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COB LED strips incorporate extra technology inside the strip to support high quality beams that are consistent as well as energy efficient. Find out more about why to choose LED COB lights for your space and the difference between COB LED and LED lights.

What is a COB LED strip?

COB is an acronym for Chip On Board. It describes a type of LED lighting that has a circuit board built directly into the strip. A COB LED strip gives a more consistent beam to the light and often a brighter light with lower energy output. This allows for seamless high quality lighting throughout the LED strip.

The Arc LED Plus Series is carefully manufactured with a branded Epistar chip, Intermatix phosphor powder, 99.9% pure gold wire and pure copper. Quality is at the heart of our business with extra care taken to ensure every element of our products is made from the best materials for the job.

Like many types of LED strip lighting, COB LED lights need to be installed inside an aluminium profile. This protects them from outside factors such as dust, debris, and human contact as well as acting as a heat sink to absorb excess heat.

Are COB lights better than LED?

Compared to standard off-the-shelf LED lighting, COB lights are better than LED lights. Their superior build includes a circuit board. With this extra technology on board you can expect excellent energy efficiency but with high quality bright lighting that is consistent throughout the LED strip.

If you are unsure which type of LED strip lights are best for your next project then chat with us at Arc LED. Our knowledgeable team is here to help you find your ideal lighting solution whether you are kitting out your home or commercial space with new lighting. No matter how big or small the project, our bespoke services and UK made products will allow you to dream big and see your ideas come to fruition. 

What is the difference between LED and COB LED?

The main difference between LED and COB LED lights is the circuit board that is built into COB LEDs. Many believe that COD LED offers better performance all around in terms of energy efficiency and light quality but budget may be a factor in your choice of lighting. Having said that, both types of strip lights are available at affordable competitive prices.

The range of COB LED strip UK lights available from ARC LED includes a variety of white LEDs. 

COB LED Cool White Strip Lights: The brightest of all the white tones; cool white is perfect for spaces that are going to be used for precision tasks or for display purposes. Light up your room, desk, or display shelves in brilliant white to see everything in detail no matter what the time of day.

COB LED Natural White Strip Lights: Taking the edge off the brightness of the LED lights, natural white offers a slightly softer edge to the brilliant white colour. Allowing you to light up your space with artificial daylight.

COB LED Warm White Strip Lights: The gentle yellow glow of warm white adds a cosy feel to the room that is softer on the eyes. Perfect for spaces that are designed to relax in.

COB LED Very Warm White Strip Lights: Take it another step further with the extra yellow glow of Very Warm White and enjoy the comforting atmosphere of this candlelight glow.

The COB LEDs are also available in RGB COB LED strip options. Choose from red, green, and blue to add a colourful glow to your room or commercial space. The cool tones of blue offer a calming yet vibrant look to the lighting while the warm tones of red COB lights offer a fireside ambience. Alternatively, go green to bring the colours of nature into your space.

Most COB LED strips are designed for indoor use only as making a waterproof COB LED strip is difficult given the presence of the circuit board. Keeping the LED strips lightweight and compact is important to ensure they can fit into many different spaces. Versatility is one of our favourite factors of LED strip lighting. 

Imagine adding a COB LED strip around your kitchen cabinets, to light up a display cabinet, or to light a room of your house. 

Alternatively, this lighting can be used by businesses for marketing on billboards, to light up stairways or doorways, or in displays.

The COB LED strip range is an exciting step in LED lighting progression. COB LED strip dimmable lights and COB LED strip colour change is where this technology is heading but to get started in your space there are plenty of options available.

This lighting is available from 1 metre to COB LED strip 5m. Choose your size in increments of a metre to fit your chosen space. The width of this COB lighting varies, including 3mm and 5mm, 8mm, and 10mm sizes giving you plenty of choices. 

Select a 12v COB LED strip or 24v COB LED strip depending on your design and the amount of lighting you require. If you intend to use long strips of LED lights then 24v will balance out any voltage decrease the further you move away from the power source. You will also need to consider the power supplies you are using and the overall power of your setup.

With plenty of options available, finding your perfect COB LED strip at Arc LED will help you to easily complete your new lighting system whether you are changing your home decor or looking for energy efficient lighting solutions for your business.