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We highly recommend picking up a 24v LED Driver to help with the safe and efficient powering of your LED lights. Standard LED lighting strips cannot simply run off of the mains power and must, therefore, have an LED driver attached to convert the incoming AC high voltage to a lower, and more manageable, DC voltage. LEDs rely on a constant current or voltage to operate, and an LED driver can offer this stability. Make sure to find out everything about these LED driver 24v in our guide below. 

It is essential that you find the correct driver to match the specification of your LEDs. As the name would suggest, LED Drivers 24 volt are to be used to power lights with a combined wattage below the 24-volt capacity. To calculate this figure, you can simply multiply together the lamp wattages for each type of fitting. It is important to pick the perfect driver, this as too high of a wattage can overload the driver and too low of a wattage can sometimes cause overvoltage.  

It is often recommended to leave some extra wattage available to your LED driver in case of adding extra lights a later date. Above all, by matching the drivers to the LED tape, it can be ensured that the lighting system can remain working at its best, with less chance of overheating, blow outs or unwanted colour shifts. Within our range of 24v LED drivers for lights, you can find plenty of reliable products that are suited to the task of powering your new LED light strips. 

24v LED Drivers: Understanding the Specifications 

LED constant voltage drivers are the best kind of driver for the power LED lighting strips. Most 24v LED transformers are classed as 'constant voltage', which simply means they are able to convert a varying input current to the correct voltage required to power the LEDs. Before deciding on which LED driver, you will need for your setup, there are values and specifications to check with your LED lighting requirements. 

  1. Which Output Current? Given in either amp (A) or milliamps (mA), you can check which current your LED lighting strips require from their packaging or any provided data sheet. Your LEDs current requirements must fit within the spec of the LED driver you intend to use.
  2. Which Output Power? We recommend purchasing an LED driver with a higher output potential than the total LEDs being powered. The higher tolerance provides an extra buffer that adds another safety net when considering the safety and life longevity of the LEDs.
  3. Which Output Voltage? This value is given in voltage (V). As stated above, for many constant voltage 24v LED drivers the voltage must match the total requirements of the LED lights. If you instead opt for a constant current LED driver, the output voltage must exceed the requirements. 

We strive to ensure that all of our customers are informed and ready to purchase the equipment required for their bespoke LED lighting operation. If you should have any questions require clarification on what a 24 constant voltage LED driver entails, then make sure to get in touch with our friendly team who have a wealth of experience in LED lighting. They will be able to direct you on all kinds of LED drivers and show you how to pick the right product for every LED lighting need. 

LED Drivers UK: Additional Features 

By ensuring that the specification of the 24v LED driver circuit matches the requirements of your LED lights, you can vastly improve their efficiency. The correct amount of power ensures that both the driver and the lights do not overheat, wasting energy. This can also extend the lifetime of the lights as they will not be overpowered and run the risk of being damaged. While searching through our list of products, you will notice certain features and benefits that can be useful to consider when picking out the correct driver. 

  • PFC Functionality – if an LED driver is fitted with power factor correction mode it means that is it able to reduce the amount of unnecessary reactive power being created from the energy conversion. Decreasing this creation of waste energy makes a system more efficient to run.
  • Additional Protections – with features in place to prevent short-circuiting and power overloading, you can ensure that these 24v drivers are designed to protect the LED lights in case of unforeseen powering problems. Planning the power required for your lights can help to avoid any issues when the lights are in use.
  • Built-in Cooling & Convention – many of our LED drivers have built-in convention systems that can cool and maintain a low heat during use. An overheated system can be less efficient and has more potential to cause damage to the LED lighting strips. 
  • Small & Compact – for ease of installation and aesthetic appeal, LED drivers for lights all come in small and self-contained cases. This means they can fit in the small and cosy spaces without detracting from the finished look of your new LED lighting display.  

It should be noted that with high-quality brands such as Ecopac LED drivers available for purchase, that you can be assured that your LEDs are in safe hands. With a wealth of experience and a plethora of high-quality LED lighting products, this brand certainly knows how to produce 24v LED driver 100w which are built for efficiency and that are built to last. We are proud to stock these items alongside our own high-quality branded lighting products. 

If you are searching for mains dimmable 24v drivers, then we have a section dedicated to this product. These are drivers that are able to be attached to a mains switch, making it incredibly easy to control the brightness of your LED lights from a standard wall switch. Being able to dim your LED lights can add another dimension to how you use your LEDs. Why not head over to our 24v LED driver dimmable section to take a closer look at your options.