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If you want to manually control all of the varying features available with your new LED lights, then you’re going to want an LED light controller. Controllers come in a variety of different types, meaning that you’ll have plenty of options available to you when you shop with ArcLED. From wired to wireless, small-scale to large, there’s plenty to consider when it comes to which LED lighting controller best suits your setup. Here’s our brief guide to all the kinds of controllers available.  

The main aspect of deciding on which LED remote control works best for you is considering what you want from the lights. A simple infra-red remote and receiver may be all you need, but if want a colour-changing or dimmer controller that will work all across the house, then you will need to start looking at more specialist products. If you already know which kind of controller you are looking for, then make sure to take a look at all of our LED remotes options here: 

No product is necessarily better than another when it comes to LED strip controllers, you’ll simply find that each one is more suited to different environments and for various needs. For example, if you have a smaller home setup, then you may not need to control LEDs wirelessly from a different room. But if you have a larger setup or multiple rooms to light you will want multi-zone control. Check out all of the specifications and details on each lighting controller for all the information on how the product works. 

LED Strip Controllers 

To make a radio frequency or wireless LED controller work, you will also need a receiver that can be built into the LED circuit itself. The controller and the receiver work together to regulate and determine the amount of power being transferred into the LED lights. By altering this power, it allows you to control all of, but not limited to, these features: 

  • Turning On & Off: obvious, but this can be made even simpler with an easy-to-use remote 
  • Changing Colour: switch between different colours and colour temperatures with ease 
  • Pre-Set Scenes: if you have a light effect you particularly enjoy, then dial it in for later use 
  • Dimming: with the flick of your finger or of a switch you can alter LED brightness 

Another benefit to having a high-quality LED strip remote control is that they will, in turn, protect your LED lights and prolong their lifespan. This is due to the fact that the controller can become another way of regulating the power being transferred to the lights reducing the chances of overpowering and blowouts. Protect your LED bulbs by purchasing a remote control dimmer for LED lights from our selection of products. 

If you have multicoloured LED tape, then you’ll want to be looking at our RGB LED tape controllers. All of these LED lighting controllers are designed to make it easy to change and regulate the colour of your LEDs by altering the amount of power being sent to each kind of LED bulb. Easily flick between all kinds of colours and scenes with an RGB controller. These devices come with the added extra ability to be able to change the colour of the LEDs and regulate their brightness.  

We think you’ll also be delighted to hear that as well as including simplest of products, we also stock some of the more sophisticated WiFi LED controllers. Wireless LED controllers are certainly a popular option as you can easily control your LEDs through all kinds of devices – even your smartphone! Equipped with a WiFi RGB LED strip controller you’ll be able to take control of your LED lighting all around the home.  

LED Strip Remotes from ArcLED 

When you shop online with ArcLED, you’ll find that it’s never been easier to find LED light strips with remote. If you are unsure about which kind of LED controller would be best for you, then please do not hesitate to get in touch. We have a huge wealth of LED expertise on our team and we’ll be more than happy to help with recommending you the best product to match your needs. With so many options available, we’re confident in saying you’ll find just what you need in our range.  

The choice can become easier once you work out what you want your controllers to do for you. With so many options of LED remote control lights. Essentially, it all comes down to how much control you want to have over your lights, however, other considerations include: 

  1. The Functionality of LED Tape – ensure you know the features you can put to work on your LED tapes so you can the perfect LED controller to match. From dimming to colour scenes, make sure your tape is capable of handling the demands of the controller you are looking to buy. 
  2. Size of The Space – the type of LED controller you will want can be determined by the scale and size of the lighting setup. Simpler LED controllers are ideal for smaller lengths of LED tape, whilst longer strips may require more sophisticated kind of remote control. 
  3. Type of Controller – as well as our remote control and receiver sets, you can also pick up a wall switch controller, which is a more permanent fixture for controlling LEDs. If you want a controller for the wall then we have plenty of smart glass-fronted switches you’ll love 

Of course, if you are new to LEDs, then you are already considering how to go about installation. The setup of these LED control receivers should be a simple, even for LED beginners. we have plenty of easy-to-follow guides for it when comes to setting up your LED light kit. If you are in need of any more LED-related advice then make sure to ask away with as many questions as you need - we’ll do all that we can to ease your installation experience.