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With over 60 years combined experience of bespoke LED lighting, we’re pretty confident in not only our products but the tailored service we offer our clientele. LED lighting has become a hugely popular means of lighting due to its flexibility, efficiency and impressive visual effects. Illuminating all kinds of environments from kitchens to nightclubs, there are no limits on a bespoke LED setup! Here at ArcLED, we’re excited to help kick-start your first (or next!) LED lighting project. 

With a huge range of LED lighting equipment available, you’ll find that there are endless ways to put custom LED light strips to good use. Due to the ever-growing size of our range, we’re sure that we have the products to fit all kinds of installations (no matter how big or small). If you’re a home-owner looking to enhance the look of your rooms or a business owner improving your office space, we’ll have to something to match your exact lighting needs at ArcLED. 

Our bespoke lighting options have already been a part of many successful LED lighting projects. It brings us great joy to see our products making such a positive effect wherever they are used which is why we work hard to make sure both the products and the service we offer is the best it can be. As bespoke light manufacturers based in Plymouth, tucked away in the South West of England, we strive to provide a top-quality service and the very best products to our UK customers.  

Our team of LED experts are always on hand to provide a friendly, helpful and professional service. As well as this, we are able to provide fast and affordable delivery around the UK, so you can get to work on your LED projects without delay! Let us tell you more about our made to measure LED service as well as further details on the LED lighting equipment we offer. 

Our Bespoke LED Strip Lighting Service 

LED lighting can be implemented in a huge range of places and settings, so all kinds of sizes and lengths need to be provided - which is where we come in! Our services can provide with you made-to-order LED strips cut from one of the many types of LED tapes available in on our online store. We can provide ready-cut and soldered LED lighting strips that will then fit exactly to your plans. It can be simple cut your own LED tape, but let ArcLED do all of the hard work for you as we’ll even solder strips if required.  

What about installation in an LED profile? We’ll do that too! Equipped with your ready-made and mounted LED tape, you can be sure to ready for LED installation and come away from our site with cut LED tapes that are tailored to your exact needs. It’s an ideal service if you’re new to LED lighting or simply need a helping hand when it comes to selecting the right equipment and materials.  

We have a huge wealth of knowledge when it comes to LED striplights and are looking to share that with our clients for the best lighting results. We invite each and every one of our potential customers to let us know more about their LED lighting plans. By simply providing us with your LED specification we can provide you with all kinds of personalised knowledge that will be relevant to your plans. From which lighting would look best in your space to which LED driver you will need to install, we’re here to help! 

Made To Measure LED Lighting Products 

As well as the made-to-size tailored service we provide, we continuously work to ensure that we are one of the best-LED suppliers UK. We’ve made sure we have the products to match our promises! With some of the best LED lighting equipment available on the UK market, we’re sure that you’ll see some impressive results when you install and see our products in action. Make sure to check out our blog and social media to see some of our custom LED strip success stories - we sincerely hope that your upcoming project can be added to our growing list! 

For us and of course for our customers, the visual effect is certainly one of the most important aspects when it comes to picking out LED lights. To ensure the best visual performance, the bulbs themselves in our LED light tapes are made with A-rated lumens from one of the biggest Chinese retailers. Producing CRI ratings of up to 95, you can be sure to get the best colours and effects from our lighting. Defects such as spotting, shadows and flickering are not ones that you’ll find within our range of LED lighting. 

Aside from the bulbs, you’ll find that each and every LED light strip is made from commercial grade materials guaranteed to withstand the test of time. The same goes for our LED mounting profiles which are made from aluminium designed to be resistant to corrosion, degradation and rust. As well as our own brand, we stock products from other reputable brands such as Ecopac as their LED lighting products are considered to be some of the most reliable in the lighting business.  

We also have a promised 5-year warranty on all of our products. In the unlikely event of mishap or problems after you buy any of our products, you can have the assurance that your Arc LED supplies will be covered and, as always, we will be ready to assist where we can with fixing any issues that may arise.  

Now that you know the works about our service and the products available, you can get to work on your lighting plans. Each our of product sections have more detail on each product type, and you can be sure to find detailed product specifications and LED information on the product page itself. We have a wealth of knowledge at our fingertips, so make sure to get in touch if we don’t cover something in enough detail.