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Nexta Tech is designed to light your home in an energy efficient way. These smart devices will help you to control the lights in your home or commercial space at the touch of a button. With a range of wired and wireless lights, including controllers and switches you can fully connect your lighting system to your smart device. This Italian based tech company makes all its own devices that can all be controlled from one smart app.

Choose how you control your lighting with the option of wireless, radio, voice or wired controls. This means you can hook up devices such as Google Home and Amazon Alexa. Take a look at the range of products on offer and the special features of each design. 

The portable remote control has four programmable buttons so you can set your light level at the press of a button. Choose the function of each button on your Nexta Tech Controllers during the setup process to programme your device. Choose from dark grey, white or orange to match the aesthetic of your space. This controller has a range of 100m in open space and 30 metres in buildings. Whether you are using it indoors to control your lights or outdoors to control your Nexta Tech garage door, it is certain to make these everyday functions more convenient and easy. To control garage doors, you will need to buy the Copy version of the Nexta-Tech Linea-4c/Or Remote Control With 4-Keys Programmable. Both of these devices come with CR2032 batteries that have a lifespan of 3 years to keep your system up and running. The copy version includes radio control so depending on your setup will depend on whether you need this function.

The Nexta Tech Switch Relay is an important component if you plan to automate your system. This device acts as an On/Off switch which you can either press manually or programme to a timer to control your lighting or other Nexta Smart devices. There are several different types of Nexta Tech control. This includes the basic programmable switch relay, the WiFi switch relay, and the RF & Wifi Switch Relay. The WiFi switch relay allows you to control your Nexta Tech via your app on your smart device or to use voice controls by pairing your system with your Google Home or Amazon Alexa. The RF & Wifi device gives you all the above functions with the added radio control function. This means it has two inputs so you can set two programmes using the button or switch. 

If you want to use a Nexta smart controller you will need a switch relay. The Nexta Top-L1 offers wired and wireless options and acts as radio receivers from your controllers. The wireless version of the Nexta Top-L1 switch relay allows you to also control your devices using the app, voice controls, and radio signals meaning you have the convenience of the controller or your smart device to use the Nexta tech in your home.

Nexta Tech also offers a load control box to help you keep tabs on your system and keep everything connected and functional. This load control can have up to 4 lights or 2 electric motors connected. 4 N.O. buttons give you plenty of programmable options for your smart system. The load control can be used on a timer.

If you need to boost your Nexta Tech set-up then consider adding the Nexta-Tech Top-V8/Ext4 Constant Voltage Extender 12-24vdc. With an output of 4 x LED 12-24VDC you can connect extra lights or Nexta Tech in your home. The max power output is 8A (96W with 12V, 192W with 24V) with a max total power of 24A (288W with 12V, 576W with 24V). This equates to four outputs for constant voltage LEDs using these maximum outputs. If you require more LEDs than that then it is possible to connect up to 10 Top-V8/Ext to each master. Perfect for covering a large commercial space and controlling the lighting via timer or smart devices. This may also be useful in your home if you want to completely switch over to using smart tech LEDs throughout your house.

Make sure to plan out your switch to Nexta Tech so that your home is future-ready. Start switching to smart technology with the Nexta devices. It may start with your lights but with so many other types of device available you will find so many convenient uses for smart technology throughout your home or business. For example, the Nexta-Tech Mt-W Wind Speed Sensor will allow you to become your own weather station. This anemometer can cast wind speed updates to your device through your Nexta Tech. 

If you need any help or advice in regards to our products and setting up your home or business with smart technology then a member of the Arc LED team will be able to take you through any information you may need to help you choose a design for your space. Whether you are looking for a few items to start converting your home to using smart technology or are looking for energy saving lighting solutions for your commercial space, there’s plenty of different devices on offer to help you achieve your goal.

Nexta offers innovative smart technology that can take your home into the future. With developments in their technology and the devices available, this future-proof tech company is bringing clever smart devices to the market so that many of the daily electrical items in your home can be controlled by voice, app, or are programmable.