireless lighting installation.  

In terms of your device, we’d say just to make sure your software is as up-to-date as possible. You’ll find that the Lutron app is compatible with a huge range of devices no matter what the branding or make. It’s available on most major app stores and is regularly updated for your convenience. The app is designed to be super accessible and it’s more than easy to set up your saved preferences and most favourite scenes. We can foresee no problems with you getting set up with RA2 Lutron select  -we hope you enjoy the experience!