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Our range of 12v LED Drivers is sure to help you on your way to a successful LED lighting setup. These devices are an integral part of powering LEDs, as they are able to deliver the correct amount of power required by the LED light tapes. The 12 voltage size of these LED drivers is more suited to smaller LED lighting setups as the lower voltage can only power a certain number of lights. Here is our dedicated guide to everything you need to know about our 12 volts LED driver range. 

By choosing the correct LED driver, you can not only make your lights run more efficiently, but you can prolong their lifetime by avoiding breakages and blowouts. LED drivers do this by providing a lower inrush current. An inrush current is the amount of initial power that is provided by the mains power. By reducing this current, the LED driver can help avoid circuit breakers tripping when powered. LED drivers are essential to protect the integrity of your newly fitted LED lights. So, make sure to keep your LED lighting safe and intact with the addition of a LED driver.  

As the driver can mitigate the amount of power being pushed through the LED strips this means you can enjoy them for longer! One of our high-quality 12v drivers is sure to be up to the task of safely and efficiently running your LED lights. Take a look at our entire collection for both constant current and constant voltage LED drivers. Each of these specific types of driver work different for your lights, dependent on your needs. 

LED 12v Drivers from ArcLED UK 

Within our expansive of LED lighting equipment, we are sure that you'll find the perfect drivers for LED lights for you. Our range features a broad selection of power converters from EcoPac Power. A trusted brand of power suppliers, we are proud to make their high-quality range of LED drivers a part of our bespoke LED drivers UK range. We only select the very best brands to go alongside our own products in our dedicated online store.  

We want our customers and clients to enjoy the very best lighting experience, and this is can be made possible by only stocking a huge range of tried and tested products. Our selection varies in types of LED drivers. For example, a constant voltage LED driver 12v can be very different from a high voltage dimmable transformer. We think this variation is key in helping a large variety of customers who have a larger variety of needs. 

You should always note whether or not the product is a waterproof LED driver if you are intending to use it outdoors. Most LED drivers are recommended for solely indoor use, although some are designed to be resistant to water and suited to being installed outside. Make sure to check a product’s IP rating and all specifications before using any device outside. An LED driver is essential a power source, so care and attention will be needed when planning how to put them to good use. 

As well as ensuring that all of the LED 12v drivers we stock are suited for function and purpose, it is important that they remain small, simple and streamlined. All of our drivers come in compact plastic cases, ensuring versatility and flexibility of use. They can fit into all kinds of environments, whilst keeping a low profile and unnoticeable once your full LED display is complete. Whilst planning your LED setup, remember that the successful powering of your LED lights is equally as important as the finished visual look. 

Matching the exact needs of your LED lights is essential when planning and purchasing the specific items needed for your lighting needs. As with all kinds of specialist lighting equipment and technology, there are a lot of specifications to understand. If you are looking through all of the coding and technical specifications with slight confusion, then here is our quick guide to some the terms you may encounter.   

Arm yourself with plenty of know-how on 12v LED transformers. Some of the key specifications that each product in our selection of LED drivers is marked with internationally-recognised codes, such as the following: EN55015 and EN61000-3-2. This shows the products are EMC compliant and considered to be safe and efficient LED lighting devices. As well as these marking, we only have extended warranties on our products, so in the rare event of a problem with your products, you will be covered by ArcLED. 

12v LED Circuits Guide 

As suppliers of all kinds of electrical lighting and appliances, it is of paramount importance to us that the products we provide are both safe and made in accordance with relevant trading standards and legislation. As well as this, we want to make sure it's simple for customers and clients to understand all of the key terms and phrasings regarding LED lighting. After all, a greater understanding will make it easier when it comes to working out which of our LED drivers are suited to your exact needs. 

As well as this, we offer a bespoke LED 12v strip lights service, which means you can order pre-cut and made-to-size types. When shopping with ArcLED, it's all too easy to get the exact products you need to fit the size and space of where you want to set up your LED lights. Our team of in-house experts can guide you through which products you will need for your LED lighting and can provide all kinds of advice on which 12v LED driver will best suit your needs. 

Another driver option when it comes to 12v drivers is our dimmable LED driver 12v options. These drivers are able to regulate the power to facilitate dimming functionality. Once you have the LED tape that dims, you can then choose your mains dimmable driver 12v to match. This will give you yet another way to match your LED lights to their new environment. Check out our dedicated section for 12v LED Dimmable Drivers if this is a function you wish to include in your lighting setup.