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Bring your home or business into the modern era with Zuma. This brand is all about smart technology to make sure your home and business stay fully connected to your phone or Alexa. 

This smart and sophisticated design hides your Zuma speakers in the ceiling. The flat recess downlights have a simplistic and timeless design that will go unnoticed as part of your modern room decor. Hide away your devices and enjoy the benefit of surrounding yourself with sound by installing multiple Zuma devices in your space.

The classic Zuma Luminaire is a smart tech lighting system that can be connected to a range of apps including Alexa and Apple AirPlay. Alternatively, you can download the Zuma app to get started with your smart technology. Whether you are using this lighting in your home or commercial space, with a tap in the app you can control the light level and can control multiple lights from a single device. 

There are 100 increments that can be used by dimming the lights to a level that suits you. This means you can find the perfect level for you or can adjust it for the occasion or even for the time of day. The minute changes that can be created using the dimmer function allow you to smoothly adjust the lighting level from a warm white to a cool white, depending on your chosen activity or time of the day. In technical terms that is a range of 2800k - 4800k.

The circadian mode uses the time of day to follow the natural intensity and colour temperature of daylight. This is designed to help your body wake up in the morning and relax as you head towards bedtime. Reinforce your body’s natural rhythm with the help of this incredible technology to help you keep alert while you work and let your body know it is time to relax and sleep at the end of the day.

If saving energy is your main goal when switching to LED lighting with the Zuma, then simply turn on the pre-programmed setting that will prevent your lights from ever going over 75% illumination. That’s a smart feature to save some energy in a simple yet effective way that is totally hassle-free.

Zuma lights are designed to be used in a range of spaces so you can successfully place them in your bathroom or spa room to create a relaxing atmosphere that won’t have you worrying about accidentally getting your phone or speaker wet. Turn on your relaxing playlist while you are getting ready and enjoy unwinding to your favourite sounds from your Zuma.

Choose the angle of your Zuma lighting with 52-, 32-, and 22- beam angles. Make sure to talk to a member of our team at Arc LED so we can help you to get the specifications that you would like.

Zuma Luminaire With Speaker

The Zuma Luminaire Speaker Light is the wire-free way to connect instantly to your favourite music apps. The Zuma Luminaire is available with a built-in speaker hidden within the light design. This clever technology hides away an item that is usually bulky. The added benefit of placing your speaker in your ceiling is the sound distribution that this creates. The cone design allows for the smooth dispersal of clear sound throughout your room.

By adding this device to your Alexa or Apple AirPlay you can enjoy control of multiple Zuma Luminaires for audio throughout your house, restaurant, office, or gym. Alternatively, you can connect your Zuma via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth so you don’t need a specific device to be able to access this technology. Zuma has its own mobile app that you can download onto any device to get connected quickly.

You can even instantly play your favourite playlists with Spotify Connect, Tidal Connect, and Roon Ready. Whether you have created a playlist with the perfect ambience for your business or have a wake-up playlist for your home, you can make sure your favourite music is playing throughout your day, whatever your mood. 

This amazing smart technology ensures high quality sound paired with subtle design. The crips and rich sound is courtesy of the HD-audio Class D monolithic amplifier that is the top of the range. This is controlled by a best-in-class audio quad-core processor. To complete this dream team line-up, the advanced DSP algorithms allow you to enjoy an immersive sound that is clear and full. 

Zuma has focussed on every detail to provide the best audio experience. Their clever long-throw 3-inch super-formed aluminium cone and woofer design optimises the sound for silky smooth delivery. The dome is shaped to widely and evenly disperse the sound so you can forget about the days of having all your guests huddled around a wired speaker. To optimise the sound further you can add extra Zuma Luminaire speakers to your set-up and control them all simultaneously. 

Zuma technology has created the best of both with a superior sound and speaker experience, paired with incredible light technology to bring soft and ambient lighting with a choice of bezels to suit your style. The light is dimmable so you can create soft mood lighting for your dinner party or bright lighting to read your recipe. 

If entertainment and entertaining guests are your dream purpose for your home or room then Zuma is the perfect way to step up your system. Forget bulky large wired tech and swap for compact discreet wireless speakers that are sure to wow your guests and can be easily controlled at the tap of a button.

While the Zuma light in itself may seem futuristic to some, it is also future proof with system updates being released for this technology that you can easily action via the app.

Zuma light speaker price varies depending on the model you choose. Make sure to check the Zuma products to find the perfect match for your space.